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I am liking Jeff Weaver more and more. Its a shame that MSNBCLINTON is always trying to get a gotcha moment instead of reporting the news rather than making it.


He’s really been vilified. Do you think for a minute he was going to answer that last question truthfully? As in “Fuck no, he doesn’t trust her, would you??” This way the ball’s in her court to follow through.

Good job.


Eggzactly, delphine. But will she follow through.

Sybil Liberty

That part of the video choked me,. Seriously Weaver?
hell no!

heck, I would even feel better if what the republicans are saying is true:

“We don’t need a third term of Obama”


the only thing is, I’d settle for that

dear occupant

Of course he’s been vilified, like everyone else who is associated with the upstart how dare they upset her predetermined apple cart Bernie campaign.

I’ve seen Weaver many times this year, always very professional, always prepared, always unflappable and had the BEST gotcha moment to date when he asked a startled Tweety Matthews when was HIS wife going to release her taxes.

Still savoring that delicious moment. lol


Yes, Bernie is still running for president! Hurrah. I love this whole campaign that Bernie is running. Things that cannot be said, however, is that he needs to stay in just in case HRC gets indicted. I know he wants to influence the party platform but I also think that a looming possible indictment is probably even a better reason for staying in the race.

Linda Thieman

Well, I’ll admit that I am still holding out hope for that, too!


It seems very clear to me that the Hillarys are very concerned they cannot get the vote in November from the millennials. They should also be concerned about we boomers who are sticking with Bernie.

I’m satisfied that Jeff Weaver has been a terrific campaign manager for Bernie. He is direct and has never faltered into the trap of the menacing tone and game-play of the MSM.


Not to mention us Seniors! At 77, I will never vote for HRC!


And GenXers (damn, everyone forgets about us >.> )


Not me! (‘Cause I’m one too!). 🙂

Jo Crain

I don’t think that is true. I have seen no inclination that the Hill campaign even considers the millennials as a threat or as a constituency. I think she intends to marginalize them and demoralize them in the theory that they will sit out the election. She is going after republicans as hard and as fast as she can. I think she figures with the rumps of both parties she can easily defeat Trump and not even have to break into a sweat dealing with the young folks.

(And her banker friends can still count on those loans to the young uns going to school. With no bankruptcy protections either!)


Weaver did such a great job with all of those questions. Took the high road every time. Now is it my imagination, or did Ron Fournier say “SenatorshitSanders” at about the 1:45 mark? 😉

Mr Robert

I heard it too. What was that about anyway?


I played it twice to double check and the answer is YYYYEEEEEEESSSS!

Linda Thieman

Yup. I heard it, too.

Mr Robert

This guy is considered a journalist and that’s way out of line.


Yes, he did.


Nah. He was going to say Senator Shanders (Sanders/shown) and caught himself, so it came out “Senator shehSanders.”

Although I’m not a fan of Fournier. I think I wrote him a letter years ago because of some shoddy reporting he did. I’m sure he was very impressed by my letter.



It can happen. I was once talking to my middle school special education class. We were talking about the candy Reeses Pieces. I was planning to say “Reeses Peanut Butter Cups”, stumbled over “Reeses Pieces”, and it came out as” Reeses Penis”.

There were about two seconds of silence as middle school shocked embarassment set in, and then everybody just broke out laughing. One of the boys there that day has since graduated. I saw him last summer, and he immediately reminded me of the “Reeses Penis Moment”. Apparently, it has become the stuff of legend!

These things can happen.

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