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joe from Lowell

Some people are criticizing Bernie for saying he will work with Trump in areas of common interest. I think they’re missing that last line, about highlighting his hypocrisy. If Democrats adopt a strategy of universal opposition regardless of the merits, the way the Republicans did to Obama, they won’t be in a position to call him out credibly on going back on his campaign promises.


The Senate Dems appear to be following Bernie’s lead on this. Evidence of his influence?

Congressional Democrats, divided and struggling for a path from the electoral wilderness, are constructing an agenda to align with many proposals of President-elect Donald J. Trump that put him at odds with his own party.
On infrastructure spending, child tax credits, paid maternity leave and dismantling trade agreements, Democrats are looking for ways they can work with Mr. Trump and force Republican leaders to choose between their new president and their small-government, free-market principles. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, elected Wednesday as the new Democratic minority leader, has spoken with Mr. Trump several times, and Democrats in coming weeks plan to announce populist economic and ethics initiatives they think Mr. Trump might like.

Democrats, who lost the White House and made only nominal gains in the House and Senate, face a profound decision after last week’s stunning defeat: Make common cause where they can with Mr. Trump to try to win back the white, working-class voters he took from them, or resist at every turn, trying to rally their disparate coalition in hopes that discontent with an ineffectual new president will benefit them in 2018.

Mr. Trump campaigned on some issues that Democrats have long championed and Republicans resisted: spending more on roads, bridges and rail, punishing American companies that move jobs overseas, ending a lucrative tax break for hedge fund and private equity titans, and making paid maternity leave mandatory.


Thank goodness. Scary, too, though. If the Dems truly stand up for what’s good and true and band together to fight the dismantling of regulations and the safety net, great! The MSM won’t be able to ignore it, either.

If they make too many concessions, putting their Third Way ideals into legislation and call it “working with” Republicans, it is, in many ways, worse than nothing, because it will rely on the same old tired duplicitous scamming of America.

Let’s work to ensure that Bernie has enough allies and enough notoriety to stop that from happening.


LD: is anyone posting a transcript of the Bernster’s speech last night? Man, you don’t want to know the streaming tech headaches we had here to connect. Good news. We did, and I got to listen to around 75% of it. T and R, etc. 🙂


Here’s the transcript of his speech:



Thank you bernin! My little transcript was just a portion of it. I had to keep backing up the live feed to make corrections. That took longer than it should have. 😉

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