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Outrageous! Sounds like what Snyder did to Detroit. I wonder if PR could do a crowdfunded thing to help them? Why does Washington think, given the abysmal way they have handled our own economy, that they can tell another country how to run theirs? Indeed, why do they think they even should control the District of Columbia?


But that’s the thing–we’re tax paying citizens!! This is all to ensure two things:
1) the youth and able bodied workers flee the island and come to the mainland depressing wages there and here
2) mainland investors get rich by buying everything up and getting the cheapest rates possible
Perfect paradise. Oh, and don’t forget, now that Cuba is opening up, we gotta make those Ricans understand they were so damn lucky we carried them for so long…


I think maybe the Puerto Ricans have a case of taxation without representation, as do residents of DC. Puerto Rico should not be a “colony”, it should either become a state or an independent nation, whichever the PR citizens desire.

And the vulture at the top is appropriate. You are right – the vulture capitalists are waiting to descend. This was the very thing that caused the premature reunification of East and West Germany. The Western investors wanting to have a field day with the undervalued property in the east.

I think the US PTB are afraid that Cuba and Puerto Rico might get too friendly if they don’t keep PR under their corporate thumb.


The last plebiscite was basically ignored (majority voted for statehood) because of ‘irregularities’. LMAO. The real deal, we don’t want a population of Spanish-speakers on a small island in the Caribbean who identify first and foremost as Puerto Ricans to have power.

The vulture capitalists have been descending for decades. The remnants of Operation Bootstrap (’cause, you know those lazy folks on CPT need to pull themselves up) mean that agricultural jobs were converted to manufacturing for a net loss of over 30% between 1940-1970s. Once the tax free subsidies given to corporations expired, those companies–especially pharma–left. We have massive petrochemical plants rusting away with no clean up. So, yeah those vulture capitalists want to buy stuff up again and further rape the land and people.


If Warren has any cred left at all, she’ll vote No.

It will likely go as so many go–just enough spaces for those that are expected to vote no by their constituencies to do so–with no danger of actually stopping it. I would love to be wrong.

joe from Lowell

Does Rick Snyder get to appoint the board?


Makes sense as he did sooo much for Flint, Benton Harbor and Detroit so why not let the corps plunder them as well


Once a colony for plunder, always a colony for plunder. It is a f*cking disgrace.


Emailed both my senators.

Ellen North

They want to ‘Greece’ everywhere…


This bill is the textbook definition of economic torture of the Puerto Rican people. It contains a provision to not raise, but lower the minimum wage from 7.25$ an hour to $4.25 an hour for workers aged 25 and below. That is roughly a 40% wage decrease for the youngest workers in one of the poorest parts of the United States. What the hell kind of good will that do for the people of Puerto Rico? How will less revenue help their economy? How will it help their barely functioning election process? Guess what, it won’t. This bill, like the TPP, is unconscionable.

And it must be stopped.


It’s always austerity measures for everyone, except the corporations and bankers. So sick of this.


Admittedly, many well to do in Puerto Rico hate having the FMW. Most of my family there are business owners and they complain incessantly. Why? Because they need to have a few more houses de concreto (of concrete) while many folks are living in casa de madera con techos de zinc (wooden houses with zinc roofs) or in caserios (basically the projects). The income inequality there is something to behold. Most folks receive food stamps.

And, alas, the neo-liberal/RW talking points about lazy workers who are unwilling to work in the hot sun for a pittance are rife. Now, all those Dominican workers who sneak in are loved and reviled simultaneously–on the one hand cheap labor and the other, taking advantage of the island for citizenship. Oooh oooh, and the ‘stifling regulations’ are another one (even though they pale in comparison to the mainland).

You can’t make this sh!te up. The status quo is the status quo everywhere.

joe from Lowell

This just sucks. Puerto Rico needs a bailout bill ASAP. It can’t wait until January. The Republicans control both houses of Congress.

I hope the Senate Dems can make the bill better – a lot better – but the GOP really has P.R. over a barrel here. And they seem to take the same white supremacist, colonialist attitude that they’ve taken towards DC all these years.


Thank you for this:

take the same white supremacist, colonialist attitude that they’ve taken towards DC all these years


So glad you posted this, LD. What’s going on in PR is a travesty, especially when you consider the Flint crisis that seems to have disappeared from the airwaves. It’s plain hypocrisy to bitch and moan about Flint and then support a similar situation being imposed on PR.


but most ‘Mericuns don’t know we’re citizens. (WSJ link)

One of the most telling moments: When Marc Anthony, a Nuyorican was blasted for singing G-d Bless America

for all the seedy comments

Marc Anthony.png
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