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Ellison, Warren, or Merkley, OK.

Brown, no more. He really sold himself. At one point he said he didn’t care about the delegates (just wanted it over, iirc). At another, he told some supporters that Hill actually let him contribute to her bank bill! (golly gee!)

Reading this and looking at the photo, I get this feeling that these people are so high on power and money that they truly believe their own murderous BS and think that they are holy, even while they kill.


She would NEVER take Ellison! He stands for everything she is not. And she couldn’t court the right with a Muslim on board. Especially a Black Muslim. Even more especially a PROGRESSIVE Black Muslim. That destroys way too many stereotypes she will need to whistle at to attract the WASPy voters in suburbia.

Warren has shown herself to be malleable, so maybe.

Not Merkley. Too staunch a Bernie supporter.


I fail to see how picking Kaine will help Clinton politically. One thing she needs is some enthusiasm from voters, which he certainly would not arouse (goes for Vilsack too). Plus the ? about her opposition to the TPP and support of bank reform would be made clearer–and not in a positive way. Even Kos is against him LOL


It may help her with Republicans that cannot bring themselves to vote Trump (and there are many). A very centrist, (false, imo) feel good position that the MSM pushes and many seem to want–you know, so willing to compromise, to bring the country “together.”

Matters not that this togetherness is ruining our lives, our earth, etc.


You know Tim Kaine is the wrong choice when even the Head Poobah of the Clintonites is against him!

Linda Thieman

Have to agree with your quick assessment of former gov of Iowa Vilsack. As boring as they come.


HRC just decided to support Wall Street and the right on this; Vilsack is chiefly a prepaid mouthpiece for Monsanto, and HRC has said she thinks glyphosate is very safe, though she is likely unaware one of its supposedly “inactive” ingredients, ethoxylated tallowamine surfactant, is more toxic than glyphosate itself.

See more here, http://www.naturescountrystore.com/roundup/page2.html — including the following paragraph:

David H. Monroe, an Industrial and Environmental Toxicologist, stated in an October 16, 1989 letter to the National Campaign Against the Misuse of Pesticides (NCAMP) that most polyalkoxylated surfactants such as the polyoxyethylene alkylamine in RoundUp are contaminated with 1,4-dioxane. A study done by Monroe on Vision, a glyphosate product by Monsanto, revealed that it contained 1,4-dioxane at a level of 350 ppm.


That is, the ethoxylated tallowamine surfactant is a potent endocrine disruptor. And people who work applying glyphosate are profoundly exposed to it.

Linda Thieman

By claiming that my former “Iowa Nice” governor was boring and bland, I never meant to imply that he wasn’t a full-blown corporate Dem in the pocket of Monsanto! What a perfect Sec of Ag–Big Ag all the way. {smile}

Raggedy Ann

He reminds me of a dem Mike Pence. Herr Drumpf and her heinous have the same taste in VP’s. Not surprising, since both parties are parties of the 1%. This seals the deal.


I have lost my ability to express anything positive about any of this. Am I the only one who is blown out and feeling tattered by this obscene election season? I was talking with a couple of millennials on the phone and they said everyone of their peers are disgusted beyond belief, and at the same time afraid of both the nominees. What is in their future? I want to thank the Democrats for “committing political suicide” and leaving our kids to hold the bag that is now a remnant of any future dreams they had for themselves with Bernie, since the Democratic powers that be are obviously done with caring about any of them. My kids, your kids and their own kids…. !


Just giving us another reason to not vote for her! She is so sure she is going to win, that she just doesn’t need to make concessions to the ‘leftists’ of the party. I am so glad I changed my registration to ‘no party affiliation’. Guess she just doesn’t want our votes.


The Republican article is very interesting. Since they are running left of Her Heinous on foreign policy and trade, we can see where the campaign ads will focus, LOL.

Fleur de Lisa

It seems neither HRC nor Trump want to risk being outshone by their running mate, and they’re both chasing after the votes of midwestern white guys, except a lot of midwestern (and northeastern) white guys (and other working people) are anti-TPP, anti-megabanks.

But yes, once again, a giant FU to the left wing. If she does this, the resemblance with Nixon will be even stronger.


Kaine is also very pro-gun control. This won’t sit well in the rural areas.

After reading what the GOP said about Kaine and gun control, I get the feeling he wants the people disarmed so they can never fight back. And if I sound like a Tea Party nut job… well, just go read what Kaine said.

belle de jour

“It seems neither HRC nor Trump want to risk being outshone by their running mate.”
This is absolutely Job #1, imo. For both of them.

