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I’m actually strongly opposed to barring people on the “no-fly” list from owning guns.

Why, you might ask? Because the fact that our security apparatus chooses to put someone on a secret list is NOT sufficient justification for denying that person their Constitutional rights.

This is a VERY slippery slope. There is no way to even know you are on the list, other than suspecting it when you are denied boarding, let alone any process for appealing your listing. Of the many tens of thousands of people on the list, only one has ever managed to get taken off of it. Yet it is unlikely that one in a thousand would consider committing a terrorist act.

We’ve been down this road before, with Senator McCarthy’s UnAmerican Activities Committee and the resulting blacklist. Now we have a new blacklist, except there is no hearing with the opportunity to defend yourself. Instead, some unknown number of people can put your name on a list with no justification given, and your Constitutional RIGHTS are supposed to be withheld as a result?

Sure, this effort to deny Constitutional rights without a hearing or appeal may seem acceptable because scary gunz, but if they can take away one right, they can take away any other right. And if they can make one secret list, they can make others. If this is acceptable and legal, what prevents them from drawing up a list of us subversive progressives, and denying us the right to free speech?


Had this discussion with my husband yesterday. I too agree this is a slippery slope and smells of partisan McCarthism. We’ve seen our rights under the constitution eroding under the Patriot Act and as a liberal I believe the Constitution should expand rights not inhibit them.

Angela Marx

What about people (like the Florida nightclub murderer) who had previous FBI investigations which came to an end without charges, but were closed as Insufficient evidence to convict?

I would think that any attempt to purchase firearms, in a background check, would send a flag to the original Lead Agent on that previous investigation, prompting a further check and a hold on the Firearm purchase UNTIL a secondary investigation could be completed.


That is the whole point of a background check, right? To alert authorities when a “flagged” entity attempts to purchase a weapon?


//that sort of means that he has to support Hillary Clinton//

Uh, no.


I finally got logged in! Thanks for your help, KD!

Don midwest

DNC document dump & document from Hillary’s server

Can get links from Guccifer 2.0

Guccifer 2.0 DNC’s servers hacked by a lone hacker

Can download documents some of the spread sheets with donors have names on the documents. Others are in files named 1.doc, 2.doc, up to 5. One is a rtf file that can be opened with WORD

1. doc is the Trump opposition research file from 12/19/15 which mentions Hillary 20 times. David Cay Johnston points out that it is a sophomoric piece of work. Makes clear that HRC is DNC’s candidate

2.doc May 26, 2015 with the title “2016 GOP Presidential Candidates” and this document endorses HRC for president, doc from DNC, and describes tactics which we have seen. It looks like Kos is right on line with these. Tactics for working with the media.

3.doc HRC election strategy. NO DATE. WTF. These guys are total amateurs. No document should be published without date. If this came from DNC server, it shows that they are working together.

4.doc Foreign Policy. Secret document for transition to Obama presidency. Must be 2008. A 59 page document with no obvious date. How to handle world and military stuff

5.doc Natnl Security Transition Planning. Again no clear date. Must be from 2008 when planning for Obama

And more will be published soon by wikileaks

Don midwest

Here is the link to Gufficer 2.0. The comments are not formatted to show white space nor is the link given clearly.


Link in this comment?

Don midwest

Try again to post the link to Gufficer 2.0

Had granddaughters running around last time. Sorry.




Hey, you’re lucky to have them 🙂


Thanks Don! I couldn’t decide whether to use this information or the Marquette Law School poll showing Artillary’s weak numbers vs. Trump or the Guccifer info when I lobby the WI Clinton Superdelegates ( http://www.lobbydelegates.com/delegates.php). I went with the poll. Hillary 42% Trump 35%. As you stated a head-to-head matchup between Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and Trump finds Sanders leading 56 percent to 31 percent among registered voters and 57 percent to 33 percent among likely voters.


Good luck lobbying!


