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Excellent thread, H!

I’m treating this a bit as an open thread.

I cannot agree with this opinion piece in the Sun-Times, blaming Bernie for Trump’s win. Same establishment who colluded with the Clinton campers.


The silver lining is that the R’s are on notice. But we progressives will drive the narrative, as much as the Clintons won’t let the newbies have the car.


T and R, humphrey!!! Why are all these semi-senile ancient artifacts still in office? Pelosi who looks and sounds bad. Biden who thinks he’s the savior of the country. $hrill who has respiratory (and other medical) problems. Thank gawd, she’s not serving. None of them are even close to the Bernster who is in excellent physical/mental health. Wish he’s bottle his secret. I could sure use it! 🙂


‘There You Have It’: McConnell Says He ‘Misspoke’ When He Promised No Tax Hike on Middle Class

McConnell’s reversal on a talking point that has become a mainstay for Republicans over the last several months as they attempt to sell their tax proposals to a skeptical public comes just 24 hours after the Senate unveiled its own tax plan. Like the House version, the Senate bill calls for massive tax cuts for wealthy Americans and large corporations.

A Times analysis published Friday found that while middle class Americans would fare better under the Senate’s plan than the House’s, “both bills would disproportionately benefit high earners and corporations and raise taxes on millions of middle class families.”

The analysis continued:

The Senate bill appears much better for the very wealthy than it is for the somewhat wealthy. About half of families earning between two and three times the median income—or about $160,000 to $240,000 for a family of three—would pay more in 2018 than under existing law. But among the richest families, those earning more than about $500,000 for a family of three, nearly 90 percent would get a tax cut.

McConnell’s insistence that he “misspoke” in confidently declaring that no one in the middle class would see their taxes rise under the GOP plan was immediately seized upon by critics who have long seen through Republicans’ characterization of their bill as pro-middle class.

“‘I misspoke’ is the thing you say when you can’t get away with lying anymore,” wrote Judd Legum of ThinkProgress.


Top 5 reasons Roy Moore Could Still Win, Despite Sexual Assault Allegations

Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for senate in Alabama, was rocked by scandal this week, as a woman accused him of initiating sexual contact with her when she was only 14.

Moore was twice removed as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for refusing to follow the constitution, and he has pulled stunts such as showing a six-shooter at one of his rallies.

The new charges will unseat him, right?

Well, maybe and maybe not. There are some things that come into play beyond the candidate’s record of shenanigans. So far this past year, evangelical voters have shown that they will vote for a candidate known not to have a biblical lifestyle (Trump) as long as he stands for white supremacy. This outcome makes you a little worried that some large proportion of American white evangelicalism may be latently a form of white supremacy. In other words, values voters may not turn on the judge.


Maybe I’m proven wrong, but i think Moore will still win this, unless I’m underestimating the Dem party on this race. Tuesday was a wake up call and the GOP will sling more than mud to hold the seat.


This article agrees with you. A shame.


It never stopped David Vitter from winning a seat when he was a Senator. The only time when it stops a GOPer is when he is caught as a pedophile or it turns out he’s gay.


It doesn’t stop them. Is Moore serving a full 6-year term or what? Fundamentalist Christianity and hypocrisy go hand in hand with these yahoos. Their main goal has always been power. That has repeated throughout the centuries–sadly. 🙁


Making Puerto Rico the New New Orleans – Steal the Schools and Give Them to Big Business to Run For Profit

Charter school backers can’t help it.

They see a bunch of black or brown kids displaced by a natural disaster and they have to swoop in to help…

Help themselves, that is.

They did it in 2005 to New Orleans schools after Hurricane Katrina. Now they want to do it again in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

“This is a real opportunity to press the reset button,” said Puerto Rican Secretary of Education Julia Keleher.

“…this [is a] transformational opportunity for us to start to think fundamentally differently about what it is to be in school, and how one goes about getting an education.”

A dozen years ago in Louisiana, that meant stealing almost the entire New Orleans public school system in the aftermath of Katrina. About 90 percent of the city’s 126 schools were given to the Louisiana Recovery School District, which turned them all into charter schools.


