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Don midwest

so much news, so little time

three part series at The Guardian by Spencer Ackerman on the Senate CIA torture report with a new slant from Daniel Jones, the Senate staff person who spent 6 year of his life on it.

Republican games, CIA attempts to suppress, Obama admin support of CIA, and the first time I can recall that Dianne Feinstein did good work.

they are long and each one of the articles have short videos to bring back important hearings

here is part three from which you can follow the link to the three articles

I have been avoiding reading about this issue because it is so horrible and the establishment has worked long and hard to suppress what was done and now that Trump would torture even more…..


glad I checked here, Don midwest, I was just about to publish a post on this very article.
I think i’ll go ahead and post it anyways. hope that’s ok……

Don midwest
Don midwest

Correction: just noticed that is heading toward noon and I am still on the keyboard

The correct link on the article on 9/11 is


my other excuse for the error is that some of the headlines for articles, like at The Guardian, are in a strange form and I have to copy them to WORD and use the Option to Clear Formatting for them to show up, and then copy and paste them. I started down the path of 9/11 and then clicked on The Guardian, and well, …

in any case the fairly short article about how the establishment used 9/11 as an opportunity


Secretary Clinton is tone deaf and a very untalented politician, which would be ok if she didn’t at the same time pal around with the likes of Henry Kissinger and believe that its up to her to remold the geopolitical world with “preventive” invasions in oil rich countries. Her sense of humor belies a really weird and troubling mindset – “we came, we saw, he died”.
The other day a reporter pointed out something dumb Trump had said, – a knowing nod as she left the podium would have sufficed, but she chose instead to spin around a move back toward the podium to try to capitalize on it by explaining in detail what everybody already understood, thus convincing her audience that she has little conception of the awareness of others…


One thing no one seems to note about the “deplorables”… Many of them are our friends, neighbors, and, yes, family. We may disagree with them politically, or religiously, but they are still our friends, neighbors, and, yes, our families. She just insulted a lot of people we are close to, and that is NOT the way to win friends – or votes.


She is clueless.
I really don’t understand how this country is moving inexorably towards having one of two terrible choices for president.
I guess I am most disappointed by people I thought of as well meaning. Like Barbara Boxer, Gloria Steinem, several Democratic Senators ( I don’t think all of those are well meaning)
How could these people know of Clinton’s role in the Honduran coup, Libya, etc
as well as her wholehearted participation in the crap that went on during Bill’s presidency – draconian criminal justice and welfare reform – anti gay sentiment – financial deregulation and still become part of her vast support group.

I don’t get it.


So what IS up with Her Heinous’ health? Video of her collapse is on Twitter. https://twitter.com/zgazda66 Note how she is being helped before she falls, and how they are trying to surround her to protect her from prying eyes and cameras.

My hubs asked the $64K question: Why didn’t they take her to the ER? Why to Chelsea’s apartment? The Democratic candidate for POTUS collapses from “heat” and is spirited away to a private apartment? Was there a doctor involved at all? Are they trying to cover up a real medical condition?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Cora Regina

My guess is that they are very much engaged in a campaign of obfuscation (if they make things appear vague enough an innocent explanation becomes more plausible), and that she was likely seen by loyal, leashed medical staff at Chelsea’s apartment. No way in hell were they going to let it happen in a hospital where anyone could see (she’s a control freak and would have none over the environment or the people there), and they certainly weren’t going to allow her to be transported by ambulance.

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