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Anyone in CA district 39?

Please don’t vote for Steve Cox.

More on that if you need it..


Bernie talked a lot about the Koch brothers last night, said that the $300 million they plan to spend (this year? next year?) to get things their way is chump change. He was right.


Got our tickets to hear Bernie this Sunday. Same place we met him in Sept 2014.


Wow! Bernie just doesn’t stop. Please let us know how it goes.

In this age of cynicism, distrust and disgust toward the status quo and establishment politics, government and economics, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is undeniably, hands down, the most popular public servant in America.

Furthermore, Senator Sanders’ ideas and solutions about the economy, health care, education, the environment, social justice, immigration and campaign finance reform are every bit as wildly popular as he is! I, personally, no longer view “Bernie” as an individual politician as much as I do as a massive movement of the people.

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