HomeBernie SandersWill Monday’s Healthcare Debate Help ACA? Will it help kill Medicare For All?
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Sounds like a great thing–i just hope Amy and Bernie have the stats as to the net savings and that Amy is fully on board.

And that they rip up the Repubs plan.

This just further cements my feelings around where the Dems really are–trying to take down health care for all–and so much more effective than Repubs when they do. I despise what they are doing.


Well some Dems. Klobuchar signed up for this debate and she’s not even on board with M4A.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Establishment dems are so stupid. They think this is an opportunity to take down Bernie. Meanwhile their “duck and cover” way of governing allows republicans to bring forth the most outrageous legislation and get it through. Sad.


The corporate insurance oligarchs are scared no doubt as their calling in their bought off politicians. Hopefully the beginning of the end of the Nixon health care law from 73 and better heathcare for all.

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