( Also: Hillary wouldn’t mind a junior goat to nayyyy at us & our issues, so she technically ‘wouldn’t be the one doing so.’ )


Debated about whether to comment here or not. Seems like I’m doing a lot of reading and not much head nodding at this point…

Kaine is from my state, and I’d be sorry to lose him as a Senator, to be quite honest. We have a bit deeper bench than we once did, but it’s not that deep. And Democrats here have to be pretty middle of the road to be electable…

Kaine’s wife is the daughter of a former Republican governor who was a very very moderate Republican, of the kind of Republican you can’t find anywhere any more. Tim is a Catholic but our former bishop, Walter Sullivan, was notable for his stands for pacifism and his willingness to shelter less-than-conservative clergy from other more right-wing dioceses. Tim served as a missionary in South America during his youth, so he’s in the right place on immigration issues as far as I know. He is a good person and a man of deep integrity, something Clinton needs desperately.

He maybe doesn’t qualify as a progressive by the narrow standards being laid down here. Maybe I don’t either. I’m used to feeling out of step with folks who don’t live either in blue states or in very liberal enclaves in red states. I have to live in my real red-state part of the world, and that means trying to dialogue with lots of people who don’t share all or maybe even some of my beliefs.

I enjoyed the BNR every day, because Bernie was and is so positive, emphasizing what we can do to make change, and jibes and negativity came only from the outside, and were beaten down or deflected as they were voiced. I tell myself that this may change after we get past the conventions. I hope so.


I think ‘progressive’ means a 100 different things to a 100 different people and that’s certainly ok! As a red-stater myself I certainly understand being out of step with my friends/colleagues while still knowing them to be very good people (and secretly have some ‘progressive’ values themselves but not willing to use the word). I don’t like the constant belittling of republicans & [especially] their voters, etc that goes on by the paid frontpage writers of other sites as I think of those people as potential allies… not a lost cause. After the post convention dust settles I think we’ll have plenty of candidates/causes outside of the Presidential race itself that will hopefully ramp activism/optimism. I think We’re all such smart people we can probably even manage to do political analysis on top of the positive activism oriented grassroots stuff that we love, while remaining civil and respectful!


I do agree that the belittling of Republican voters is counterproductive and a constant emphasis on the awfulness of Republican politicians as opposed to the positive aspects of Democratic politicians is mostly a waste of time, but that doesn’t change the fact that 99% of Republican politicians are really (and I mean really!!) awful.


Oh theres some very awful republicans, you wont hear me disagree! Well maybe I would say their ideology is awful even if as people they are ‘nice & caring’. I don’t know if the number is 99 percent… but all in all, theres a lot of awful ones for sure.

Mostly I refer to the focus of other places: Awful ‘Repub A’ Said Something Awful That ‘Repub B’ Also Agrees With vs electing progressives [of all political stripes] and inspiring grassroots activism. Now I know we will talk plenty about how awful other peoples ideas, etc are (even each others!) but think we can do it without going down the road that others did.

Spring Texan

Yes, I so agree. What was so inspiring about Sanders is he talked about issues and what can be done and gave us something to vote FOR. Clinton and Trump only give us that each claims to be better than the other. Even though I agree Clinton is better than Trump I think she’s awful and am worried about her as president and the choice is incredibly disheartening.

I also agree about Republicans as people. I have worked with some people with crazy Republican principles that are good people I’m happy to work with and I’ve also worked with some liberals that weren’t all that great. You can’t actually judge people’s merit by their political opinions or religious opinions.

Even racists aren’t all 100% bad people. One thing I admire about Milton Erickson is that though he hated racism (joined the black physician’s group though he wasn’t black back in 1920 or 1930 and always opposed it and helped his clients work around it as much as he could in the society of that day), he could see someone as a good person who has a horrible area of blindness while Erickson himself was very very clear on racism. People are flat so crazy that there are awful beliefs occurring in decent people (although yes some people who hold awful beliefs are just awful people too, like Trump). Some people with humane beliefs can end up betraying those when push comes to shove and some with awful beliefs will end up going against them when push comes to shove. And many more of us are simply inconsistent, with good moments and awful moments. So denouncing Republican supporters is a bad idea.