The last segment (on education) really hit home. More and more I’ve been bothered by the apparent goal of the schools around here to prepare students NOT to achieve their highest potential, but rather to prepare them to get a job. As someone who has pretty much always been self-employed and entrepreneurial, I don’t think working for some corporation is the be-all, end-all of education. While being able to do so is important, developing internal motivation and self-confidence, instilling the idea that we can create our own opportunities, is critical both for our economy and for our independence.

And the advertising in the school is obscene! Advertising banners all across the front of the schools, advertising fliers coming home almost every day (including promotion of churches, a violation of the separation of church and State), for-profit products constantly being push on the kids supposedly for the benefit of the school but actually only providing a tiny percentage of the profit to it. Fundraisers eating up endless hours of the parents’ and teachers’ time that make big bucks for the vendors and very little for the school. Just give the schools a few more dollars of tax money, already!

And the standardized curriculum and testing? I could go on for pages, but I’ll leave it at this…


But you’re just getting started, y! I for one would love to see the notion of a progressive public education system, what that really could look like, discussed and deliberated here at TPW. Helping young learners (including those in college) is what I do, and it’s just endlessly frustrating to see so much human potential being wasted by the heart-withering, soul-sucking adherence to standardized testing & instruction. I get that there has to be a degree of regulation in the system, so that teachers are adequately trained and students are afforded the same level of access to learning from Texas to Vermont, from Florida to Alaska, but somehow the regulatory impulse has morphed into neoliberal mandates.

We’re not cookie dough just waiting to be cut into predetermined shapes and baked for corporate consumption…are we?

Thanks for putting this item into today’s news roundup, L!


There used to be an excellent education writer around here. I can’t remember for sure, but his/her handle was something like sci-goya? I still get the occasional email. Great ideas, especially for teaching math.

Respect for those of you helping our young ones in the system. Did it for several years and often wish I had returned. We need you.

