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Odd? Naked Capitalism is smarter than that.

“Hillary Clinton could help kill TPP by demanding the President Obama withdraw TPP from any possibility of consideration in the ‘lame duck’ session of Congress.” It’s certainly odd that she hasn’t.


Maybe sarcasm?


You know “odd”, as in Elizabeth Warren thinking it was “odd” Clinton hired DWS so fast.

Spring Texan

Exactly my thought when I read that sentence! 🙂


Sorry, meant to comment here!


Tongue in cheek. Or the way one must speak of Her Highness. You know, it’s odd. How could she by lyyyiiiinng, after all?


DeFazio is already against the TPP, thank gods and goddesses. Good catch. Would love to see it (not) happen.


Lambert has a streak of irony that takes a bit of getting used to. The phrase was clearly intended as /s


Himes will be a tough one, he’s not my particular rep. and he’s not exactly ‘progressive’. But it wouldn’t hurt for me to send a message and/or call (so I will).

I still can’t get over how Obama is pushing TPP, and allied on it with so many Republicans that have done their best to thwart him on every other issue. Something smells wrong.

joe from Lowell

Up until about a year ago, “free trade” dogma was one of the untouchable areas of bipartisan consensus, and Obama is part of that Washington Consensus. He’s on the left end of it, but it’s not a particularly broad ideological range.

I’m not at all surprised that a Democratic President would work with Republicans on trade. They always have, going all the way back to the era immediately after WWII.


It’s a very TPTB issue. Even more corporate control, which so many seem to want, these days. Puzzling, infuriating, but there it is….


Democrats seem giddy about courting Republicans these days.

Spring Texan

Yeah, Clinton’s already poised to do a bipartisan infrastructure deal that will throw a lot of money to corrupt private/public partnership stuff,along with a tax holiday for repatriating money.


It figures that DWS is on that list. Another reason that I’m pulling for Canova.

Don midwest

DWS probably could not oppose it since Obama is all in for it and she needs his support

In fact, it is the support of the big wigs that keeps her in the national game. i don’t know about the local game

emorej a hong kong

Local game is focused on “will-she; won’t-she” debate. Her debate-ducking is mocked and connected with policy sellouts in this new music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAx_OFHUZg8

Don midwest

This is incredibly important – panel at Netroots Nation a few weeks ago

They stated the same strategy of all out contact of representatives

Two elected reps were on the panel – Keith Ellison and Jeff Merkley. Everyone on the panel said it is really possible to stop it if it is clear that the votes are not there so Obama won’t send the legislation to congress

I was going to post the video but the NN website is having trouble

And there is the FlushTheTpp.org web site with an article that was first posted here on TPW by Toby Ziegler

iN-DEPTH: How President Obama’s trade deal is a corporate ‘Axis of Evil’ and Why it must be stopped

The elected officials said to contact other elected officials. It has been some time since i contacted these people because I didn’t think that they cared, I will contact them. (I am in OH so none are my representative)

Chris Hedges in his back and forth with Robert Reich on DemocracyNow, Chris said that it will get passed in the lame duck.

In the panel, the TPP was called a coup

I will do what I can to stop it

joe from Lowell

I keep pointing out that Mitch McConnell said weeks ago that he didn’t think TPP would come to the floor this year.

Mitch McConnell is the best political brain the Republicans have. I think he knows what he’s talking about.

Ellen North

Lucky that Mitch McConnell’s so unfailingly truthful and would never lie/hedge (‘this year’ ends after December, after all,) about the likelihood of passage of an unconstitutional privately arranged transfer of human/citizen rights/power/law/democracy from the people of each involved country, (to whom all of this belongs in perpetuity, entailed for those yet to come,) in order to traitorously pretend-‘legalize’ a hostile corporate take-over of democracies, involving virtually all of the money and power in the world being ultimately drained up to the a relative few, in order to help it pass quietly, no matter what the personal stakes would be for him by so betraying his country and the people his office exists to serve.

Spring Texan

I don’t think there’s much right now that’s more important than defeating the TPP. It was so great to see so many people at the convention who understand that!!

Conversely the traditional politicians like Ed Rendell were CLUELESS about even why we oppose it, so lame beyond belief.

emorej a hong kong

TPP and other policy sellouts are connected with Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s debate-ducking in this new music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAx_OFHUZg8. Please enjoy and share.


I’m sorry to see my former congressman, Sam Farr, on the list (his district is the Monterey Bay Area). He’s an establishment Dem who is retiring this year. I don’t know if that would make him susceptible to changing because he’s on his way out and doesn’t matter, or if he wants it passed and won’t be susceptible to changing his position.

Although I phone banked for Bill Monning, the progressive Democrat who ran against him 24 years ago, when he first ran for the office, and I would have loved to have seen Bill in office all these years, Sam has done a lot of good work, and he and his office have been very responsive to and worked on behalf of his constituents.

I wish Bill could run this year, but Leon Panetta’s son has establishment support, and looks like he’ll be replacing Farr.


First it’s the “Dark Act” letting companies hide the GMO’s in our food and now the TPP, it’s becoming a huge middle finger Obama is flashing to all of those who worked so hard to get him elected…twice! It’s becoming more and more evident progressives need to band together to save ourselves. Our food, our rights, our values and our sovereignty are threatened like never before.


Public Service Announcement: POS NeoLib Ron Kind (R-Lite) in WI-03 has a Progressive Primary Challenger Myron Buchholz. Buchholz looks to be a Berniecrat, so if you can, please flip him a few bucks before the 09 August primary so he can vanquish the NeoLib Kind.

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