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Megan Crane

Donated! Thanks so much for running for election Angela!

Angela Marx

Thanks, and best of luck to you in the Drawing on Independence Day!

Empower Ink

Will give to Angie’s campaign again at the end of the month when my SS is deposited. Glad you’re running, Angie! Also passing along link info to daughter who has friends in Seattle. Not sure they’re in CD-3 but they may know others who are.

Angela Marx

Thank you and be sure to donate via the Quilt Fundraiser so that you get an entry!

Seattle is outside the 3rd CD, but anyone in Clark, Lewis, Cowlitz, Pacific, Skamania, Klickitat, Wahkiakum and a thin sliver on the south end of Thurston Counties are IN the 3rd. All along the Columbia River from halfway up the Columbia Gorge to the Pacific Ocean, basically.

Outreach to family and friends who live in the District and a personal recommendation to choose Angela Marx in the primary this summer is worth just as much as a donation of time or money. Truly. Because all of that is to Get Votes.


belle de jour

I feel it’s important share a glimpse of some of Angela Marx’ opinions and attitudes towards many of us, as expressed in her own words. (I’ve bolded some of the text.)

In her diary entitled “Stop fighting over the primary. It’s over. It’s time to #MoveOn and look to the future.” (http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/6/10/1537197/-Stop-fighting-over-the-primary-It-s-over-It-s-time-to-MoveOn-and-look-to-the-future) over at T.O.P the other day, Angela Marx clearly expressed her opinions about some of us BoBs and Green Party supporters and people who still think the fairness of the primaries should continue to be investigated, debated, and that it matters to keep counting votes & holding out hope – not to mention holding people accountable.

(diary quote: “Any more group sighs over who did what to whom and when are just so much wasted time and effort, people. Wake the hell up. Stop fighting with each other over Primary angst. For good or for bad, it’s over.”)

I urge you to look in the comments section as well, where the following exchange took place:

Comment by Tony Situ:
“The thing is they are spreading BernieOrBust doctrine all over this site, trying, either explicitly or implicitly, to convince others to do the same. Today’s BNR diary has lots of comments of people declaring that they’ll vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party, and getting tons of recs in agreement. If Kos doesn’t see fit to ban them, then their arguments need to be refuted, not to convince the BernieOrBusters, but to convince neutral readers that stumble upon their comments. Letting pro-Stein campaigning (that is really anti-Democratic Party campaigning) go unrefuted isn’t necessarily a good thing.”

Response by Angela Marx:

“Ignore them, and they’ll leave.
They post that to get attention. You give them attention, they’ll keep coming back for more. If you must reply, just post a Recipe for something and ignore their comment content.”

A couple of her defenders have claimed this post was some sort of “strategic” (if cowardly) move to keep some unfriendlies away from Bernie supporters in the BNR, or at least to keep the unfriendlies merely posting recipes.

However, that post facto rationalization is plainly false, as can be seen in her subsequent remarks continued in an excerpt from her post to me in the Women for Bernie group thread – which, again, clearly vent the same impatience, patronizing attitude and dismissive advice for BoBs, potential write-in and potential Green Party voters as she expressed in both her diary and her comments. (The last line excerpted refers to my observation that although she describes BoBs posting in BNR as “seeking attention,” she herself has been no stranger to seeking attention for her own views and campaign fundraising efforts):

“Only those who want to somehow turn what has been a remarkable political act of courage, on the part of a 74 year old democratic socialist who has spent 40 years fighting for all the things I’ve always valued, into some sort of message of their own, by voting for the Green Party or (god forbid) Trump or even writing in Sanders (even in states where unless the candidate has filed to have such votes counted, they won’t be counted) in protest. I have no patience for this sort of behavior. It demeans the effort Sanders put in by giving up 40 years of Independence from a political Party to run this campaign. The man said, when he started out, that he would remain a Democrat after this campaign, win or lose. That he would support the nominee in November, win or lose. He will be meeting with Clinton tomorrow afternoon, so that they can discuss how he can “do whatever I can to help make sure that Donald Trump is never the President of the United States”.

If I sound angry there, it’s because I am. Those who are Bernie or Bust are in direct opposition to everything Bernie Sanders has publicly said about this election and what he would do, should he not win. One of the things I admire most about him is that he says what he means and he means what he says. The BoB people are trying to make a liar out of him, and I don’t appreciate it.

In addition, I hate to be the grownup who has to explain this to you — a political campaign costs money. I’m doing it on the cheap, and it STILL COSTS MONEY.”

Well. I do think it’s important to get a full impression of any political candidate, to know how they will refer to potential supporters and donors in public, to know whether they will defend or even respect more than one view from the same camp, and to know if and how they may attempt to justify insulting potential allies whilst still requesting their funding.


