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Good Morning!

I’m not sure if this has been posted before, but polarbear, is this the story you mentioned yesterday? The DCCC endorsing centrist candidates in primaries?

Democrats Openly Back Establishment Candidates for 2018 Primaries

This week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced its support for seven more congressional candidates as part of its Red to Blue program, an effort to flip congressional districts with open seats currently held by Republicans. According to the DCCC website, the endorsements include “organizational and fundraising support to help them continue to run strong campaigns.”

But the DCCC’s support comes before the candidates have even won their primary races, in many cases against progressive candidates. Despite the competitive primaries many of their backed candidates face, the DCCC is pouring resources and funding into their campaigns before voters can even decide on who to nominate.

In contrast to these endorsements, the DCCC sent out a memo to all Democratic Congressional candidates in December 2017, that stipulated every candidate must refrain from attacking other candidates in primary races, and go on a unity tour after the primary election ends.

What kind of shit is that?! The DCCC wants to pick the primary candidates, kneecap their fellow Democratic challengers by limiting how they run their campaigns AND force them to back the one getting all of the money and support from the DCCC by making them agree in advance to go on a “unity tour” afterwards??

That doesn’t sound very ‘democratic’! (You WILL comply!)



“It’s about a systemic effort to disenfranchise Democratic voters. The DCCC is acting like these contests are fair fights, and they’re not.”


Indeed. Makes me want to leave.

But then i go to a campaign meeting for our local commissioner…..


Oprah may be popular with the Hollywood crowd and traditional media, but progressive voters…not so much.

A majority of voters across several polls don’t think Winfrey should run for the White House, according to polls conducted since Winfrey’s much-heralded speech at a Hollywood awards show launched a round of presidential speculation. Even among Democratic voters, more say she shouldn’t run for president than should.

Still, there’s enough evidence to continue fueling speculation about her political prospects. Winfrey performs well on polling ballot tests, tying or leading Trump in a number of surveys. The POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows Democratic voters prefer her to a host of other potential candidates — except former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

And despite the persistent disapproval of Trump’s job performance thus far, voters are still open to political neophytes as presidential candidates — though Democratic voters are more likely to say they want candidates with experience in elected office.


Of course, if you visit TOP, they think it is OK if she runs. I think it is OK if she runs, but she should be prepared that perhaps after Trump, folks may want someone who can run government, not a company or a reality TV show.


More about that poll:

The media mogul holds a 4-point lead over Warren among Democratic voters, with 39 percent choosing Winfrey and 35 percent favoring the Massachusetts Democrat in the poll.

In a head-to-head matchup against Gillibrand, Winfrey’s lead grows to 21 percent, 44 to 23 percent, pollsters found.

But other potential Democratic presidential candidates still hold a lead over Winfrey, particularly former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

Winfrey trails Biden by 23 points, 54 to 31 percent, in a hypothetical primary matchup, according to the Politico/Morning Consult poll. And in a matchup against Sanders, Winfrey trailed by 9 points, 46 to 37 percent.

Winfrey leads President Trump by 2 percentage points, 40 percent to 38 percent, among all voters in a head-to-head matchup.

The poll surveyed 1,993 registered voters between Jan. 11-16. Its margin of error is 2 percentage points.



The poll is a lot about name recognition. Also these Morning Consult polls always skew conservative so it’s not surprising that Biden outperforms Bernie and that Winfrey leads Trump only by 2.



It was the latest in a string of election victories for Democrats since Trump took office, and a sign of hope for the party that the energy from the base and frustration with the president could lead to more wins in November.

With every precinct counted, The Washington Post reported that Schachtner, the chief medical examiner for St. Croix County, won by 9 percentage points.

Republican Sheila Harsdorf had held the seat since 2001, but she left in November to become Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s agriculture secretary. In 2016, Harsdorf won re-election by 26 percentage points, and Trump beat Democratic rival Hillary Clinton by 17 points. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney won the district in 2012.

“This campaign was about investing in people and revitalizing our area, whether that is making sure that every Wisconsinite has access to affordable health care, funding our public schools, technical colleges and UW campuses, or investing in good-paying jobs right here in Western Wisconsin,” Schachtner said in a statement. “Tonight, voters showed that they share those priorities, and I am deeply grateful for their support.”


