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A very long comment I made was sent to “awaiting moderation” and is in the “spam” folder. As I emailed you yesterday, RuhRoh’s (?) comments went there yesterday. What are we doing wrong?


Where is the spam folder?

The first few comments I posted had to await moderation, but I haven’t run into any problems since then.

Angela Marx

I think he means in the Dashboard view of posts, where you can see what’s published, what’s scheduled, etc.

Megan Crane

Tim Kaine, Dem. Senator from Virginia just completely blew it up at Senate filibuster. Seriously. They’ve been going at it for over 12 hours and are really doing an amazing job. Their theme seems to be, “Challenge to stop being bystanders.”

Another positive today…support on assault weapon ban is increasing since Orlando.



Perhaps a minor point, but is there a reason the comments now sort in newest first order? I personally find this counter intuitive since threads logically develop from the older comments to the more recent. Barring a wholesale change, is there a way to set it globally for an individual user so it’s not necessary to reset it for each individual essay/comment thread?


You can change the settings at the beginning of the comments section to oldest.


I realize that, but it defaults back to newest each time the page loads, or if you switch to another essay. My question was if there was a setting that would allow me to set it permanently for my own account.

Most comment threads I’m familiar with sort from oldest if they aren’t moderated. Does anyone else have any feelings about it?


Gotcha! I had a long day and misread your comment. Personally, I have no opinion on this.

Megan Crane

I’m used to oldest first, so have just been doing it on each post. I’m not sure if there is a setting for each user to be able to have their own permanent setting or not. Good question.

belle de jour

Agree. I prefer oldest first, to trail down the narrative. It does matter.


I’m a newest first, since I often check in at various times, and appreciate seeing new comments at the top. Since replies are always under the main comment, and I’ll eventually get down there, I’ve already read most of them.

Looks like I may be in the minority, or at least of those who commented here. I remember at least one other person that liked “newest” first.

Thanks, LD and all. I’ll live with it either way. :O)


Good evening! After much mathematics, I have gotten into the room! Let’s test wether I can post!


@Azubia – W00T!! 🙂


Good lord! The extension Autopagerize should be renamed Autoterrorize. It kept opening more and more articles. Every time I’d try to click this link to say hello it would bury the thread in more and more articles.

I am glad it was just an extension.

And so: @Terre!- Good to see you! And your little bird too!


Doesn’t it just make you smile?!?


I can post! Hurrah!


I can post comments from my phone but not from my computer. I’ve tried chrome, Firefox and explorer. Maybe WordPress doesn’t like ms vista. I would rather not upgrade to Windows 10. Call me a Luddite😉


@KrazyKitten – I think I have you beat. I had to put my beloved Win XP out to pasture, AND I had to upgrade to 10 (could have done 7), or I wouldn’t have been able to file my OR business tax report. Yes, I was devastated to say the least. Win 10 could be worse, and the only thing I really don’t care for is that Win 10 is so damn “bossy.” Can’t have permission to save files where I want to with certain software (Intuit programs), and a myriad of other nit-picky things. Change isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


I did the free upgrade to 10 and then realized it wanted everything to go into the SkyDrive. It created such work and effort that I uninstalled for quick. If I could, I probably would still be on XP–I loved it! Vista, not so much. Still, Vista was better than 8, which still tries to send things to places that MS wants. Big data is powerful. Anywho, they are trying to pull an Apple and I refuse to go gently to being committed to any system for everything.


My tech person put Win 7 on my new computer a couple of years ago, but her setup also ets me run it in “compatibility mode” with XP because I do a lot of intensive work with manuscripts, and the typographic interface at XP is far faster and easier. I’m hoping that by the time 7 isn’t supported anymore (2020?) some good editing-with-tracking software willl have emerged in the Linux world.


@KrazyKitten, if you don’t mind my asking, do you have an iPhone or an Android?

The inability to post from my Android-based phone has been driving me nuts, so I’m curious as to what you’re using successfully.

dear occupant

Hey DeadHead, I have a Galaxy and am having the same issue as you. I won’t go into the gymnastics involved with what needed to be done to get here, but not being able to post comments from my phone is problematic and is limiting my participation here a lot. I dusted off my mini mac in order to comment, but NOT being desk bound was what I loved about having the Galaxy.
I have a WP blog, I haven’t written anything for a while but in the 2+ years when I did, I NEVER had an issue using my phone to reply to my readers. I got instant email notifications when a comment was posted, and despite some glitches here and there the WP platform worked well and seemed quite capable of accepting whatever browser or device my hundreds of followers used.
When LD started TPW, I mentioned there would be some glitches but what is happening now seems bigger than that at least to me. Maybe it’s something as simple as a faulty WP blog template, I guess that’s possible. I wish I could be more helpful, I hesitated to write this because I feel LD’s frustration and don’t want to add to it. Seeking outside tech advice is probably a good idea.


