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Thanks for this.

What about the first Tuesday of the month is….something. Then the second Tuesday is focused on something else and so forth. If a month has a fifth [insert day of the week], it can be something random or whatever needs to be addressed.

Or just back and forth: one Tuesday is Community stuff and the next Tuesday is Action stuff. Actually, I like this better.



That was excellent. West speaking Truth to Power. Loved it.


Wow! Well said. I’m so glad Bernie got his picks on the platform committee — West’s, Zogby’s, and Parker’s points need to be heard!


Well put, Cornell. Occupation is real. And we do have to take into account Jewish history, without allowing more occupation.


Thanks for organizing this, @chasingorion!

Just wanted to chime in and say that I like seeing all of these ideas and plans here.


Thanks CO! Terrace Tuesdays sound great.


This is exactly what the movement needs and what top denied us–a safe space to discuss these issues and the revolution to make sense of it to go forward.

I do not claim any political expertise but will chime in as I can.

Getting over top is somewhat like a divorce. Retrospectively, I can see how I used them for my own purposes as an activist. I single-handedly destroyed the greenwashing of the PR Bayer Bee Care Tour and did damage to the Monsanto effort with an expose. Both stories went big and did the job. I traded on the large readership.

Now, things are different. I can return to my Thomas Paine sig line and explore our beginning movement.

In my town there are three enduring structures left from our Occupy: A May Day Solidarity Fair, Street Dawgs & Cats Care Fair, and the Occupy Reading Group. It is the latter that I think might be a good template for us here. Run by our professorial people, they present readings and then lead discussions.

We could use this template which would help us make sense of the current thought and the sense of the movement and its different facets. I need this. We are a diverse group with far different approaches and strategies. The most important point is to embrace all of us, so that we do not break into named groups which was never Bernie’s intent.

Bernie wants us to be an us. It is up to us to figure out how to do that.

Fleur de Lisa

Hey, I’m a professorial type – maybe I could help out with organizing book/reading discussions. I’m new to social media, but this is something I know how to do.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful space that is coming together here!


Oh, yes, please. That would be wonderful!


Yes, please!

Linda Thieman

Oh, man. Fleur de Lisa is an awesome handle! Love it, love it, love it. Je l’aime.

Fleur de Lisa

Thanks @lindathieman ! So, am I on the right track in thinking that a readers’ circle might go something like this – on a regular date, for example 1st Tuesday of the month, someone (maybe me, or someone from a group) posts a title and description, or links to online readings, along with thought-provoking questions, and then the following month we have a discussion? Along with the posting for the next month? Is that the kind of thing folks are thinking of?

Any suggestions on format or a text to start with?


I really like this idea.


@hollyanna @occupystephanie @fleurdelisa @chasingorion I read a lot for pleasure. It’s a form of escape for me. Consequently, I saw the reading circle just as a way to share what we are reading. I didn’t envision it as something that would complement our progressive agenda here. I’m not opposed to doing that if that’s what we decide. Having said that, I have read a lot of nonfiction so far this year (more than usual) which has been very interesting and informative. For example, recently read Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic by Sam Quinones. Fascinating account of what’s going on across the country.


I also read a lot for pleasure. It has always been my favorite form of escape. I really like the idea of sharing what we are reading. There must be all sorts of readers at TPW and it would be great to hear from them, and to see what develops. We may end up with a number of different threads…


I have been a reader my whole life… I’m actually fairly certain that’s what made me ‘progressive’! I’ll read anything and everything (well more currently I listen to audiobooks as I can multitask…) and will certainly be involved in the discussion!


I read for escape also and often that involves rereading. I am half way through on the second go round with Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin novels about the sea battles of the Napoleanic wars.

I think what I was thinking was a few articles on an issue then a discussion.I also keep thinking that I will be less busy sometime soon!

I love the ideas and the graphics! They are lush and welcoming. No scary orange!


I read a lot in the winter time. I like the idea of any type of book, there always seems to be something I get out of it. I don’t think the book themes need to be necessarily political, some times its’ nice to take a short break. I do tend to read science journals and books…that said I also like Chinese mysteries.
@hollyanna @occupystephanie @fleurdelisa @chasingorion

Fleur de Lisa

@lindathieman @loneaudience @hollyanna @polarbear4 @Bern_So_Good @belle-de-jour @NVPainter @nomandates @occupystephanie @chasingorion Hope that’s everyone on the thread!

A couple of book ideas, on the socio-political front:
Listen, Liberal by Thomas Frank. I’ve been wanting to read this, but I was waiting for it to show up either in pb or at my library.
Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America by Linda Tirado. I just started reading this – it’s a memoir written by a woman who’s experienced downward mobility, about her experiences trying to survive with low-wage jobs. Similar to Nickel and Dimed, but not an experiment in poverty – the real thing.


I’ve heard Frank interviewed about Listen, Liberal! several times, including on Democracy Now and on Thom Hartmann’s radio program (which is on YouTube). It sounds great!
I may not be able to keep up with you all on the reading, though, but I’d enjoy popping in and following the conversation even when I can’t.
I’ve spent most of the last six weeks helping my mother prep for moving and selling her house, and getting her settled into her downsized new place. I’m sitting here in the empty house I grew up in waiting for her any moment right now. Then I have to paint like crazy to catch up and prep for art shows and teaching and my own writing. But I will be around!


They are both appealing to me, as far as engendering good discussions. I just bought Listen, Liberal and it is next in my to-be-read pile. Will put Hand to Mouth on my list now. Thanks @fleurdelisa.


Both choices work for me. Thanks!

belle de jour

Both choices sound really good. Have not gotten either book yet, but will look for them at the library next week.


Wow! NBC, eh? Cool. Thanks for all the updating.


Big thumbs up on Terrace Tuesdays!


Tell the Democratic Party Platform Committee: Stand Up to Big Drug Companies. Sign here: http://www.signherenow.org/petition/stand-up-to-drug-companies/afv/


Thank you for sharing the TED talk, too! It’s great hearing a research scientist and teacher talk about the creative process. As an artist and teacher, I teach the creative process to my students, too, and learning about that spot where you get stuck is SO essential. What he calls The Cloud, I call the Green Goo stage of the process, but it’s the same thing. 🙂


LOL! Just wanted to interrupt this conversation by saying I was so confused when I saw this photo of the Van Gogh Cafe at Night, at the right of the TPW home page, because my husband just handed me the jigsaw puzzle of this very painting, with 1000 tiny puzzle pieces. Is this some cosmic sign I should attempt to do the puzzle for TPW? haha.

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