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Thank you, @lindathieman!

Without you and TPW, it would be extremely difficult to learn of this encouraging news from any American source.

One of my most anticipated results from a Sanders’ administration would be a complete overhaul of the FCC. We so desperately need a really fair and balanced press that educates rather than titillates or misleads.

Thank you for your work!


‘Barak accused Netanyahu of damaging memory of the Holocaust. “The Hitlerization of the prime minister of changing regional threats, as hard as they may be, is the essence of cheapening the Holocaust, and nothing else.”’

I think that’s a fair assessment. I grew up with 100% support for Israel, mainly due to the Holocaust. But, as the years went by, I’ve become alarmed at the authoritarian tone Netanyahu has taken on. Beware becoming what you hate, kind of thing.


I think the Iran deal fiasco brought this out into the open and was surprised he got to keep his job. People are tired everywhere and are seeing signs of fascism and fear in all the major parties holding power right now. Question is, is it too late?

joe from Lowell

Netanyahu has been remarkably irrational and destructive to Israel’s self-interest. He single-handedly destroyed the bipartisan unity in the United States Congress over Israel, which has been perhaps Israel’s greatest security asset for the past 70 years.

I remember when the Likudniks went after Chuck Hegal during his nomination, and lost. I called it out at the time as at the first instance of the Israel lobby losing a big public fight. But that was nothing compared to the beating they took over the Iran nuke deal.

He’s spit in Obama’s face, he’s spit in Kerry’s face, he even managed to annoy Hillary. He has just been stunningly inept and tone-deaf in his handling of, oh yeah, the Israeli state’s single most important security issue, the relationship with the United States.

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