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F—them. Get out of our way.


They have them in airports, but maybe they use their own planes?


Fine them just like over the mask wearing.


Like the mask situation, it’s incredible that these swine can get away with endangering the safety of their fellow legislators scot-free. How is it that they haven’t already been censured, if not expelled? Just another symptom of white privilege.


I guess we are supposed to cheer for a Trump impeachment in the Senate.

I will not be cheering for this.

I want Trump GONE.

Biden may or may not get the vaccine out promptly and efficiently. But he needs to have the space and support to do this.

Same goes for the economic relief agenda he is unrolling.

Trump lingering and lying will clog up the works.

OK. Maybe that’s the point. Slow down help to those who need it. That’s the corporate uniparty alright.


I’m with you NYCVG, I just want him gone.

Saw tiny bit of a tv panel while eating lunch & one guy said just what I was thinking, if Trump can somehow avoid any further incitement, and manage to stay on the down low, he won’t get convicted, or whatever it’s called, impeached.

But, if Trump can’t stop his mouth from running off, and says something stupid (odds?), forgetaboutit.

The place I work is going to begin allowing our parking lot as a vaccination place. Wild times..

Don midwest
Don midwest

Indigenous peoples wary of UN biodiversity rescue plan

But the past experience of indigenous populations has made them wary of the proposal.

Earlier efforts to create protected areas such as national parks sometimes led to their eviction from ancestral lands.

“By just setting a target without adequate standards and commitment to accountability mechanisms, the CBD could unleash another wave of colonial land grabbing that disenfranchises millions of people,” said Andy White, coordinator of the Rights and Resources Initiative.

When the Kahuzi-Biega National Park in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo was dramatically enlarged in 1975, for example, the Bambuti community lost more than access to the forest.

A whole culture intertwined with nature perished.

“We no longer have access to medicinal plants,” said Diel Mochire, regional director of the Integrated Programme for the Development of the Pygmy People.


“We no longer have access to medicinal plants,”

They should get access for that reason at the very least!!

Why can’t we get it together and recognize the value of the knowledge that native people have gained?? It seems like such a no-brainer to me.

Don midwest
Don midwest

are you charged today?

ask your cell mates

Scientists observe live cells responding to magnetic fields for first time

One of the most remarkable “sixth” senses in the animal kingdom is magnetoreception – the ability to detect magnetic fields – but exactly how it works remains a mystery. Now, researchers in Japan may have found a crucial piece of the puzzle, making the first observations of live, unaltered cells responding to magnetic fields.

Many animals are known to navigate by sensing the Earth’s magnetic field, including birds, bats, eels, whales and, according to some studies, perhaps even humans. However, the exact mechanism at play in vertebrates isn’t well understood. One hypothesis suggests it’s the result of a symbiotic relationship between the animals and magnetic field-sensing bacteria.

But the leading hypothesis involves chemical reactions induced in cells through what’s called the radical pair mechanism. Essentially, if certain molecules are excited by light, electrons can jump between them to their neighbors. That can create pairs of molecules with a single electron each, known as a radical pair. If the electrons in those molecules have matching spin states, they will undergo chemical reactions slowly, and if they’re opposites the reactions occur faster. Since magnetic fields can influence electron spin states, they could induce chemical reactions that change an animals’ behavior.


Good stuff Don, thank you.

Saw a bit of a youtube vid recently, talking about our current knowledge about matter, began with the usual electrons/protons/neutrons but then went on to more recent discoveries – the part I really loved was his talk of fields of “liquid-like” matter that exist in the universe. I’ll try to find it.

In the meantime, the attached pic blew my mind when I first saw it decades ago. To think that when I looked up at the sky as a kid and thought it was stars in the night sky..meanwhile, some of what I saw were galaxies.

This image, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, suggests that a ring of dark matter encompasses the center of galaxy cluster CL0024+17. Khoury’s research proposes that dark matter functions within the conventional model at the large galaxy cluster scale, but that within the individual galaxy scale, superfluids cause unusual behavior. Image credit: NASA, ESA, M. J. Jee and H. Ford et al. (Johns Hopkins University)

the uniiverse.jpg

You are talking my language here, mags. Love it!🌎🪐👍

Don midwest
Don midwest
Don midwest
Don midwest

didn’t go to WSJ because behind a paywall

another article about China and US working together on climate rather than posturing for war

hypothetical: what if, looking backward, after 9/11, the world went all out for climate justice rather than that 20 years of wars and global arms buildup

what if…

politics are important

and often off the mark

Hint: China is not going to go away and need to be concerned that a dying empire will overreact using military to hold on to what is left

like the dead enders in the Republican party


“a more dependable [CHEAPER MORE OBEDIENT] alternative to Western democratic capitalism.”


we need to bring our supply chain home and revive our middle class.



Considering we’ve had 4+ years of BS from trumpcorp Cori is refreshing she cut thru it

Don midwest
Don midwest

hot off the press from emptywheel




What do you mean ignorance? The Corps own their critters