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It seems as if numerous Senators are reading the letter. Besides Bernie I have noticed that Udall and Brown and perhaps others have read the letter.


I came across this article.


Elizabeth Warren’s fellow Democrats are taking to the Senate floor to read the same letter criticizing attorney general nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions that got Warren formally chastised by the GOP — but drawing no similar objections so far as they push back against her rare rebuke.

At least four Democrats have uttered the same passage on the Senate floor from Coretta Scott King’s 1986 statement against Sessions’ federal judge nomination that got Warren punished: Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, New Mexico Sen. Tom Udall, Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley, and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent who caucuses with Democrats.


Allow all men?? Is there a sexual bias here or did the Speaker re-consider? If he did, he should have let Senator Warren read the letter first.


Only men.

All of Dem women senators should be wearing pussy hats on the floor to attract attention to sexism in this regard.


Thanks LD


Bernie posted another video on his FB page, stating how he was allowed to read the letter, and demanding an apology. Bernie’s Video



Yeah, Bernie!!!!!!

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