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Kim Davis’ Hometown Hosts First Pride Event

“A year after Kim Davis made international headlines for refusing to distribute marriage licenses to same-sex couples on the basis of religion, her hometown of Morehead, Kentucky held its first ever Pride parade.

The parade was organized by David Moore, one of the first people denied a license from Davis. Once he and his husband, also named David, were finally able to get married last Halloween, they decided that they wanted to organize a Pride event for the town.

With the help of Morehead Pride, a nonprofit dedicated to the town’s LGBTQ community, and the Morehead tourism board, Moore was able to pull off Eastern Kentucky’s first Pride festival this past weekend

Though the infamous clerk didn’t show up, her drag doppelgänger certainly did.”

Fleur de Lisa

My first bit of activism – when I was in middle school, I saw a news story about how the state of Alaska was planning a wolf hunt, and I got all my classmates to sign a petition to the governor of Alaska. That was a long, long time ago. The more things change….




U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told the FBI she did not recall all of the briefings she received on handling sensitive information as she made the transition from her post as secretary of state, due to a concussion she suffered in 2012, according to a report released Friday.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation released a summary of the July 2 interview they conducted with Clinton, as well as other details of their investigation into her use of a private email server while heading the State Department.

Fleur de Lisa

Wow – wait til Alligator Ed on c99p sees this!

belle de jour

And they dump the story on a Bury-the-News Friday… before a holiday weekend, to boot.

So slick.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Coca Cola has a international advisory council. Just another corporation. From their page.

Oligarchs of the world have many “clubs” to hang out in. Free travel to a posh location. …..

The Coca-Cola Company has established an International Advisory Council (IAC) as part of our continuing efforts to better understand and manage the complexities of a changing world and the cultural, economic and political dynamics impacting our business. The IAC has three clear objectives:
1. Provide strategic insight for the Chairman and Senior Management team
2. Extend and enlarge our strategic networks of key leaders around the world in government, business and non-profit sectors by establishing relationships
3. Apply its insights to offer targeted solutions for specific issues.
The insight and guidance provided by the IAC may be specific to a particular political, economic or social trend. Additionally, the IAC may furnish advice on long-term strategic issues as well as input on corporate governance which could impact the reputation of the Company.
The renowned members of this Council, chaired by the Honorable Richard C. Holbrooke, have diverse backgrounds and are currently engaged in business, government, diplomacy or other international pursuits.
Members of the IAC serve a three-year term, renewable each year by invitation. Current members of the IAC are

Dr. Rolf-E. Breuer (Germany)
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Deutsche Bank

Mr. Tarun Das (India)
Confederation of Indian Industry

Honorable Stuart Eizenstat (United States)
Partner Covington & Burling
Former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury and
Former Ambassador to the European Union

Honorable Daniel Glickman (United States)
Director of Politics
John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Former Secretary of Agriculture

Honorable Carla Hills (United States)
Chairman and CEO of Hills & Company
Former United States Trade Representative

Honorable Richard C. Holbrooke (United States)
Vice Chairman Perseus
Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations

H.E. Luiz Felipe Lampreia (Brazil)
Chairman of the Brazilian Center for Foreign Relations
Former Brazilian Foreign Minister

Mr. Minoru “Ben” Makihara (Japan)
Chairman Mitsubishi Corporation

Mr. Mohamed Mansour (Egypt)
President Mansour Group of Companies
Chairman Mantrac
President American Chamber of Commerce in Egyp

Honorable Lynn Martin (United States)
Former Secretary of Labor
Chairs Deloitte & Touche’s Council on the Advancement of Women

Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa (South Africa)
Executive Chairman Rebserve Limited
Non-Executive Chairman Johnnic Holdings
Chairman of the Black Economic Empowerment Commission

H.E. Renato Ruggiero (Italy)
Vice Chairman Citigroup European Investment Bank

Mr. Peter Sutherland (United Kingdon)
Chairman and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs International
Non-Executive Chairman BP p.l.c.

H.E. Ernesto Zedillo (Mexico)
Member of Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations
Co-Coordinator of the UN Millennium Development Goal’s Project Task Force on Multilateral Trading and Financial Systems
Member of the Foundation Board for the World Economic Forum


My my Hillary is certainly a little rascal!


Hillary Clinton used at least eight different mobile devices to send private e-mail during her tenure as secretary of state — none of which were recovered by the FBI as part of its investigation into her communications practices as the nation’s top diplomat.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation, in a heavily redacted summary of its probe released on Friday, said Clinton flouted security standards for official communications by relying on private e-mail for government business.
In addition to the eight devices she used as secretary of state, the FBI said there were at least five additional mobile devices they sought as part of their inquiry. Clinton’s lawyers said they could not provide any of the mobile devices she used. One person interviewed by the FBI said he recalled two instances in which Clinton’s devices were destroyed by “breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer.”

She can not stop giving ammo to the opposition!

“Hillary Clinton is applying for a job that begins each day with a Top Secret intelligence briefing, and the notes from her FBI interview reinforce her tremendously bad judgment and dishonesty,” Trump spokesman Jason Miller said in a statement. “Clinton’s reckless conduct and dishonest attempts to avoid accountability show she cannot be trusted with the presidency.”

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