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Yeah one answer is that the two progressive candidates come from neighboring states to NH. Labor union leadership can be so infuriating though when they fail to back the candidate who is obviously the most pro labor and who has been that way forever. Do they think Warren’s crowd really cares about unions issues? Do they fail to see that Biden Dem centrists haven’t done anything to stem the loss of union influence over the last decades? ???


The labor unions that powered Bernie Sanders to a decisive victory here in 2016 are declining to get on board his campaign this time around — a potential warning sign for the neighbor-state senator’s hopes of a repeat performance.

One of the largest labor groups, which represents more than 10,000 New Hampshire state employees, broke with its national leadership when it issued an early endorsement of Sanders in the 2016 primary. Electrical workers joined a coalition of other unions to turbocharge the Sanders turnout operation that year.

Now, both organizations are remaining on the sidelines, refusing to pick a single candidate when several would suit them fine. Sanders is going to great lengths to lure their support — his campaign recently offered a free steak dinner to union members and hosted a rally for state employees who are fighting for a new contract. But nothing has moved the needle.

“There’s a lot of candidates talking about what he talked about last time,” said Rich Gulla, the president of SEIU 1984, which represents the state’s employees. “Look at the field and look at the polling. I could talk to a dozen different members and get a dozen different responses on who they like. There’s just too many in the field right now to narrow that down.”

The Vermont senator had developed close ties with labor leaders in the state well before his 2016 victory, including being invited to headline the annual AFL-CIO Labor Day breakfast so often that local Democrats privately complained they weren’t being offered the top spot.

But now, other candidates are running on a similar agenda, and those sympathetic to Sanders’ cause said they have a strong incentive to hold back for fear of picking the wrong horse.

Sanders is leaning on long-standing relationships to shore up his support, continuing to make calls to union activists to make his case. The campaign has also tasked several staffers at the national and regional levels with boosting his labor backing, including Kevin Cooper, the deputy national political director, and Sheila Healy, the New England labor outreach director.

“We didn’t do steak-and-potato dinners [in 2016], but he’s doing a lot of things different this time,” said Julia Barnes, Sanders’ New Hampshire state director during the last election. “There’s a much more significant political outreach program this time around.”

Sanders’ current state director downplayed the lack of official union endorsements.

“My understanding it’s a good thing that the unions are having a more inclusive and transparent process to make sure that their endorsement is reflective of their membership,” said Shannon Jackson. “We’re trying to get (the state employees) endorsement just as much as anybody else.”


Politico sure shows off its FRightwing colors in this read. UGH!


More GOPuke Lite, but still RW.


As the DNC licks it’s chops.