I’m an educator (among other things…) but when it comes to my kid, oh my do I get it all sorts of twisted! First, during the middle school years, I cannot communicate the level of public school fundraising that happens. Beyond the twice yearly ‘gifting’ of school supplies (mostly paper towels, diaper wipes, ziploc bags, erasable markers, markers, stickies, etc.) every two weeks was some new blasted sale–chocolate, candles, wrapping paper, some more chocolate, photo shoot, pumpkin patch, flower patch, apple grove and on and on pegged to seasonal and holiday events just like at the store aisle. That had that sh!t down to a science. I spent more time every morning sifting through ‘must read’ notices (adverts really) then I did cooking breakfast (ole skool so I avoid cereal but that is a mommy’s best friend). Ultimately, my son realized he wasn’t a sales man and we mutually agreed he would only present me with curriculum or trip related materials. Second, school lunch applications. I witnessed the conglomerization of big data for commercial purposes a couple of years back when I got a letter versus the actual app for the school lunch program. Now, we don’t qualify so it was one of those things I just signed off on with the last four digits of SS and done! No, got a form to go to the website and fill out the application. Well, okay, more freking work but I recognize this directly ties to school funding so, off I go. There I realize NYC outsourced this to a vendor who says clearly they will use it to market materials and some vague ‘other opportunities’. Nope. Big cup of nope. So send a letter to the teacher, yo send me the app. Get: We are asking all parents to reduce our workload and allow us to concentrate on education”. I went feckking ballistic. You send me b*llsh!t letters daily for fundraising and have to coordinate that crap, but sending me a federal app is ‘too much work’. Well, that was the beginning of the end–rode up to the office said clearly either you give me the form or don’t ask again. They promised to send it, never did. Son graduated owing over 100 bucks in school lunch. Feel not an ounce of remorse since they never gave me the document to file. Had they attended to the basics instead of all the marketing, they wouldn’t be out their money. Horrible, but they harden you. Teaching to the test: The stress and crazy that has become annual/grade level testing is off the proverbial chain. My son is a voracious reader and writer (he is an actual published poet). He is also fairly strong in science and math. So, well rounded kid who hasn’t yet found what really excites him (and at 15 I really don’t believe he needs to). All he was being given was drills. F*cking mind-numbing, stomach churning drills. As an educator I always reinforce that you need the facts and data before you can spew forth ideas, so I get some rote memorization. But, you need to make it fun and meaningful. I got really lucky that his sci teacher was a SpongeBob fan and that his Social Studies teacher was a really talented hipster all about the experiential learning process. I still remember the latter’s assignments because my son was so excited about them he engaged me and they became these wonderfully collaborative adventures of learning! We still have ‘the work products’ hanging around somewhere! Anywho, he thrived in all the subjects without tests and Math and English (yep) suffered. Toyed with doing the boycott but the bottom line is when you’re in Park Slope or another yuppie stranglehold you can get away with that–as a child of color, I knew I would be risking much more. School f^cking choice: Growing up in NYC you just went to your zone school unless you tested gifted. Having tested gifted and my parents refused to allow travel, I zoned my way through life. While I have some small resentments about that (it was the ‘scary’ 70s and 80s), the truth is it allowed me to move with neighborhood kids as a cohort, even if there were realignments because of how school districts break out. Now, every entry point is this super confusing and competitive process. I have been reviewing schools since Pre-K–best neighborhoods, best curriculum designs, public versus charter, established charter vs new charter, school uniform versus non-school uniforms, and on and on. I have learned to develop Excel spreadsheets to centralize and sift through the data and begin to make some data-driven rather emotionally based decisions. This happened for Pre-K, Elementary, Middle, and most recently High School. I’m a woman of color but I’m a social scientist and well established professional. If I found this sh!t overwhelming, how did/do poor, unprofessional, and underprivileged folk get through this sh!t?!? This is all just the illusion of choice (yes, George Carlin again) and a hoop jumping exercise in the bs meritocracy charade. Charter schools: So, suffice to say, given me and the son had a spreadsheet of all his desired schools and he just did not do well enough for the special high schools, we had to really decide between old school zone schools with honor programs or charter schools that are up and coming (many of the ones that are well regarded/established would mean 2+ hour travels daily and I’m solidly against the worker bee mentality so it wasn’t happening). The school that selected him (my 2nd fav due to 15 min ride from the house and a national charter with 30+ years) does not do tests. Yup, that is right. They use the Socratic Method to develop students’ capacity for critical thinking and in vivo application. No citywide exams or Regents (these are NYC specific craziness that are pegged to National standards). He is home now, finalizing a project as other students are taking their tests during Regents… Read more »

What a wonderful mom you must surely be! Sounds like an awesome son, as well. (Aren’t they all?)


Awww thanks. I joke with him all the time that I’m crazy and I just hope that I don’t f*ck him up so badly that he is unable to forgive me.


And you’re just warming up, I’m sure! Next we’ll get into the hundred-page School Code of Conduct with severe legal consequences that I don’t even fully understand with my years of experience parsing legal documents, but that kindergartners are expected to sign.

I sent the principal a letter stating that unless they provided a plain language copy or paid for an attorney to explain it, we wouldn’t be signing it. I don’t sign things I haven’t read and understood. Never heard back, but I know every other parent signed it with their kids like a flock of sheep.


LMAO–by the time I finished in his middle school I think they had a Pavlovian anxiety response. Like you I would push back on all that legal crap. I would write in stuff–especially around limits to liability–that would make their heads spin. They always said I needed to send back ‘clean’ copies with only signatures. I was like, nope, either you take it as signed or not at all.

Ohhhh ypochris, you’re right. I’m getting all heated again…


Thanks, LD. There’s always so much to read. I love it! Here I go….

Megan Crane

The financial part looks strange. Would those donation amounts be accumulated over years? Am I right that no one is allowed to give the DNC more than 34,000$ in a given year?


