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Thanks for sharing Humphrey! I know its a battle to get most anything posted at the moment. Off to read your link, get a news roundup posted and then I’ll make my way back with my actual commentary on the issue!


Thanks for the alert humphrey! It would seem that there is still a lot to be done on these lead issues. I don’t know anyone who has ever even been tested for lead poisoning. You would think that the paint companies should be pitching in for testing and remediation.

The article is very well researched and I hope the writers get recognized for all of their work. I’m going to share it on twitter.


Lead is a huge problem, thanks for this report @humphrey. I know a family here in my tiny rural NW MN town that have 3 children that are suffering the life long effects from lead based paint in their 75 year old 2 story farm house. Lots of old homes here. The nation’s children are being placed in the position of acting as the canaries in the coal mine.

Instead of identifying high lead danger areas by looking at poisoned children we need to develop a different system, update and enforce our lead laws in each state and fund lead cleanup and prevention.

Most children, nationally, were screened thru the WIC program. HUD money for this ended last May and HUD Housing inspections for lead are spotty and in many cases inadequate.

Here’s a link too an article that shows some of the problems and towards the end of it, what some Congressional members are trying to do to help remedy it.

I hope I can get it to link

We Know How To Stop The Epidemic Of Lead Poisoning. So Why Aren’t We?


…I should have added that the WIC program is a nutritional supplement program for low income infants and toddlers up to the age of 2. These were the ones being screened for lead.

My point in mentioning this is middle, high low and high income family’s children are not being screened but are equally exposed thru their schools, playgrounds and homes. All those millions of children have fallen thru the screening crack.

Lead poisoning is not only a low income family’s problem. Since they are the majority of the children screened they are the only ones visible nationally.

from Humphrey’s linked article:

“One-in-five cases of ADHD may be linked to lead poisoning, a recent American Academy of Pediatrics report concluded.”



City Bureau is a people’s news agency in South Chicago. (I supported them on a crowdfunding site, and get their bulletins.) This ties in nicely with the original post.

I suppose if lead poisoning is widespread, especially among the working class, it will serve the elites well. A dumbed-down, pliant peasantry, as it were.

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