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But two thirds of the E-mails is just the same as “all” the E-mails, right? Surely there wasn’t anything different in the third she didn’t release?



I agree with your analysis. For me, action to support candidates at the state level is my priority after this election. Funny thing, after almost 3months, the only thing I miss from DK are the people who no longer post or write essays there, or anywhere I can find them.


Sadly, Bernie decided not to take a stand on foreign policy equal to his huuuuuge, courageous stand on domestic policy. The Miami debate was perhaps the most telling. Clinton showed herself as a Cold War Kissinger War Hawk. Bernie had a chance to hit hard against the right wing state dept actions against populist movements in Central and South America when his leftist comments as Mayor of Burlington in solidarity with indigenous peoples were viciously attacked by neocon HRC. She layed herself wide open with shrill right wing attacks. She should have been slapped down. But Bernie had made the determination I think that he had his hands full dealing with corrupt domestic policies, perhaps not seeing, knowing that his supporters were right there with him on foreign policy too.

Spring Texan

These choices are hard and I respect his. But foreign policy is as important to me as domestic policy, so I partly agree with you.

Can’t stand to see him campaign for Clinton as I read he will begin doing in September. But, I still think that is probably his best choice to maximize the influence he’ll have going forward, even though I think that will be limited — but hopefully he can have some effect on money for federally qualified health clinics, drug prices (which he’s still speaking out on ).

Just like Eliz Warren is trying to play her best hand also. I think we need inside/outside, people each doing what seems like the best they can do without criticizing others for seeing it differently. I’ll vote for Stein, myself, but as far as money my donations will go to down-ballot candidates, and as far as effort I’ll focus on letters to the editor mostly on local issues and letters and calls to elected officials (including on the TPP).

belle de jour

I agree with every word you said, eve.

belle de jour

Thanks for posting the truth, Galtisalie. The only thing that makes me feel even partially better about this diabolical debacle is seeing others still call out the truth & point to it.

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