HomeUncategorizedStarting tomorrow I am going to post an evening news roundup.
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Normally I would fit in to the later as I useally log in in the early evening. but this week my work sked has been fubar-d and I’m on at 2:30 am. So Humphrey give this a shot and see where it goes:)


Thanks Humphrey that would be a great help! I’ve been meaning to break things out into their own sub-threads more often (pipeline protests, the daily Sanders updates, ets, etc).. so everything is not in the stew that the roundups are, but just haven’t found the best way to do it yet.

When you say the boxes that indicate approval do you mean the like/dislike aka ‘rec’ for individual threads?


Hey Humphrey–I think an evening edition would be useful. I often post a little in the morning, more in the afternoon, but the afternoon posts often get buried (even though once can click “Newest” to see the latest posts. Sometimes I don’t post at all, depending on how my schedule is. My question is are you offering to do an evening roundup every evening, or just on weekends?


This is great–thanks humphrey

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