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Wow! Thanks, LD.


Fantastic round up, LD! Thanks for this.

We need to have some of Bernie’s climate amendments included the platform! The Dem party’s corporate stance on climate is not acceptable.

Mary Mike

Excellent, LD!! Thank you so much.


Impressive roundup. I have to squint and have trouble breathing while I read it all. This is the issue I feel most passionate about and at the same time the one I have the hardest time facing.


Same here peachpi. As grateful as I am for this diary, at a certain point I realized that I wasn’t breathing while I read it, anxiety was freezing up my body.

Nothing worries me like environmental challenges! They used to depress me so much that I would feel overwhelmed and would turn away. But I/we cannot do that any longer.

We need to be stronger and yell louder.


Great roundup LD!

I’ll just add this short 2:20 video from Facebook of the flooding that happened last May in Downtown Austin. You can hear the roar of the water in Shoal Creek (creek that runs through downtown.) Parts of downtown that never flood, flooded. This was during the same flood where so many lost their lives on the Blanco River in Wimberley, about 30 miles south of me.


Thank you LD. Environmental issues are my #1 issue and this is a very extensive diary.

This morning I was reading up on the stinky neon goo stealing oxygen from the water down in South Florida.

Through freshwater rivers, canals and brackish estuaries, all four counties are linked to the state’s largest freshwater body, Lake Okeechobee, which has seen unprecedented levels of toxins in recent months after a heavy year of rainfall — enough to cover Delaware in two feet of water — led the government to “back-pump” billions of gallons of polluted runoff into the lake to curb flooding and save crops.

But then Lake Okeechobee began to overflow as well, forcing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the federal agency charged with monitoring water levels, to make a tough decision. It could open a series of levees surrounding the lake and dump the excess water into rivers and estuaries that lead to the coast, or it could let the lake continue to rise, putting thousands of people and the towns they live in at risk for life-threatening flooding.

It chose to open the floodgates.

Now those fragile ecosystems are in danger, and Floridians are pointing fingers in many directions.

So upsetting.


A classic case of ignoring the warnings and believing that there is no problem until it effects me. Well its here and effecting you . Hope its not to late . (or classic case of heads in the sand). When i vote now i look at a politicians policies on more than if their a progressive . They had be progressive on climate change + many others issues. For me just the D behind the name isnt enough anymore. Im old enough to remember when the Coyahoga river caught on fire, Lake Erie was almost dead in a lot of areas. Pittsburgh smog due to steel mills that made LA seem like clean air.


Excellent LD
I believe that Bernie said that world has to mobilize like it did in WWII to save the planet. The corpratists wont lift a finger to change unless it doesnt effect there bottom lines. its really up to we the people to effect change . The ugly truth is we can no longer continue with a war based economy . we need a green based economy and corporations will still make profits . Its really sad that the US will not take the lead world wise on this issue. But when the corporations control both sides change will be hard but not impossible. We do have the tech now how to make changes. its the PTB that are the problem


I have noticed a population boom of ticks in my yard and have gotten a number of bites. It’s worse each year and so much worse than it was a decade ago. BTW, my doctor instructed me to immediately get on antibiotics after a bite (within hours) to prevent lyme disease. There is no sense in waiting, taking the risk and then paying for an expensive lyme disease test.


Damn! I was just last night reminding my husband that back in 1968 onward through our college years there were professors talking climate change and how it would affect the earth, politics, the economy, etc. etc. We were all being warned back then! Meanwhile, the politicians of that era were screaming that they needed to get rid of liberal professors in colleges and universities who were inciting liberal upheaval. And damn those activists and hippies!

And here we are, facing climate change like impending doom. ,(

Where is OPOL? 🙁

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