The Proselytizers and the Privatizers

At the Heritage Academy, a publicly funded charter school network in Arizona, according to a lawsuit in U.S. District Court, high school students are required to learn that the Anglo-Saxon population of the United States is descended from one of the lost tribes of Israel. They are asked to memorize a list of 28 “Principles” of “sound government,” among which are that “to protect man’s rights, God has revealed certain Principles of divine law” (the ninth Principle) and that “the husband and wife each have their specific rights appropriate to their role in life” (the 26th Principle). To complete the course, students are further required to teach these principles to at least five individuals outside of school and family.

Over in Detroit, the Marvin L. Winans Academy of Performing Arts charter school—also taxpayer-funded—is a subsidiary of the Perfecting Church, a religious organization headed by Marvin L. Winans himself. Until recently, the board of WAPA consisted almost entirely of clergy, “prophets,” or prominent members of the Perfecting Church, and it appears that the views of the board are expressed directly in the practices of the school; students are required to recite a “WAPA Creed” that invokes “a super-intelligent God.”

In Texas, Allen Beck, the founder of Advantage Academy, a four-campus charter school funded by taxpayers, has said he established the schools in order to bring “the Bible, prayer, and patriotism back into the public school system, legally.”

And the American Heritage Academy, a two-campus charter school also located in Arizona, describes itself as a “unique educational experience with old-fashioned principles that have worked for hundreds of years.” The school boasts a list of “Principles of Liberty” that include “The role of religion is foundational,” “To protect rights God revealed certain divine laws,” and “Free market and minimal government best support prosperity.”

You might think that these egregious examples of church-school fusion are anomalies in the emerging charter school universe. But they are not. The charter school movement has provided shelter for religious and ideological activists who have specific theological and political goals for public education. Many of them are opposed to the very idea of public schools in the first place.


Such a shame how ‘school choice’ has been exploited by those who want to push extreme Christian and nationalist fundamentalism.


yes, and as long as we are paying for it, it is unconstitutional. separation of govt. and church and all that.


Resort Tycoon Says He’s Ordered Dem Leaders To Adopt Pro-Billionaire Platform

Ruhle: So when you tell the Democratic leadership this when you meet with Wyden and Pelosi and Schumer, what do they say to you?

Cloobeck: Well, so far, they’ve given me great signals that they’re willing to participate and get there. We shall see. We shall see.

So this is it, right here. This is how the rich screw you, America. A rigidly enforced two-party system with both wings completely beholden to a powerful plutocracy whose rule depends on keeping you poor. They’ll let you fight over abortion, racism, transgendered rights or gun control til you’re blue in the face, but the second anyone starts pointing to the fact that America is ruled by a class of millionaires and billionaires as completely as a monarchy is ruled by a king, they shut you up and shut you down.

Caitlin’s take.


Shareblue Pundit Apologizes For Lying McCarthyite Smear About Greenwald

Ten days after publicly accusing Pulitzer-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald of having “ties to Putin that he doesn’t want people to look too closely at,” Shareblue writer Matthew Chapman has apologized for his false claim. This is going to be a quick and easy article, but it’s actually pretty important that somebody document this, because it illustrates a pernicious trend.

If you’re just tuning in, Shareblue Media is a pro-Dem establishment outlet run by Clinton attacker turned Clinton attack dog David Brock, who is perhaps better known today as the chief architect of the Correct the Record shill army which disrupted online discourse in the leadup to the 2016 election. Chapman has established a sizeable reputation on Twitter for his reliably pro-Clinton centrism and promulgation of whatever anti-Trump/anti-Russia narrative is hot in the news on any given day.

Greenwald, like myself and literally every single English-speaking person with a following who questions the Russiagate narrative, is routinely smeared as a Kremlin agent by rank-and-file Clintonites and McResistance social media addicts. Rarely however have I seen a political commentator who is trying to be taken seriously level such a brazen McCarthyist lie….



I wonder if cowboy-hat-Brock-propagandist-with-appropriate-last-name Chapman only did so after so many people were urging legal action.

I read a thread in which someone advised GG to just let it go, why give the bastards any attention kind of thing, and GG responded with importance of pushing back.


Thank you humphrey!

I don’t think the corrosive effect money has on the political process can be over-discussed and/or brought into the light too much!

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