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Don midwest
Don midwest

It takes a whole network, including institutions to make facts hold up.

Another institutional fail is the House intelligence report on Edward Snowden.

As Snowden says in a tweet – at a time when the institutions are not credible, doing this makes things worse.

article from NYT

House Report, Evidence Redacted, Ties Snowden to Russian Agencies

The report portrays the gap of several months between Mr. Snowden’s initial copying of files and Mr. Clapper’s false testimony as an example of the misleading narrative Mr. Snowden had presented. Still, in the interview in which Mr. Snowden called Mr. Clapper’s testimony “the breaking point,” he said that moment was when he had decided that there was “no going back,” not that it was his initial inspiration.

The agencies lie. Snowden tells the truth.

And so it goes…..


Snowden is a hero! and moreover I believe that he is one of the most intelligent, civic minded, observers in our public life today.

Don midwest
Don midwest

At a time when our government system hangs in the balance, along with the Earth, we have the dem party and agencies like CIA, FBI, NSA, and military, doing everything they can do to hang onto their budget

and putting out a web of distortion

and and to claim that people like us who hang out here are wallowing in fake news

well, …..

pissed at dems at not getting behind protecting the government and the earth


Don: great reading your comments even if we disagree over Dean. Hope this finds you and yours keeping warm and the faith in Ohio. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


You’re right about them trying to hang on too the Big Money and power.

The DNC Dems are too busy shoring up the Clinton Machine for a 2020 run too do anything to protect the gov and our earth..they have too keep their blinders on, so they won’t have too take a long hard look at themselves and their failed ideologies.

Even Fox news sees the Emperor has no clothes and is stunned



Hmmm… I found this humorous. Did she get the Freudian wording here?

McCain said she was shocked that this question is even being asked following the Democrats’ heavy losses in November.

“What are you gonna do? Prop her up like ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ and just run her every election cycle?” she asked.

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