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Continuing my 4+ year quest to get politicians to pay attention to gamers as a voting demographic

Video games have replaced music as the most important aspect of youth culture

It would be incorrect to say video games went mainstream in 2020. They’ve been mainstream for decades. But their place in pop culture feels far more central – to gamers and non-gamers alike – than ever before. In part, this is due to desperate marketers hunting for eyeballs in a Covid landscape of cancelled events. Coachella wasn’t happening, but Animal Crossing was open was for business. Politicians eager to “Rock the Vote” looked to video games to reach young voters. (See: Joe and Kamala’s virtual HQ and AOC streaming herself playing Among Us.) The time-honored tradition of older politicians trying to seem young and hip at a music venue has been replaced by older politicians trying to seem young and hip playing a video game. Yes, quarantine was part of this. But, like so many trends during the pandemic, Covid didn’t spark this particular trajectory so much as intensify it. Long before the lockdowns, video games had triumphed as the most popular form of entertainment among young people.

The writing was on the wall in November 2019. When Morning Consult, a consumer intelligence firm, reported that the controversial YouTube star PewDiePie had the same name recognition as – and higher favorability than – super-athlete LeBron James among Gen-Z American men it was headline news. Who’s PewDiePie?! confused millennials wondered. (He’s a Swedish YouTuber who reviews video games. Teens like to watch videos of him playing.) The shift was corroborated last spring, when Adweek reported that the gaming industry’s revenue (at $139bn a year) had outstripped the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL combined. By this December, lockdown life further fattened the industry. The global gaming industry is set to take in $180bn for 2020 – a 20% increase in revenue, and more than sports and movies worldwide.


I suggested to one of the groups to pass on to Nina’s team for Nina get on twitch, but be sure to have a game to play.


Some High schools have it a club, or a “letter” sport



“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” — Frederick Douglas, 1857
One of my favorite cartoons strips is Pearls Before Swine, created by Stephan Pastis. In a December drawing, his cantankerous character, Rat, is writing out his “Goals for the Next Year,” which he boils down to one demand: “Be better than the last @#$%&*@! year.

I’m with Rat. The pandemic made 2020 excruciating, but the long political year also whipsawed our emotions with rushes of highs and lows: Trump’s daily outrages; Bernie Sanders’ progressive surge; mass protests over police murders of Black people; the GOP’s flagrant rush to suppress people’s right to vote; an extraordinary burst of grassroots organizing, especially by young people of color and climate activists; Democratic Party power brokers’ orchestrated assault on progressive candidates, groups, and policies; Trump’s tumble into more and more naked megalomania; progressive groups that lifted the soporific Biden campaign to victory in key swing states, flipping even the GOP strongholds of Arizona and Georgia. Recently, with only a couple of exceptions, the president-elect has chosen corporate-approved Washington insiders as his top officials and advisors, signaling another Democratic agenda of minimalism and incrementalism that leaves the grassroots progressive movement on the outside looking in.

The year ended with neither a bang nor a whimper but a mass sigh of relief. At least, it’s over.


Yesterday was Hightower’s birthday, fyi.



The conversation moves on to broader themes, such as the Qnon folks have played into the hands of the elite, in that they still believe they know better than working-class folks.



Sorry the clip wasn’t longer. It was one of the better interviews O’Donnell had with Beto.


Thiers at least 147 congresscritters on the Trumptanic , just take away the life boats


It would be nice to think that progressives could persuade others that the less corporate donors, the more opportunities to think for themselves when important bills are being considered. Also less time dialing for dollars.


Mr. mags on phone with conservative friend this morning reminding him about Citizen’s United (and the damage it has caused and, to at least some extent, has led us to this moment in history).

This might be a good time for progressives to push harder on challenging that court ruling.





Joe Biden has selected Avril Haines, who held top national security jobs under President Barack Obama, to become director of national intelligence in his administration.

Since leaving the Obama administration, Haines has been affiliated with Columbia University and the Brookings Institution, and has consulted for various companies, including the national security data contractor Palantir, according to a Brookings biography unearthed by the Intercept. A source familiar with her work for Palantir confirmed it to NBC News, saying she advised the firm on diversity and advancing roles for women in technology.

Yayy for women using technology to be evil too….

The following article was posted 48 minutes ago. Looks like Joe might be using the current crisis to try to rush through some nasty people.

Biden transition team presses Senate to confirm national security nominees ahead of inauguration

The Biden transition team is pressing the Senate to confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s national security nominees ahead of the inauguration next week, saying the country’s security is “at stake.”

With Democrats set to take the majority after victories in the Georgia Senate runoff elections earlier this month, the Biden team is making a heavy push for secretary of state nominee Anthony Blinken, homeland security secretary nominee Alejandro Mayorkas, director of national intelligence nominee Avril Haines and defense secretary nominee retired Gen. Lloyd Austin.

I don’t know much about the other two, but Blinken and Haines are no good.

Mr. Biden’s choice for secretary of state, Antony J. Blinken, was paid nearly $1.2 million by a consulting firm he helped found, WestExec Advisors, where he advised a range of corporations including Facebook, Boeing, the private equity giant Blackstone and the asset management company Lazard.


the big changes are going to happen underneath.