@DeadHead , my phone is an Android, Motorola Moto G. I’m using chrome. I couldn’t post at all and then all of a sudden, it just started to work on my phone.


Thanks for the reply, @KrazyKitten. Weird, because I tried Chrome (along with several other browsers), with no luck.

Sorry for your Vista-related troubles — I’m on Win 7, and have no desire to go to Win 10, due to stability/privacy issues.

Regardless, unless folks are still on Win 3.1 and/or using Netscape Navigator, they shouldn’t need to switch browsers and/or upgrade their OS to use a website, and I’m sure LD agrees and is doing what he can to get this solved.


By the way, so good to see you here, DeadHead.
We will survive!

Angela Marx

I’m using Chrome on a desktop with Vista Pro on it. This is the only way I can uprate or make comments. My Tablet can read everything and until a few days ago, it could uprate stories, but now the 3 part panel is just blank space.

Demeter Rising

This is cool – a book of photos of Bernie rallies. Submit em if you got em.

belle de jour

What a fantastic idea 🙂


Here’s a link I found courtesy of another poster/site I visit daily. They want to spread the word:

Early Voter Exit Poll Yields 23% Discrepancy with L.A. Vote-by-Mail Totals

Posted by Election Justice USA on Monday, June 13, 2016

Rich H

This reminds me of another headline on another blog,

“Why California Still Hasn’t Processed Over Two Million Ballots from the Primaries; Bernie Supporters Scratching Their Heads
Sanders gains slightly, but not enough to tilt outcome.”

Vote totals,

Democratic Primary Results (96.1% reporting)
Hillary Clinton: 1,848,922 – 56.0%, 333 Delegates (includes 64 superdelegates)
Bernie Sanders: 1,424,167 – 43.1%, 206

Remedial logic classes required.

Ellensburg Blues

So I’ve already said this over at KFS, but figure I’ll parrot myself. I think we democratic socialists have to do a lot more to sell the country on the practicality of our ideas. We have to counter the Krugmans and Kleins and Iglesiases. We need a coterie of powerful wonks. There were some on our side (Gerald Friedman), but not enough to counter. People need to realize that single payer is eminently practical! It would be GREAT for business. GM’s CEO said in 2005 that single payer would save him $1500 PER CAR. If single payer could do that for GM, think what it could do for small businesses. No more health insurance overhead! No more hassle with shopping for health insurance plans! No more premiums for individuals. Higher taxes? Yes for the billionaires, perhaps yes for those making less, but would it help business in the end? Hell yes. Same with free college. Why saddle people just entering their economically productive years with mountains of debt? Why not free them to buy homes and cars and start families and start small businesses? Why not give them the gift of economic solvency … which will improve their lives with compound interest over decades, and thus improve all our lives? Why not give ourselves a 21st-century infrastructure with bullet trains galore, which would put people to work and set up the material conditions for business to flourish? Democratic socialism isn’t just about our dreams. It is that, but it’s also about practical economics. Fuck Paul Krugman. He was the very person that told us back in 2000 that we had it great in the 50s because the wealth gap was at its narrowest in U.S. history. Yet he refuses to endorse the very policies that would narrow the wealth gap in the 21st century. Fuck them with their unicorn bashing. We need to counter their wonkish answers with our own, in a big way. We need socialists economists (surely they’re legion in Norway and Sweden and even Britain and Germany for that matter). We need for Sanders, or whoever leads us, to say “this is common sense,” not “this is a dream.” (Sanders was saying that, but not so directly). If we’re going to have a revolution, we have to win people over with our economic message. There, I got it off my chest. For the second time today, too.


Agreed. Let’s start generating a list a la the BernieCrats/New Congress. Identify thinkers, scholars, and activist-scholars who are writing in the grey and academic literature as well as social media who we feel capture elements that are critical. I’ll work on that in a heartbeat.
(I’m a nerd and desk chair advocate. I’ve learned to make my peace with this as that really is the piece I’m best positioned to take).


I can post comments from my home computer with windows 7 using internet explorer.
I can not post comments from my computer at work using windows 7 with internet explorer, chrome or firefox. It must be some kind of firewall issue at work. I had to register this site with a security filter to be able to gain access from work but I still can not post comments. It just hangs up. I don’t know why.

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