HomeUncategorizedTrump’s publisher and alt-right funder wants to create a whites-only USA by ethnic cleansing.
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Thanks for this. It got me curious and I did some research. What a tangled web did I come across. I will add more as I attempt to untangle it a bit.


Charles Martel? That is just nuts.


The more the spotlight shines on worthless cretins like Regnery, the better. That idiot would starve to death in a heartbeat if he suddenly became homeless. ‘Alt-Right’ is just a fancy way of cleaning up Far/Nazi-Right. These yahoos are an insult to all thoughtful people everywhere. T and R, Subir!! Thanks! 🙂

Don midwest
Don midwest


Known that the publisher was out there, but didn’t know its scope.

Another long term effort to destroy democracy

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