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Yup–fascism to the left, fascism to the right, fascism rising everywhere. I’m terrified of the world we are in right now.

Ellen North

Would fascists like Bibi be such a hazard if they weren’t supported by a corporate-controlled US government and protected against international disapproval?

(Below listing only covers up to February 18, 2011)


U.N. Security Council:
U.S. Vetoes of Resolutions Critical to Israel
(1972 – Present)

(Please note date)

Here’s How Much America REALLY Spends On Israel’s Defense

Michael B Kelley

Sep. 20, 2012

… U.S. military aid to Israel was $2.775 billion in 2010, $3 billion in 2011, $3.07 billion in 2012 (and $3.15 billion per year from 2013-2018) …

(Please compare date below with date above and guess how much more Hilary will be draining Americans to fulfill her promises of vast increases in military expenditures for Israel, over and above this amount, if she becomes President next year.)


Israel needs more US military aid after Iran deal: Netanyahu
Thu Jan 21, 2016
USForeign Policy

… Israel seeks 60% increase

According to reports, Israeli officials have asked the US to increase its annual military assistance by 60 percent to an average of $5 billion a year over the 2018-2028 period. …

… US President Barack Obama had reportedly agreed in principle with Netanyahu in one meeting to increase the aid package to between $4.2 billion and $4.5 billion.

The money is separate from the nearly $500 million in annual US funding for Israel’s missile system programs in recent years. It is also on top of the US warfighting material held in Israel, which is valued at $1.2 billion.

US military assistance to Israel has amounted to $124.3 billion since it began in 1962, according to a recent congressional report.

US annual aid to Israel has held steady despite cuts to a wide range of domestic and military programs in the United States, including reducing the size of the US Army to its lowest level since before World War Two.

The US government is pressured to serve Israel’s interests due to the influence of the powerful Israeli lobby in the United States. …


Hiya Ellen, Thanks for those links even as I’m very much aware of our unfortunate role in creating and sustaining some of the attitudes and behaviors in Israel. I know that my comment was fairly snarky above–representing my frustration with much US policy and the likelihood of HRC being elected. So I’m wondering if the anger I’m hearing reflects a misunderstanding of my statement or a general frustration as well.

Ellen North

I’ve been wondering if there’s blackmail of the US government involved… although what may have been done can hardly be worse than what’s being done and supported – or so one would think.

If the anger you’re referring to is mine, it’s appropriately directed at those involved, not those also feeling terrified of the fascist rise, btw – I do hope you don’t think any of it was aimed at you!


{{{EllenNorth}}} Probably feeling a bit hyper-sensitive and residual PTKD!! That’s why I asked, so I can continue to interact here with everyone openly and without fear. Thanks for clarifying.

PS No blackmail necessary…their interests are aligned!

Ellen North

Sorry to hear! *hugs*

Re: PS: All too sickeningly true. Wherever there’s money to be made/power to be gained from the misery and dispossession of others, the leeches gather…

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