Show this poll to Sherrod Brown if he is wavering. Note it was taken partly in Ohio and in it 52% reported voting for Trump, much higher than his actual losing popular vote.


President Donald Trump has spent the past few days using his Twitter account to blame Democrats for a potential impending shutdown, hyperbolically accusing them of favoring amnesty for all over the U.S. military. But his tactic isn’t working, and according to a new poll out Tuesday, Americans will blame Trump and the Republican Party should Congress and the president fail to fund the government past the Friday night deadline.

A new Hart Research Associates poll, commissioned on behalf of the liberal organization MoveOn.org, found that “even before hearing any specific policy disagreements,” 42 percent of Americans would blame Donald Trump and congressional Republicans for a government shutdown, with just 31 percent instinctively laying the blame at the feet of the Democrats, a significant 11-point margin.

Among independents and undecided voters, the margin is even wider, as independents would blame Republicans over Democrats by a 16-point margin and self-described undecided 2018 voters would blame the GOP over Democrats by a 19-point margin.

The poll included interviews with adults in 12 Senate battleground states: Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Of the respondents, 52 percent reported having voted for the president and 41 percent for Hillary Clinton, a margin crafted intentionally to closely mirror the combined average results from those 12 states in the 2016 election.


I worry about all this blaming b/c we may need to shut it down when it is our fault. To stand for what is right.


Remember Ned Lamont?

Lamont just threw his hat into the CT Governor’s race! He describes himself as a ‘progressive Democrat’ and is campaigning on a $15 minimum wage:


But Lamont has a steep hill to climb.

As you all may recall, the Democratic establishment supported Joe Lieberman back in 2006 (how’d that work out Dems? Lieberman showed his gratitude by speaking at the 2008 RNC convention!).

And it’s pretty clear who in CT will be getting the Dem establishment support this time around.

GREENWICH — Guy Smith, a Greenwich business executive with longstanding ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, has announced he is running for Governor of Connecticut.

Most recently an executive at Diageo North America, a branch of the global liquor company based in Norwalk, Smith served as a special adviser to Hillary Clinton on her presidential run in 2016, in particular working in radio communications and doing talk radio shows on her behalf. He also held an advisory role during the administration of President Bill Clinton, assisting with the president’s defense during the impeachment proceedings.

“I did lots of political and strategic communications, and I was also the radio spokesman,” he said.

Smith said job growth in the state would be a top priority, adding he is interested in exploring the formation of an “infrastructure bank” to help businesses gain financing, and “micro-financing” in the state’s cities for small-scale business ventures.
He also pledged to work on a shared solution to the public employee pension issue vexing lawmakers in Hartford.

“We have so many things that are positive,” Smith said. “Yes, the state has financial issues, but it has financial resources. … We have to more effectively use the taxes that we do collect. We have to find a way to bring everybody together. Yes, it’s hard, but I do ‘hard’ for breakfast.”


Go Lamont!


I would think that Greenwich might not be the most representative CT town.


No, but that’s where the moulah is! (just ask Jim Himes)

And mucho moulah is needed these days isn’t it? Especially, it seems, for gubernatorial races.

Governors’ races have become contests between bajillionaires


All I have to say is, don’t be bullied. It’s one of the few ways we citizens can still be soldiers without joining their fracking wars. We can suffer for the principle. I don’t even know anymore who’s threatening and who’s not. Just punch the bully back hard and that will end that. From experience. Don’t ever let them threaten you and you cave, it will only get worse.


$4.5 billion?? That’s ridiculous.


What do you all think of Tom Steyer?

He’s trying to gather the young people, for a good cause mind you (climate change issues mostly, I guess), but I find myself wary.

NextGen America acts politically to prevent climate disaster, promote prosperity, and protect the fundamental rights of every American.

Our Founder
Tom Steyer is a business leader and philanthropist who believes we have a moral responsibility to give back and help ensure that every family shares the benefits of economic opportunity, education, and a healthy climate.


Check it!

Where does the idea that Bernie isn’t looked upon favorably by POC come from???

quinn poll 1-17-18.jpg

Wish this would go viral.

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