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“In the extremely unlikely event that America’s oligarchs ever check out indie political punditry, let me provide y’all with some helpful cost-saving information: Kamala Harris will not be president. 2016 settled this beyond dispute. I don’t care if CNN catches Donald Trump on camera giving Vladimir Putin a Thai massage with a happy ending — Kamala Harris will not be president. People’s increasing discontent combined with their rising internet literacy and widespread access to alternative media will kill that possibility. The US establishment has pushed people to the brink, and, since this is only going to get worse, they will do whatever they have to in order to create another possibility for themselves.”

Bernie, Nina and Tulsi have listened to the middle class our tired ,hungry and poor and see the direction the country needs to go. The 2 headed serpent in the form of the RNC,DNC are tone deaf to us indies and the problems of the US and the World. All that matters to them is selling that each side is the enemy and vote for us. Harris is simply the next Neolib up to bat. Wont vote for her either.


Finally – it is reaching the point where it can be said, “Game On”. The Millennials are going to end it. This group is the tipping point that points the numbers on our side. Here is an online video by Ruth Milkman: A New Political Generation?-Millennials and the Post-2008 Cycle of Protest:

RUTH MILKMAN is Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center and at the Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies, where she teaches Labor Studies and also serves as Research Director. Milkman is a sociologist of labor and labor movements who has written on a variety of topics involving work and organized labor in the United States, past and present.


Not everyone is falling for the Clinton protege.


I posted this comment late on Friday. It also seems to fit here for those who missed it.

Well! The mask is off the Democrats rising star!

Not the greatest source but facts are facts.


Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) has brought a number of former Hillary Clinton campaign veterans on board to work in her Washington, D.C., congressional office, according to its roster.

Harris reportedly mingled with former top donors to Hillary Clinton in the Hamptons this past weekend and will head back this upcoming weekend for a private meeting with Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood liberal and longtime donor to Clinton, and his wife Georgina Chapman. The freshman senator is reported to have a separate dinner planned with Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.) and former Attorney General Eric Holder, whose group is working with former President Barack Obama on redistricting efforts.

Harris has also added a number of former Clinton campaign veterans to her D.C. congressional office this year.

Sergio Gonzales, a senior policy adviser to Harris, joined the senator’s office in March. Prior to working with Harris, Gonzales was a regional director for Hillary for America.

Lily Adams, who became Harris’s communications director in January, was the deputy communications director at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for two years before becoming the Iowa communication’s director for the Clinton campaign in November 2015.

THere is more. I suggest reading the whole article to understand the whole impact.


Tim Black isn’t a fan either!


Trump has a strange way of cleaning up the swamp.


David Sirota sums things up pretty well.


I like this article.


Bernie Sanders who battled Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary and created a revolutionary movement among millennials, is having discussions about running for president again.

“Yes, is the answer,” said one Sanders associate who helped with the senator’s previous bid, in response to a question about whether the Independent senator from Vermont had begun to think about another run.

“He thinks he’s earned the right to run again and he believes if he would have been the [Democratic] candidate he would have won against Trump.”
The source also suggested that Sanders is making his plans with other candidates in mind.

“The last thing he’s going to do is step aside and let Joe Biden take it,” the Sanders associate said.


The Democrats are going to present a new campaign strategy early next week!

Charlie Brown pretty well sums it up for me.

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The Fukushima nuclear disaster just won’t go away.


I don’t think that the Supreme Court thought out its unanimous ruling.


A small group of companies and individuals are looking to register racially charged words and symbols for their products, including the N-word and a swastika, based on a U.S. Supreme Court decision on trademarks last month.

At least nine such applications have been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) since the unanimous June 19 ruling throwing out a federal law prohibiting disparaging trademarks. All are pending.

In the past, the agency generally rejected similar filings because they included material that denigrated an identifiable group. But the court said the law violated free speech rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Since the decision, seven trademark applications for versions of the N-word, an offensive term aimed at black people, have been filed, PTO records show. Other applications include an epithet for people of Chinese descent, as well as a swastika symbol, the emblem of the German Nazi party.


T and R, @pb4!! Thanks. 🙂 Clintonian Liberalism, what an oxymoron!! 🙁


Thank you polarbear! Am sorry I couldn’t be around yesterday. So many good stories in this post.

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