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Thanks for this, Benny! already shared on FB


Don midwest
Don midwest

Arnold slaps them down

pulls no punches


Damn that was good

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Well done.


Wow. It’s really racking up the likes, too. Good. Lots of people watching.

This was even better than back in 2016 when Arnie suggested he and Trump trade places. We would have been a lot better off if they had.

Don midwest
Don midwest

I followed this jerk for some years. What was I thinking?

Jonathan Turley the Republican apologist

I think I have seen several times that Trump could be charged under incitement codes, but

Democrats are seeking to remove Trump on the basis of his remarks to supporters before the rioting at the Capitol. Like others, I condemned those remarks as he gave them, calling them reckless and wrong. I also opposed the challenges to electoral votes in Congress. But his address does not meet the definition for incitement under the criminal code. It would be viewed as protected speech by the Supreme Court.

recall that this is the only atty who stood up for Trump. Dems DID NOT FOLLOW THOUGH AND PRESS HIM ON REMARKS HE SAID IN EARLIER YEARS, rather they used the time with Turley to repeat their own lines. They didn’t cross examine him. Pisses me off.

He is concerned with protecting the constitution???? Well, then how could he support Trump, Republicans and spend so much time on Fox news???

Turley: Swift new impeachment would damage the Constitution

Don midwest
Don midwest

Emptywheel, Marcy Wheeler –most important to get a criminal investigation of wider plot than the impeachment

need to get new Atty General in place

now those who were part of the plot are in place

and Nancy is counting the votes

maybe the important point is to get republicans on record who are still supporting Trump


Even assuming a majority of the House votes to impeach Trump, that will have no impact on his authority to pardon co-conspirators, and he’ll surely attempt to pardon himself, one way or another. Because of Wednesday’s events, he will be doing that without the assistance of Pat Cipollone, which means he’s much more likely to make his plight worse.

Impeaching this week would, however, force Republicans to cast votes before it is clear how the post-insurrection politics will work out (indeed, while Trump still has the power of the Presidency). Significantly, a number of incoming members are angry that Kevin McCarthy advised them to support the insurrection. The vote may be as much an attempt to undo complicity with Wednesday’s actions as it is anything else. Done right, impeachment may exacerbate the fractures in the GOP; done wrong, it could have the opposite effect.

If the House does impeach, then the Senate will not — barring a change of heart from Hawley and everyone else who was still willing to be part of this insurrection — take up the impeachment until January 19 (the parliamentarian has already ruled on this point). That means, the trial for impeachment either happens in Joe Biden’s first week in office, or the House holds off on sending the article of impeachment over to the Senate until Chuck Schumer deems it a worthwhile time. He can also opt to have a committee consider it, calling witnesses and accruing evidence, which will provide the Senate (where there are more Republicans aiming to distance from Trump) a way to further elaborate Trump’s role in the terrorism.

meanwhile Nancy counts the votes



tried to copy the image but it didn’t paste. anyway, goes on to say the guy learned Fusion 360 and designed a solution, sent it out all open source, engineers picked it up and made it better, more people came on board and now there’s a container that uses “less plastic than most McDonald’s toys” and lawyers made sure it will always be open to everyone. no one can rip it off and charge a gazillion bucks for it.


Look at the flags of these two groups, they have one thing in common, one is officially a terroist group. IMO the other should be as well after the events on the 6th


and at least Hezbollah feeds people and educates kids and iirc, sets up medical help.