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Words of wisdom from Mr. Reich


“Can we be completely honest? Purging the DNC of top officials won’t remedy the DNC’s problems. Those problems are structural. The Democratic National Committee – like the Republican National Committee – has become little more than a giant machine designed to suck up big money from wealthy individuals, lobbyists bundlers, and corporate and Wall Street PACs.
As long as that’s its de facto mission, the DNC won’t ever be kindly disposed to a campaign financed by small donations — neither Bernie’s nor any others. Nor will it support campaign finance reform. Nor will it be an institutional voice for average working people and the poor. It won’t want to eliminate superdelegates or support open primaries because these reforms would make Democratic candidates vulnerable to non-corporate interests.
What’s needed is structural reform. The DNC has to turn itself – and the Democratic Party — into a grass-roots membership organization, with local and state chapters that play a meaningful role in selecting and supporting candidates. And it has to take a lead in seeking public financing of campaigns, full disclosure of all donations, and ending the revolving door between government and the lobbying-industrial-financial complex.
Unfortunately, I doubt this will happen. Which is why no number of purges are going to make the DNC the kind of organization that serves the public interest. And why we’re going to need a third party, or a third force, to force the Democratic Party to do what’s right by America.”


Robert Reich is correct, of course. But I was a little surprised/impressed that he ended this with the statement that “we’re going to need a third party, or a third force, to force the Democratic Party to do what’s right by America”.
From other posts by Reich, he has not advocated voting third-party, so I wonder what he means by this or if he’s changed his mind.


This surprises me, too! I’d sure like to hear more about his thinking on this.


Actually he has talked about third party. I think in the event progressives are not able to effect change from within.


On DemocracyNow the other day he and Chris Hedges were debating Chris was saying {{ look at all the bullshit the DNC has pulled, don’t endorse it by voting for their candidate because it will just perpetuate the situation that gave Trump/Fascism the space to succeed }} and Robert was, {{ yes, Chris’ criticism is correct but vote Hillary and next time we’ll do things better including, possibly, a third party }} .

That was the first time I head Robert talk about third party moves, but he was still pushing the {{ but not now }} bullshit as though in four years there won’t be a replacement demagogue to excuse the same “reasoning”.

Edit: formatting not showing – I used italics in three places – so I have set those portions off with {{ and }} .


AND they need to stop protecting incumbents – no matter how awful they are – from primary challenges.


Since the DNC said they want a progressive head, I nominate Robert Reich.


On the subject of additional future head-rolling, I have only seen two mentions of the Clinton/Lafarge/ISIS story even though it hit twitter a few days ago.

Here are the stories I have seen:
At The Canary
At The Free Thought Project

Has the story just not caught fire yet, or is it not credible?


Holy Chit! Sounds perfectly credible to me. The Clinton Foundation has all kinds of nefarious ties, and if all the web were revealed it would be breathtaking in its scope, I’m sure.


This is the first I’d heard of it. I’m guessing it just hasn’t caught fire yet….


Long overdue. Hopefully, a new brooms does sweep clean.

Linda Thieman

I do not generally pay much attention to the DNC since I am an independent now green. So can anyone answer this question? Do you think that this DNC head rolling is just business as usual as they all change positions for part 2 of the election season, or is this something specific in relation to one or more of the many, many scandals the current DNC has embroiled itself in? All opinions welcome.


prolly business as usual (BAU? SOP? :))

at least one of them immediately got another cushy job in politics.


It isn’t the norm. It’s pretty serious. However, it won’t be helpful unless they replace those folks with folks who think differently. Donna Brazile sounded like she was serious about making changes, but she’s been a part of the organization for so long she may not know what changes would be beneficial. Perhaps Robert Reich will counsel her.


Listening to Robert Reich would be a good thing. Don’t I wish!


They are just clearing house (a week after the release so it didnt tarnish their well coordinated DNC), but unlike most house cleaning the garbage won’t get tossed out, but will instead move on to bigger and better things.


I’m excited and don’t know how I missed this.

There’s a group called the Progressive Independent Party, and they want the major third parties to unite—just what I’ve been hoping for.

Here’s a few paragraphs from the website:

We all know “in our bones” it’s time to take our government back, it’s time to finally have a vibrant, exciting, VIABLE third party in this country, a place where many of us who feel disenfranchised; Progressives, Greens, Democratic Socialists, Independents, and frustrated Democrats and Republicans alike, can feel empowered in the promise of democracy in our county. There is a sense in the air, if we miss this opportunity to unite together in our common cause, it could be decades before the enthusiasm for another movement, like the one which we saw fill stadiums and rallies, rises up again.

As Bernie Sanders’ supporters, contributors, and volunteers, we all know exactly what’s at stake if we fail this opportunity, for our country and for our planet, which is why we should put pride and splintered progressive politics aside and do our best to unite

What we are proposing we build together is something which has never been done before in US history; build a long-term, truly viable coalition-based third party. We believe we can do it; with the same enthusiasm and love we have for Bernie Sanders, we believe we can inspire unity with a shared mission to continue the fight and keep the progressive fire alive for many generations to come.