I really hate this disagreement going on here. Being in Oklahoma I don’t have to struggle with my vote the way people do in other states. I donated to Angie last week and will try to do so again.
At this moment, I do not agree with her point of view of the BoB movement, but I am not terribly into the BoB movement either. I would hope that if we reach a danger zone with Trump that people will seriously consider obstructing him, but I have a feeling it will not come to that.
Warren put it best when she said, “If you are not at the table, you are on the menu”. This is an ugly political truth, and I understand Angie’s thinking – although I do disagree with the way she presented things, and what was said about the BoB’s.
However, that aside, Angie is a progressive who will fight for the left. Remember it is not about Bernie, it was never about Bernie alone – it is about us. We have to make some compromises with one another if we are going to get a strong left movement going.
belle du jour, you are one hell of a fighter, and I r espect that you called Angie’s hand on her statements. I just hope that you can reconcile yourself to the fact that plenty of people are going to come out for Hillary now. I don’t think that Hillary will get a second term, but for now we have to try to get progressives in office who will push for the kind of legislation that we need.
I am certain that no democratic president is going to get anything done with this congress – at least not any kind of legislation that will benefit the people of the United States. I certainly would have rather spent the first two years with Bernie helping us with this grass roots campaign to get more progressives into congress. It is just not going to happen that way, but we still have a good fight to fight.


I support Angela and certainly know I am never going to agree with everyone! (Bernie is to the right on about at least 20 issues in comparison to my own views…). I think its important to have these conversations, because this is grassroots at its most grassroots. People talking to candidates, and candidates talking back. I ask people to keep things respectful in their disagreement, and do their best to express themselves clearly/concisely and hope we can all find areas of mutual agreement moving forward!


Lol at myself, LD. I hardly need to run a SWOT on the discussion, ha ha ha. Yes, this type of grass roots engagement – well this is where the change begins. In fact, this has the beginning of something really special. I was thinking earlier of finding time to write out a well thought out email to a progressive candidate in Oklahoma who is trying to raise ad revenue suggesting that he engage here. Since i also sent him the magic $27 message, I have had contact from his office concerning some fund raising they are doing for ads.
This is a great opportunity because the site is young and vibrant and energetic. As it puts down roots, the site has the chance to branch out in a variety of directions. The site is at the foundation stage of its institutional culture. Exciting times!


I hope we can become the (for lack of better example) linked-in or ‘facebook’ of candidates! Would be great for them to come here, create profile, ‘friend members’ be able to write posts, raise funds, etc! I don’t expect I will agree with each and every one of their views or what they have said in the past but would love to have a place for actual grassroots interaction to take place!

belle de jour

Hi, Ciganka.

Thanks for your post. I respect your position, and very much appreciate your comments.

Of course, you are exactly right that many folks are going to be coming out to support Hillary, with varying degrees of enthusiasm; please believe that I am an utter realist in that regard, and know that quite a few progressives find it more productive than not to do so.

Their judgement concerning the appropriate way to go about it is another matter altogether!

It’s hard to say how effective Hillary might be in a first/only term, isn’t it? My sincere guess: not very. Call me cynical, but at this point, my highest hopes for that awful scenario would be a not-horrible SCOTUS seat, not too much more corporate damage continued to be inflicted (or fracked) upon the environment, and – perhaps more urgent – no additional wars and conflicts and militaristic engagements or damaging posturings.

But while I accept the very real possibility that some fellow indies & dems may truly see top ballot ‘unity’ as the best choice this year (even as it overrides principles I personally consider more important), I insist on maintaining my right to hold ‘progressive’ candidates just as responsible for their words and actions as any other candidate should be – and will save my support for candidates who can debate (an invaluable political, communication and negotiating skill I respect greatly), and who’ve shown the sort of dedication, wisdom, tough skin, willingness to engage, drive, consistency, aim at the right targets, and dependable vision as Bernie himself has done.

(Lack of the above qualities and behavior is most often a deal breaker for me… and I do believe public office should be earned… so I guess my candidate support efforts are going to be… rather more concentrated in scope this year.)


@belle-de-jour: Thank you for having the courage to confront Angela around her words. Yesterday I uprated the post since I read it and generally support her election as she was great earlier on over there. Nevertheless, I had read that diary and did not T&R precisely because I found it to be a pander to the rabid HRC followers and offensive to the struggle each of us has with what to do with our vote. Simply put, I was so disgusted and felt so betrayed by one of ‘our own’ that I would not and did not dignify it further. Indeed, the lack of comments on this board prior to your own should let you know that others of us are very much aware what has been said and done. That is, perhaps some of us have disengaged even if we are not rooting against her.

@angela-marx: As I shared above, your words do have power and their context is important. You may feel what belle did was personal and mean–I think you should really reconsider that position. I made contributions to you on 3/15 & 5/3 (small though they may have been), but will not do so moving forward precisely because there was never a need to diss BoBs at anytime or in any space. As a politician, stay on message. The message of ‘give time time’ was the one you should have used. You don’t speak for Bernie. You don’t speak for all Berners. Nevertheless, you present yourself as a BernieCrat. So:
How f*cking dare you call anyone struggling with this issue wasting time? Asleep? Delusional?
And, how dare you tell me how to vote?
ZhenRhen called it accurately with the call to conformity and groupthink. Sadly, your inability to handle Belle’s criticisms underscore this issue. If we wanted silencing, smearing, and personal assaults we wouldn’t be here, we would have never needed here.
So, all of this to say, while I wish you well, as evidenced by my uprate of this post. I really cannot commit strongly to your cause at this time.

You ruptured support needlessly. I don’t blame you, seriously. You’re in a tough spot. You’re a politician. There are all kinds of calculations you need to make and your timing (June 10th?!) and word and audience choices suggest that these were made without fully considering your core constituency–Berniecrats. Berniecrats comprise an ideological not affiliational group. So, by all means, go get those Democrats, but expect pushback from those of us who feel your call to unity signified a willingness to throw the rest of us under that proverbial bus.


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