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Ellen North

You go, girl! 3000 cheers!


The NYT has been worthless for quite some time but this is good to hear. Go Zephyr! I’m glad I voted for you against Mr. Cuomo!


I jst read on TOP that she openly calls herself a Rockefeller republican. Is this true?

Star Strider

It may resolve to: whom do you trust more at this point, TOP or NYT?

Neither of them has my respect nor trust.

Bernie endorsed her, and that works for me.


I swing toward Bernie. I was just curious why out of the blue bbb took a poke at progressives.


bbb is a divider by every definition of the word. Has never cared about unity, rational dialogue, conversation… anything of the sort. Just wants to split the community, and admits to getting joy from doing it. A troll by every definition of the word, but alas.. an entrenched one.


I don’t know what you are going to do viz the candidates pages, still I would like to help with Teachout’s if that is alright?


Yes! If you create a ‘post’ in regards to Teachout, with all the various information, (a mini bio, links to website, donations etc), I will turn it into a ‘page’ and insert it under the candidates menu, until I worked out a better way get posts, etc to sort better. @chasingorion


bbb even said her republican posturing was great strategy, given the district. In other words, say whatever it takes to win.
what an ass.


No, she did say that. She is originally from Vermont LOL. Look, she is playing upstate the way she needs to. It is a rural, mostly Republican area and progressive stuff is looked at suspiciously.


Hey there, so a bit of background on ZT and her rise here. She challenged Cuomo for governor and the Working Families Party ballot line. That other dynasty, has done all in its power to undermine union power, working folks, and real representative democracy through maintenance of a corrupt Tammany Hall system (see the Moreland Commission, Preet’s investigations after its dismantling, etc). Anywho, WFP ultimately gave the line to AC and this is what she said after arguments:

“My goal is to launch a different argument about what kind of America we want to live in, what kind of New York we want to live in, not what kind of New York we will settle to live in.,” she said, stressing themes of economic democracy, checks on corporate power and support for family farms and small businesses.

“I will never ask you to compromise your principles and values,” she said. “No matter what happens here tonight, I want you to stand with each other to be good fighting friends together.”

Here whole purpose has been to get $$$$ out of government (see her 2014 statement here

Anywho, she continued to run and I proudly voted for her:

With 85 percent of precincts reporting, Mr. Cuomo had 60.7 percent of the vote, compared with 35.5 percent for Ms. Teachout.

Though she ran her campaign on a shoestring and with scarcely any organizational support, Ms. Teachout was on pace to record the strongest challenge to an incumbent governor since primaries for the office were established in New York in 1970. (NYT link)

Of note, while she is running in the Dem Party now, the machine here worries. Why? For the same reasons they worry about Sanders. See, when they argued against her on the WFP line this was the concern:
Teachout was followed by Cuomo surrogate Mayor Bill de Blasio, who improbably said that state Senate Republicans—not the governor who resisted UPK funding and embarrassed the mayor on charter schools—are the biggest obstacles to progressive change in New York. see The Nation


Yayyyyy! Is the nation starting to feel the bern? 😉

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