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It’s time America stopped coddling Israel.


Thanks LInda for this. Gosh what courageous women. I pray for their safety.



Obama just gave Israel another $38,000,000,000.00, so they ain’t gonna run outta bullets ‘n’ bombs to kill Palestinians anytime soon.


I suspect that almost all of that ‘aid’ is predicated on Israel buying our weaponry. Sometimes I get the impression that people who make those weapons and invest in those weapon manufacturing companies forget that those weapons are made to be used.


No kidding. Self imposed blindness b/c money is all that really counts to some. Like Wolf Blitzer worrying about the people employed making arms. It truly enrages me,

Create an energy Marshall Plan, fer gawd’s sake. Build a high speed rail. So many other ways. Take back all the dam outsourcing. All the black arms and “intelligence” holes that our money goes swirling down.


Thank you Linda.

Members of the European Parliament show support to Women’s Boat to Gaza

On September 14th at the plenary session in Strasbourg Members of the European Parliament from GUEN/NGL organised solidarity action with Women’s Boat to Gaza that left from Barcelona yesterday evening, aiming to arrive in Gaza by October 1.

Swedish MEP, Malin Björk, will sail on the boat as one of 20 notable female politicians, activists, artists and media representatives from around the globe.

The Women’s Boat to Gaza is part of the Freedom Flotilla, a peaceful civil society protest against the passivity and complicity of the international community, especially western governments, in the face of the inhumane situation in Gaza caused by the illegal blockade.

Björk comments: « I am very proud to sail with the Women’s Boat to Gaza. This ship sails with the hope and a message that we urgently need a brighter future for the women and children of Palestine. And for that, we need to break the blockade of Gaza. »

« I was in Gaza four years ago, when I worked as an advisor in the European Parliament. I met with women’s organisations and we visited schools and training centres. I saw with my own eyes how widespread the destruction is, and how difficult life is under the blockade and the Israeli attacks.

« Women are central to the resilience of communities during conflict and hardship such as in Gaza. Women are also key in any peace and reconciliation process. The Israeli occupation and oppression must come to an end. Women will be central actors in achieving that, and in the not too distant future I am convinced that Palestinian women will show the way forward in building a democratic and free Palestinian state.

« This Freedom Flotilla especially highlights the courage and strength of Palestinian women, particularly in Gaza. I am sailing to show my wholehearted solidarity with all of them, » Björk concludes.

In support of the action, 55 MEPs from GUE/NGL, The Greens/EFA, S&D and ALDE have signed an open letter to Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy / Vice-President of the Commission, calling on the European Union to:

– Act to ensure the safe passage of the flotilla to Gaza;

– Pressure Israel to lift its illegal blockade of Gaza; and

– Insist that Israel comply with international law as a step towards restarting the Middle East Peace Process.


Don midwest
Don midwest

Earlier Flotilla from Turkey that Israel attacked — governments of Turkey and Israel “made peace” – talked about it and on the surface, all is OK

But, from June 2016

Turkish humanitarian organization responsible for Gaza flotilla rejects reconciliation deal with Israel


Yes, Turkey seems to be cozying up to Israel, lately.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Daniel Berrigan’s speech over 40 years ago

Titled “Responses to Settler Regimes,” the speech was given to the Association of Arab University Graduates in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 19, 1973, shortly after Berrigan completed his parole in a federal sentence for acts of resistance against the Vietnam war. The speech was printed that month in American Report, a publication of Clergy and Laity Concerned, the anti-Vietnam War group. We dug up the original on microfilm, and Tamara Nassar transcribed it. –Editors. – See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2016/09/berrigans-prophecy-becoming/#sthash.EFpYQzAp.dpuf

The article that contains the speech published on Sept 2, 2016

Daniel Berrigan’s 1973 prophecy: Israel is becoming ‘the tomb of the Jewish soul’ – See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2016/09/berrigans-prophecy-becoming/#sthash.EFpYQzAp.dpuf

Don midwest
Don midwest

Clarification: Article published Sept 2016. In the article is the text of speech from 1973


“The tomb of the Jewish soul….” beautiul.


An update on the progress of The Woman’s Boat to Gaza.


One of two boats carrying an international group of female activists sailing to the Gaza Strip to end the Israeli blockade arrived on Monday to the French island of Corsica.

The Zaytouna-Oliva boat, part of the Women’s Boat to Gaza (WBG) mission, left Barcelona last Wednesday and reached Corsica’s capital, Ajaccio, early Monday morning, carrying women from nine countries across five continents.

Meanwhile, its sister boat Amal-Hope was forced to sail back to Barcelona because of mechanical problems.

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