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For a couple of old geezers, not too shabby. 🙂 Good post, humphrey! LOL. T and R!!


Not sure if beimbob will have a post tomorrow or not. Here’s a Eulogy to Cassini.

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Farm Aid 2017..for free. Sheyl Crow is now starting


Crow is leading out with “Everyday is a Winding Road”…could be a theme for Bernie!




Willie, Lukas Nelson (Willie is his dad), Jack Johnson join Crow on “Midnight Rider”, a tribute to the late Greg Allman. Great rendition! Crow’s show was solid overall.

Dave Matthews is up next, but it’s not clear to me that his band is with him. He’s appearing with some artist I’m unfamiliar with.

Wish Bernie was there. Rural folks appreciate him. Willie was one of his supporters. But the concert is about bringing attention to the small family farm.

Update: Matthews is playing his set with Tim Reynolds..very similar set to the fundraiser for Standing Rock last fall.


John Mellencamp is on the Farm Aid stage and he’s definitely in a rebel mood.


For those who have AXS, there is a 75 min delay of Farm Aid. I recorded Neil Young’s set. He burned the stage down, some of his songs were definitely directed at the militarized police state (Charlottesville, SL) and Trump. I’ve not heard Neil use the F word as part of the refrain of a tune, but it was used liberally tonight. 3 acoustical songs, “Heart of Gold”,”Misty Mountain, and “Comes a Time” Young showed though he could still bring it on electric guitar and had Lukas Nelson & the Promise of the Real as his band. Good mentoring!

Willie is on now, calming presence.


At Farm Aid, Willie is giving a nod to DACA and immigrants via his song, “Living in the Promiseland.” If you’re not familiar with it, it’s worth a listen.


Sen. Warren Introduces Legislation to Save Consumers From ‘Equifax Exploitation’

Along with placing more power in the hands of consumers and strengthening fraud protections, the legislation—titled the Freedom from Equifax Exploitation (FREE) Act, which Warren introduced alongside Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii)—would also limit the power of companies like Equifax by barring them from “charging consumers for freezing and unfreezing access to their credit files.”

As the Washington Post’s Brian Fung notes, consumers are usually charged anywhere from $5 to $10 to freeze and unfreeze their credit, depending on the agency.

“Ending the fees could save millions of Americans from having to pay to protect their own personal data in the aftermath of the data breach at Equifax, which affected 143 million people,” Fung observes.

Warren said in a statement on Friday that “agencies like Equifax make billions of dollars collecting and selling personal data about consumers without their consent, and then make consumers pay if they want to stop the sharing of their own data.”

Passing the FREE Act, Warren concluded, would be “a first step toward reforming the broken credit reporting industry.”


I’ve paid my $, but if it helps others, I hope this can be passed. I’m concerned tax reform will be part of the trade though.


Watching “The Vietnam War” by Ken Burns on PBS. Just the historical background leading to the escalation by the MIC is depressing.

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