George Clooney showed us how it’s done when the details about his Hillary fundraiser came out:

‘A donor can also give up to $33,400 a year to the DNC and $10,000 a year to each of the state parties for use in getting its candidates elected to federal office. If you do the math, with 32 state parties included in the Victory Fund, that’s $356,100’



Yay! I can comment here again! woo-fabulous-hoo!

My problem many very well have been my other computer – will clear the cache there & try again tonight.


Megan Crane

Oh, I’m completely aware of that, but most of the donations they have listed are 1 million plus. Seems like the Hillary for Victory Fund would even have a hard time answering for more that much.


Of course nothing will come of this …

I’m so disgusted with it all. Whether or not Bernie was in the race, it reeks.

Raggedy Ann

Good morning, sisters and brothers!
A fine day today in the Land of Enchantment, with the exception of the big fire in the Manzano mountains. I could see the flames from my patio, last night – scary!

Nothing new from Gucifer – imho – we knew DNC was tipping the scales for hrc. Still holding out hope for Bernie!

Have a beautiful day!!!


From Santa Fe, I kept smelling smoke last night, and it got worse through the night. I do hope they can contain the fire. Your seeing it from your patio is unnerving. I know — I have seen many so huge fires from my back patio, looking like a red and black mushroom cloud from the Jemez Mountain fires. ,,,(

Raggedy Ann

The fire is bad, Kay. I hope they can get a handle on it soon. The smoke cleared up in ABQ (I work here). I live in the Moriarty area and when I drive home, I watch that plume of smoke. Yesterday, the valley was engulfed in the smoke. I hope it’s better today.


Yes! Good morning is right, Raggedy Ann! Love your cheerful greetings each day.

Looking forward to the speech tonight–eeeek. a little scared, too. (please take it to Philly.) AFAIC, Gucifer just cements my own belief, that Bernie won this baby, or at least came a whole lot closer.

And the way he’s being treated by the opposition is shameful. Like Van Jones said, somewhere, they should give him anything he wants, which to me, says cabinet position(s).


Terrible event in England. Labour MP Jo Cox died after she was shot and stabbed, possibly by a supporter of the far right party Britain First. The EU referendum campaign has been suspended.




Geez. Sympathies to those she loved. Goes to show you how courageous these people are.


Most excellent essay by Bob Master. Katrina’s right that it is important to read. I’m sharing it. I do hope Bernie reads it.


Oh, and does anyone have the link to the live feed for tonight’s event with Bernie? I will not give my cell phone number out, so I assume that is why I have not received an email or info on my cell to link up.

Also, is there going to be a live blog for this here?


Someone just wrote in something like n/a or maybe oooooo and was registered. But prolly no need, since LD will be hosting.


Agree with much of it, but disagree on needing an overarching party or organization. I like Jeffrey Sachs idea of a Democratic Socialist Party–it’s important to get the “Democratic” in front, but I could see the Working Families Party stepping up. Not sure if the Greens would be willing to compromise as much as the others.

I think gathering under the banner of Bernie’s campaign shows that many different types of people can come together, but, imo, it also showed that we do need an overarching party or organization. I prefer a Party, like Sachs, but am open.

I’m afraid that if we splinter into many smaller groups, nothing will change, as separate agendas are set and the inevitable egos of the leaders of the smaller groups get in the way of combining forces. Not to mention that each smaller group will be competing for money.

I like the idea of downticket Dems for now, but do believe that they are already in the process of eating this movement alive, and that another Party may be necessary. Just look at how many Dems we thought of as progressive immediately signed on to the Hillary bandwagon, for starters. Look at how easily they are dismissing a yuuuge part of the Party.


The WFP in NY has been taking a beating every since Teachout dared to run against his highness Cuomo. The recent debacle during the April primary bodes poorly for them–though perhaps this is precisely the time to get a re-commitment of energies.


@LieparDestin – Hate to be OT, but could you give spooks51 a helping hand? Here’s their question in nomandates BNR:

Link: Hi LD, I have been locked out of TPW. Can you help?

Gracias. 🙂

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