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Flourishing Of Years
Flourishing Of Years

Debbie’s performance over her career has been pretty poor. She probably deserves to be voted out, but if I understand correctly, she’s relatively popular in her district.

Star Strider

That can be easily cured with an infusion of the sort of reality that so terrifies the ‘incrementalists’.

Only idiots want to be represented by a puppet of the payday lenders — who will gladly lend them money they should be earning already with a minimum wage of $15 per hour — at the paltry annual compounded interest rate of 360% per year!

Flourishing Of Years
Flourishing Of Years

She’s the first Jewish representative from Florida. She won 53% of their vote in a four way race, and her constituency has been negative on deals with Iran. I don’t think her particular constituency can be swayed on the economic vote alone, and I don’t think Canova can win if he’s only campaigning on that issue. At some level, I think that election has to be won on how the candidate will support Israel.

Jo Crain
Jo Crain

It may be that some of the issues like the environment and like the payday lender scandal (rates like they charge are in the frickin’ bible (Old testament and NEW testament (remember the money changers in the temple?) could chivvy the tribal interests away from her.


The fact that she acted unbiased as DNC head (LOL) is reason enough for her to be replaced and removed from Congress entirely.


Postal banking is widespread in other countries in the world, rich and poor. It’s truly something that needs to be done so people have an alternative to the outrageous fees being charged by the for extortion banks. It seems anything that actually benefits real people in this country is immediately blocked by politicians and those that control them.

I so hope DWS loses her congressional seat. One small step for Tim Canova, one giant leap for mankind!

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