Once there, you can also sign a petition asking the other parties to join in. It was meant as a coalition to get Bernie in, but it continues as a way for us to stay united! woo hoo! Giving me (dangerous!) hope, here. :O)

Looking around the site, it doesn’t looked very fleshed out. I hope it will catch on.


I agree with Reich and thanks jcitybone for the link. I also maybe disagree with him as well. Reich is correct, top heads rolling at the DNC won’t matter. It’s Donna damn Brazile who will be appointing the new leaders. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, but don’t email, pick up the damn phone. And I live in the DC region and know some of these people, on both sides. Tom Frank has it right–it’s the Acela “credentialed class”–who really knows almost nothing about “America” on the Dem side, and almost identical, but ideologically more idiotic “free market” people on the R’ side. They are all in the same bubble, and the “fights” we see in the paper are simply propaganda. Bernie talked REAL issues. The Acela class has no use for that stuff, except as motivating tools. And this year, it all blew up. ON BOTH SIDES. Because it’s “Hillary”, this year, she’s wearing the Reagan Teflon suit of armor. After Assange, we’ll see if any rubs off.

So Reich’s idea about the third party is sort of real. I don’t think the Bernie Machine will mobilize for the Greens, for many reasons. 1) Bernie said he wouldn’t, and that’s front and center. 2) Given Bernie’s family history, he is dead-read against Trump–even if Trump is more “liberal” on certain foreign policy issues. Trump is an “America First” guy like Pat Buchanan, or Father Laughlin or Charles Lindbergh. I don’t think that’s Bernie’s policy. (Bernie is not keen on “Free Trade” TPP and the other trade deals, so he’s closer to Trump than our nominee, who we all know would sign that deal in a NY minute.

I think we all know that this will be an impossible election to poll. I actually think that the third parties (Libertarians and Greens) might get a decent share of the electorate. I don’t imagine a third party “winning” a state–but they might win some Congressional Districts within a state–and that’s important for analysis, because that’s an argument to reform the State winner-take-all Electoral votes. And that’s a thing state legislatures can do. While third parties winning Congressional Districts won’t change our current election outcome, it also suggests a significant Party realignment might be on offer.

The truth, as we all know, is that fundamentally the mainstream Acella R’s and D’s are basically aligned. Neo-Liberal in economic policy. Neo-Conservative in foreign policy. Mr. Trump isn’t in that camp, so he must be defeated. The citizens, on the other hand, are not so sanguine. That’s why Trump is the R’ nominee, and why Sanders (*almost?*) was the D’ nominee. Trump and Sanders are talking to non-Acella riders, and their opinions differ from both parties. There ARE social issue differences, but between Trump and Sanders, on economics, they both understand the problem, and the audience. On the solutions, Trump and Sanders likely disagree a lot. But it’s nice to see some R’s and D’s agree on the REAL problem–people are concerned about their personal economic condition–which sucks–and how NeoLiberalism and NeoConservatism are not helping. Even Europe has caught the bug.

In this situation, if I’m reading it right, there IS a third party opportunity. Greens and Libertarians will have unexpected boosts. More important will be the impact of the new organizations that Bernie is teeing up. We won’t see or hear much about them during the election. After the election, Bernie’s book will come out, and his new group will start spreading its wings widely. (They already have your email!) I expect that Hillary will (barely) win. If not, then the Third Party thing is in play twice–Remake the Dems from the ground up–which is actually easier–or bag it and invest in a new party. If Hillary wins, then when she triangulates (as she will) the third party movement in 2018 Congressional election makes more sense to me, built on Bernie’s list. That’s all I got.


Well Said IowanX (and just as a side note I see your name is green which means never switched you to author.. I’ll make sure that happens!


It appears as if Pramila Jayapal will advance to the November election after coming in first in her primary contest.

U.S. House District 7
Show or hide race▾
Candidate Party Votes Percentage
★ Pramila Jayapal Democratic Party 37,056 38%
Joe McDermott Democratic Party 20,886 22%
Brady Walkinshaw Democratic Party 20,300 21%
Craig Keller Republican Party 8,731 9%
Scott Sutherland Republican Party 5,114 5%
Arun Jhaveri Democratic Party 1,585 2%
Don Rivers Democratic Party 1,388 1%
Leslie Regier No Party Preference 1,356 1%
Carl Cooper No Party Preference 554 1%
Total 96,970
Min: 0% Max: 100%

These are incomplete results.


Great news and with almost double the votes as her nearest competitor she is in good shape heading into the general election.


Dacey was quick to get another position at Squared Communications, a Democratic consulting firm based in Washington.

As we said in the Army… “F*ck up and move up.”


Latest rich Republican to declare fealty to Hillary.


Thanks Benny! I never mind when someone creates a post! The more posts the better infact!

I suspect all of these people will have jobs in better paying postions, not to mention in a Clinton administration…. as they did exactly what they was supposed to do, and Im fairly certain they won’t be punished for that!

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