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Linda Thieman

Wow! What a lot of great information compiled all in one place. Thank you! You really put a lot of work into this and I, for one, appreciate it!


This is wonderful.

I’ll be posting here more. I was on vacation and away from blogs for a while.

I love what folks are doing.


Great stuff, CO! Thanks so much for your hard work.

Presently, my work schedule is very erratic so I am not able to commit to a specific day/time for anything but that is subject to change in a few weeks or so. We just started a new project and things are pretty crazy right now.

I esp love the actions items. I wonder if we should have a separate category for that so we can tag any posts that include action items as well as have a running list people can view with one click? I’m not sure exactly how that would be done on this site, maybe a separate tab on the front page?

LD may have some ideas on that if others think we should try it out.


Thank you for all the hard work! I’ll continue to try and build as many of the features into the site itself as I can [activism alerts, contact forms, ways to donate directly to candidates/causes, etc] and open to all suggestions in regards to most anything!


Liepar, the site is looking fantastic. And functioning well too! Thanks so much.


Bless you! You are doing an amazing job!


Thanks, Orion (do you mind that I drop the chasing?)!

Here’s the link to phonebank for all four candidates. Looks like Teachout is doing very well in the polls, so Kingson might be the one to phone for–his great on health care and social security.

Also wanted to ask if there are any ideas on how we can stress how concerned we are about the TPP to the platform committee?

As i posted in Open Thread, besides the TPP almost completely stripping our right to self-governance by handing it over to Investor-State Dispute Settlement tribunals, staffed by revolving door corpolawyers, Larry Cohen reminded us:

once adopted, the TPP can never be reversed or amended without the agreement of all 12 nations.

Scary stuff.

The platform committee says they cannot oppose it b/c Obama. This makes no sense to me. If Trump was for it, then, they could oppose it?

At any rate, this may be the most important platform plank, since every corporate v. the 99% move is affected by it.

And now I’m going to bail, but I’ll be back later today.

THANK YOU so much for keeping the plates spinning!!!


Also wanted to ask if there are any ideas on how we can stress how concerned we are about the TPP to the platform committee?

Yes, yes, yes!

I posted Bernie’s recent press release on DailyKos open thread, Our Revolution reddit, Kossacks for Sanders redditt and caucus 99%. And I tweeted it. But wondered the same thing, what more can we do? This is CRITICAL! High priority!

Fleur de Lisa

This is wonderful! I adopted a Bernie delegate from Indiana, and it felt great to help. Also signed on with the class action suit against the DNC.

So looking forward to Readers’ Circle – please let me know if you have questions or suggestions.


Oh hurray! Adopting delegates is crucial. Thank you thank you!

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