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Flourishing Of Years

I find a lot of this to be hyperbolic at best, particularly with regard to the broad brush strokes laid down on a political party composed of a very diverse constituency.

They can’t say that. We can. We are better than them.

I’m glad you think you’re better than me, but I don’t think you made that case in this post.


While the base of the party may be very diverse, this is not the case of the elites that comprise the Superdelegates and DNC leadership. I believe this is what the essayist is referring to. The broad brush strokes certainly apply to them. Rather than hyperbolic, I find the tone refreshing and appreciate the writer’s enthusiasm. We will need this to prevail.


He’s referring to the ESTABLISHMENT that controls the party. And to, I think, the GOP. And yeah, we ARE better than that! If you are happy with the Establishment, what it has done and continues to do, I’m not sure why you have taken up residence at an Anti-Establishment blog site???

Flourishing Of Years

I notice that Hillary Clinton is listed as a candidate to vote for at the top of the bar. I would assume that’s not a mistake.


It’s okay to disagree! I’m glad that here we can have a rational discussion and come to different conclusions, and have different takes on things — unlike at TOP, and learn from each other.

Support and community is good, but we wouldn’t want to fall into a groupthink trap by driving out folks who are not trolls who have a different perspective. I really appreciate that about TPW, and I thank @LieparDestin for that!


I’m glad you think you’re better than me, but I don’t think you made that case in this post.

It’s not uncommon for people to confuse an attack on leadership as an attack on themselves.

Leaders who cannot be criticized are not leaders, they’re rulers, and people who confuse criticism of their leaders with attacks on their person have replaced ideas within a movement with membership in a club.

Flourishing Of Years

The framing didn’t strike me that way, but perhaps I received the message in the wrong spirit.


It happens. I’m familiar with Spud’s writing so I knew where he was going with it.


Thanks for writing this. Saved me from saying almost the identical words. Hyperbolic is being more polite than what I was going to write – and we laugh when Donald Trump plays reality TV 🙂



I feel exactly the same way. I hate to put things in an “us vs. them” kind of dichotomy. But it will do for the moment! We do have the better ideas. AND we will prevail in the long run. Thank you!


Are you a Millennial Spud? Your optimism is inspiring! I have my doubts about “we have the numbers” based on the Stein polling. I understand she is polling higher after “e” day but still when Gary Johnson polls better as a Libertarian which is really a Republican better on some social issues it makes me wonder. I get that some Progressives will still vote for Artillary but how are you so sure we have the numbers?


I don’t know if you can really say the Libertarians are “Republicans”. There are serious differences. I think, in some regards, they are closer to extreme neo-liberal Democrats. Libertarians are not, so to speak, “conservative” as we think of it.

I like and admire Gary Johnson at a personal level. I like his stand on gay rights, legalizing drugs, and women’s right to abortion. I like his foreign policy. What I don’t like is his extreme neo-liberal economic policies. I voted for him in 2012, in fact. I cannot vote for him this year, because I do NOT think selling off our public lands, including National Parks, is a good idea. Nor is privatizing the safety net and education.

He is very upfront with his policies if you go to his website. I can easily understand why he is fairly popular, but he is also scary.


Yes, I stand corrected, the better description is neo-liberal economically.


Good explanation.


My first read this morning and I really appreciate your enthusiasm and positive forward thinking. Thanks for starting my day in the right direction.


And in related news . . .

Bernie Sanders to Campaign Against Debbie Wasserman Schultz

The Observer

With Sanders’ endorsement for Clinton behind him, his next steps leading up to the Democratic National Convention are to maintain a progressive presence within the party. As Wasserman Schultz was spared in negotiations for Sanders’ endorsement, the next best way to maintain a progressive presence is by ensuring she loses her reelection bid to a more progressive alternative like Tim Canova.


In an interview with USA Today, Clinton downplayed the criticism of Wasserman Schultz’s leadership. “I’ve seen how committed she is to making sure Donald Trump is not the president,” Clinton said. “I’ve not heard any conversations in the party about changes.”

Translation: “I’ve seen how committed she is to making sure all the attention is directed away from me onto Donald Trump because my whole campaign is about being the lesser of two evils.”

And there’s also this from the article:

Even though Wasserman Schultz’s Democratic primary is just around the corner—on August 30—she has consistently refused to debate Canova, and has limited her exposure as DNC chair. While Wasserman Schultz has avoided the public eye, Canova has exposed a litany of her policy shortfalls among progressives. The Miami Herald reported that Wasserman Schultz broke down in tears after the Florida AFL-CIO declined to endorse her, due to her support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement—which Canova staunchly opposes.

I love it.


“She has consistently refused to debate Canova.”


The stupid, it burns. Has she learned nothing from the massive shitshow she helped orchestrate?

(Rhetorical question).


Next to Bernie, I have given the most of my limited cash to Canova. I really like him. If Her Heinous wins, DWS will have an important cabinet position, of course, so losing to Canova won’t end her slimy influence. But it will get her out of Congress, replaced by a real progressive.


Good for him!

According to Grayson, the DNC is helping establishment candidates against progressives, so game on.


President Obama Featured In Patrick Murphy’s First TV Ad

On Wednesday morning, the Patrick Murphy for Senate campaign released its first TV ad of the election cycle, featuring President Barack Obama. In the ad titled “Strong,” President Obama speaks directly to Floridians about why they can count on Patrick to fight for our progressive priorities.

Ex-Republican Patrick Murphy is a lot of things, but progressive isn’t one of them.

Patrick Murphy supports GOP in most key votes, strategist writes


I’m so sorry to see Obama campaign for Murphy. Disappointing is one word — but eye-opening better describes this whole campaign season.


The “eye-opening” has been painful but, on the other hand, I’d rather know the truth than live in ignorance. So, for that, I’m grateful to learn the truth.


Florida Should Be Sending A Lot More Democrats To Congress Than It Does– Thank #DebtTrapDebbie

Meanwhile, this is the letter Grayson sent his supporters today about what the establishment is doing to sabotage his Senate run. Just so you know what we’re up against…

“For the past few months, I’ve been attacked for coming out against the corruption that I see in our party, starting with “Please-Ignore-the-Fact-That-I’m-Under-Criminal-Investigation” Sen. Harry Reid. But despite what the Lie Factory at the top may want you to believe, I love the Democratic Party. I just hate what these Mafia accountants with Napoleonic complexes have done to it. In fact, it’s because I love the party that I so much hate what they have done.”

There’s much more at the link..


Bernie also contacted WI State Dem Chair to campaign for other candidates. I am pretty sure one of them is Feingold.


He has not abandoned the cause.


I hope Tim Canova wipes the hot asphalt w/what’s left of this crooked woman after he beats her on 8/30. She’s never faced a challenge like this since she was elected. Good on the AFL-CIO. Hope they bring good luck Canova’s way. 🙂


Fantastic. Loved your enthusiastic resolve. You seem to sense — correctly, I might add — that there are those among us (myself included, at certain points during the last few weeks) who needed a strong, positive, rallying cry. And you delivered.


And fuck this shit!


Good post Spud!

I’m not sure about this source, but interesting nonetheless:

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