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Thank you @chasingorion! I’ll create a category specifically for these kind of posts so we can have a TPW-Cafe specific page as well (to make it find past editions, etc). Same goes for the @bebimbob ‘s science-series.

One Bite

Love these preliminary ideas.
“Real World Participation for Change” – Which is an awful name so let’s not call it that. (There’s a reason I’m not in our marketing dept)! …but just so you get my drift.: These are areas where we are involved through volunteerism, trade or some other means.
For instance, I am involved in fair trade. Quite deeply, actually, and can speak comfortably about how we conduct our coop’s business, how we participate outside the market, how we improve the lives of others through a commitment to fair trade.
Bernie Sanders often referred to fair trade in his stump speeches. He’s one of very few Dems to have done so.
There’s only so much time we have in our lives to devote to family, work, causes, etc.. Perhaps there is a place for what many of us can bring attention to with our own expertise.


Wonderful suggestion.
I think we could even fold the buying local, sustainably grown and raised food in with this category. Bernie also addressed small family farms and visited them during his campaign.
Many organic growers/member/worker owned co-ops fall into this slot. I’ve been on the boards of several co-ops and have been actively engaged in helping build the cooperative movement for over 30 years…a lot of possibilities with this.

Sounds exciting!

Demeter Rising

Thanks for starting this. That’s a lovely and inviting scene and it matches our blue so well. I’d like to put that graphic in the sidebar with a few links to recent editions once we get going.

I’ve been thinking about a weekly action challenge which would include things like calling your congress reps to vote on particular bills, attending local council meetings, writing LTEs, adopting a candidate or issue to follow and report back on. I think some of those fall under chasingorion’s list.
I also like One Bite’s suggestion of sharing your own experience or expertise. We have Angie running for office and OccupyStephanie very involved in her local Dem party. I’m no where near that committed but it’s inspiring to hear from people that are.


@demeterrising What an excellent idea! I always feel like I have a million things going on but one thing a week to do that would be “action” oriented sounds good to me.


Love love love this, Orion! Beautiful painting to kick it off, too! Just the right flavor. :O)


Maybe we can keep the link to this on the side for one whole week, so people have time to think, act, and report. :O)


I’ll put a section up on the sidebar for it!


thx. :O)

Demeter Rising

Love it! & the Science Sunday too.


Wonderful idea! I’m looking forward to this series—terrific categories too!

I’ll give this more thought but my initial reaction is that I likely will be very interested in the issue of income-wealth inequality and a few state specific issues (such as HB2).


If you have a way to contact Bernie, please suggest a new phonebank/text page for delegates. Apparently, many WA delegates did not show up.


@lieperdestin Since we have Science Sundays and maybe Call To Action [insert day of the week], what about a post for each day of the week that focuses on something. Book Club Monday or whatever. Is that too much?


Anything you all want to run with, I’ll create a ‘community content’ tab, and we can have it show up on the ‘current list’, but also in their own separate pages. @loneaudience


Oh, yes, please, on the Book Club. Then I can cut more ties to TOP.

belle de jour

I like the back-of-the-cafe hangout concept of a generous, even raucous sort of brainstorming area… like where the musicians & friends hang out between sets… a place where it’s safe to float all sorts of ideas, problems, theories, issues, plans, inspirations, hypotheticals, “What if someone…?”s, concerns, goals, etc.

Then everyone at the virtual cafe table would feel free to just read, hang out there or to actively chime in, offer and get feedback, hear more ideas, hunches, pipe in with questions, go on tangents, follow thought associations and relationships, air suggestions to and from anyone willing to play & who’s interested.

Just a couple examples of this working in the ‘real’ world: at Apple – no matter if there was a practical operations/administration problem, technical glitch or a big new idea needed – the first step was ‘the circle.’ (Circle was chosen because there’s no hierarchy in the shape, no head of table, everyone is facing each other equally, etc.) The unwritten but sacred rule trust was that nothing was too outrageous, impossible, small, absurd, obvious, silly, grand, trite, practical or impractical to let loose – and while we could tease and laugh, there was no judgement of censorship of self or of others – and there were no repercussions of anything being used later in an unfriendly manner.

The other time I’ve seen this work incredibly well is in improv – and especially with a method known as ‘The Harold’ (UCB training). The basic premise is that someone says something – anything – and your first response is, “Yes, and… ” That one simple yes – without argument, without negative, just a willingness to jump on board and see where this thing takes you – is liberating, and does wonders for coming up with ideas, solutions, possibilities you never even knew you had anywhere in you… or that someone else had in them, that could help you.


Yes, and one of the things i want to sit around and chat with folks about is climate change and what we are doing want to do at the local level and then county, state, nation , hemisphere, world level as well. I want to see everyone who decides to run for political office at Bernie’s hest , no matter what level they engage in , to include it in their platform. It’s a now or never kinda deal as I see it.

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