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Yay! I think. Not sure what to make of some of the dirt on him, but I hope he has since grown up and stays off the bottle.

The misogynous hip hop lyrics are, sadly, far too common, even today. Too many pop videos portray women as sex objects. Even Beyoncé, imo, sells her music with sex. Would she be as popular if she was plain and didn’t wear sexy outfits? Sex sells.

If nothing else, I hope all of this attention also brings attention to domestic and alcohol abuse. Some people can’t handle booze, trust me I know.

But I do believe in second chances, so this quote hit home for me.

Kinew urged his two sons and other young men to “be better than me” and said his political success so far offers a positive message about second chances.


This is where I should have posted the OUAT thing. It’s all about redemption, baby! And yes, like you, mags, I know a bit about that, and hope that he finds a group he can stick with.



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