I identify as a conservative on the political spectrum. I hold right leaning views on most social issues. I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment (not assault weapons) and the death penalty. I also support privatizing NASA. Yet here I am on a site that touts itself as one for progressives. Why? Because I have never once felt that my conservative leanings ostracize me. I have not felt that this site has a narrow definition of progressive. I really haven’t. That said, my issue with Tim Kaine has nothing to do with his religious bonafides (I am a protestant), nor his personality. My issue lies with his on-the-record support for the TPP and for bank deregulation and and so forth. That sort of thing might fly in red state, where, as I’m sure you know, “big government” is the devil and the “free market” is touted as some kind of economic and social savior (next to God, that is). I know this as most of my family came from the deep South (Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee), that was how it was (and is).

However, endorsement of policies that only harm working class people, and poor people, and homeless people while granting corporations new and improved rights and powers like the TPP simply goes against everything that this movement, this political revolution, should stand for. That’s just my opinion, but I do not and will not endorse anyone who supports such an inherently soulless “trade” agreement. The TPP is not going to bring a better future let alone a present for the 20+ million who don’t have healthcare, for the people like my family who are one medical bill away from homelessness, or for the 99% in general. Red state or not, I truly think we can all agree that the TPP is a bad idea, that further bank deregulation (responsible in part for the 2008 financial crisis) is a bad idea, and that the “billionaire class”as Bernie likes to say does not have our best interests at heart. Does that mean Tim Kaine isn’t progressive or a good man because he supports it? I’m not one to judge. As the voter I can only say who I think is and is not the right choice for my Party’s potential vice president.

No one is evil or corrupt (etc.) because they support President Obama. Or Hillary Clinton. Or Tim Kaine. Least of all yourself. But, as I see it, there’s no sense hurting yourself because the establishment tells you that ‘better’ simply isn’t going to happen. After all, taking the fight to that same establishment is part of the goal of this site isn’t it?

Spring Texan

Great response. The TPP is what it’s about for me also. I think Kaine has his points and is at least better than Evan Bayh but I’m very angry with this pick because of the TPP: https://theintercept.com/2016/07/21/hours-before-hillary-clintons-vp-decision-likely-pick-tim-kaine-praises-the-tpp/

belle de jour

I appreciate that this site is a friendly place for in-house, self-examining criticism. I don’t pay much attention to outside criticism – mostly because I think inside criticism is smarter.

Bernie’s positives are most certainly responses after recognizing and stating and arguing the negatives – openly & honestly, without censorship… and without self-censorship.

There are a thousand ways I see that as a healthy positive, and certainly hope neither the inclination nor the practice end after the conventions. Especially on this site.

Star Strider

It seems as though the Old Dominion hasn’t changed much. Although I’m a fourth-generation Coloradan (and grandson of a very liberal Denver newspaper publisher and personal friend and advisor to FDR), I definitely understand. I graduated from Washington and Lee University, and did all my graduate work at the University of Virginia.

Curious, I went through fraternity rush in my freshman year at W&L in 1966. When I went to the Sigma Chi house, the sweetheart (from Sweet Briar College) asked me what my politics were. I told her I was a ‘liberal Democrat’. ‘Oh!’ she drawled, ‘I never met one of them before!’

One of our first freshman writing assignments was to write a poem. Mine were the original lyrics to a strident anti-war song. The instructor read it aloud in class anonymously, mentioning that it reflected his own sentiments. One of the more anti-war students in the class congratulated me on it. I asked him how he knew it was me. ‘You’re the only Democrat in class!’ he replied.

I doubt that being a true progressive in the South ever was or ever will be easy. I’m back out West now, where sentiments such as mine (and I’ve drifted further left over time) are not only tolerated, but actually encouraged and shared by a substantial proportion of the population.

Non Incautus Futuri.

Spring Texan

I don’t think Kaine is all bad and I’m glad she didn’t choose Evan Bayh. That said though, I think Clinton’s pick of him IS a big F— you to liberals especially with his stance on the TPP and a clear indicator of how she will govern. And dumb politically it will lose any enthusiasm that was possible:


Oh yeah… Pick the guy that will further alienate the Democratic Party come the GE.

The DNC – Stealing Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory.

But then again, there had to be a “payback” to Goldman Sachs, and the rest of the gang that are “to big to fail”. Nothing is free, these days… Not even bought and paid for candidates.


Kaine confirmed by CNN ,Bend over America here comes TPP and the Banksters are gonna love it

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