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Lincoln had a team of rivals–Trump has a team of racists


Donald Trump’s presidential campaign bludgeoned modern norms about the acceptability of racism. The candidate proposed a religious test for immigrants, and called a federal judge unfit on the grounds of his heritage. Trump could have decided to put the racial demagoguery of the campaign behind him, and it could have been remembered as a divisive ploy to win that did not define his administration, like George Bush’s manipulation of white racial panic to defeat Michael Dukakis in 1988. But Trump, perhaps predictably, is making a different choice. His early staffing choices are redefining the boundaries of acceptable racial discourse in Republican politics.

Michael Flynn, Trump’s new national security adviser, would be disqualified from a normal administration on multiple grounds. He is paid by authoritarian regimes in Turkey and Russia, as well as Russia’s propaganda apparatus. Multiple figures who worked with him in the military describe him as “unhinged,” a highly negative quality for a primary foreign-policy adviser. The singular belief that lies at the core of Flynn’s worldview is indiscriminate hatred of Islam. He openly endorses indiscriminate fear of the entire religion:

Jeff Sessions, Trump’s new attorney general, originally had the political profile of a white reactionary Alabama politician in the Old South mode. The Senate rejected his bid for a federal judgeship in 1986 over a series of racist remarks he’d made, some of which he confirmed. Sessions called the NAACP “un-American” and accused it of “forcing civil rights down the throats of people,” and he allegedly called a black lawyer “boy” and warned him to be careful how he addressed white people.

Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist, has attracted perhaps the most controversy. That Bannon’s ex-wife has testified to his hatred of Jews has attracted a great deal of attention, but this fact both over- and understates the racial nature of his beliefs. Bannon’s journalistic work is centrally dedicated to the task of refashioning conservatism along white-identity lines. His publication, Breitbart News, has promoted the “alt-right.” Breitbart itself defines the alt-right as a more intelligent version of skinheads


Read it somewhere and agree. The MSM needs to stop calling it alt-right and call it what it is–take your pick–Naziism, racism, fascism…. but then they still call us a democracy, too.

On the hopeful front, of the two candidates for the DNC that spoke at our county party meeting last night, one calls himself a Green Dog, and wants to bring the Green Party into the Dems (yay!) and the other is a super delegate who is going to cast his vote to get rid of superdelegates!

You can tell I’m a political nerd when I get chills writing that. 😉


Thought I’d add this one about the Sicangu Oyate, or Rosebud Sioux, suing the govt. for health care promised in a treaty.

More than a century ago, President Andrew Johnson promised all Native Americans free health care, in exchange for moving to reservation lands and ending war. And now, after more than 60 years of underfunding and neglect, that program — called the Indian Health Service — has become what one senator has characterized as “horrifying and unacceptable.”

At the heart of the dispute is this: What weight do decades-old treaty agreements between the US and tribal governments carry in the modern day? [Silly me, but what does “modern day” have to do with anything?]

In the past decade, at least six federal government investigations of Rosebud Hospital have found that poor management, insufficient staff, and lax record keeping are endangering patient lives. Last year, threatened with funding cuts because of unsafe conditions discovered there, the IHS shut down Rosebud’s emergency department. Between December 2015 and July 2016, at least five people died while being transferred to other hospitals more than an hour’s drive away, and two women gave birth in ambulances on the road. The problem plagues other IHS facilities, too: The ED at Sioux San Hospital in Rapid City shuttered this year. Pine Ridge Hospital, south of the Badlands, was flagged for not meeting Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services standards, and Winnebago, six hours east, lost accreditation altogether.

Broken promises, broken treaties–all the same to our govt. now, eh? One good thing is that the courts are often more protective of a treaty than, say, a contract with workers.


Largest bank in Norway pulls its assets in Dakota Access pipeline

WASHINGTON, DC – A press release from Greenpeace Thursday says the largest bank in Norway, DNB, sold its assets in the Dakota Access pipeline. They say this decision was the result of 120,000 signatures from Greenpeace Norway and others to DNB, urging the bank and other financial institutions to pull finances from the project.

DNB [www.democracynow.org/2016/11/8/headlines/norwegian_bank_dnb_considering_cutting_funding_of_dakota_access_pipeline]recently indicated that it is reconsidering the loan it provided, which amounts to 10 percent of the total funding.

In response to the news, Greenpeace Norway Sustainable Finance Campaigner Martin Norman said:
“It is great that DNB has sold its assets in the disputed pipeline, and it is a clear signal that it is important that people speak out when injustice is committed. We now expect DNB to also terminate its loans for the project immediately.”


Bernie Nadar


Didn’t see an edit, so I’ll just add, hahahahahahahaha! Yep, a lot of introspection going on. Sure.


Man, you can tell what a right-wing rag TIME is anymore!!


Thanks for sharing, Liepar. Nice to see Bernie out on the stump again. Clinton’s loss, has some benefits. Bernie is leading to fight to change the Democratic party and I certainly hope he is successful. If so, I will register again in the party. I am now registered as an independent which I did during the Democratic Convention. For over 50 yrs I was a registered Dem.

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