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There is mounting evidence that it is not abortion, but the lack of access to abortion that is a deadly threat to women. This conclusion comes from careful state-by-state monitoring of maternal mortality, including deaths occurring at birth and around the time of birth. The less access to abortion, the greater the chance that women will die in childbirth or pregnancy.

Maternal mortality has long been considered a third world problem, almost unthinkable in a society, like ours, that spends $3.3tn a year on healthcare. So it was shocking, in the late 2000s, when public health researchers began to see an uptick in US maternal mortality, and to some even more shocking that the excess deaths were concentrated in the states imposing the highest number of restrictions on access to abortion.

Texas, for example, saw its maternal mortality rate more than double between 2010 and 2014, as the state closed more than half of its abortion clinics and severely cut funding for Planned Parenthood. Thanks to Texas and a few other states with strong “pro-life” lobbies, mostly in the south, the US now bears the ghastly distinction of having the highest maternal mortality rate of all the world’s wealthy democracies.

What does the presence or absence of abortion services have to do with the chances of a woman’s surviving pregnancy and childbirth? No one knows exactly what’s going on, but most people seem to agree that the relationship is indirect: states that make abortions hard to get also tend to be stingy about health services like prenatal and postnatal care, hence less likely to catch the escalating blood pressure or anomalous bleeding that can presage a woman’s death.


Inside Jeff Beals’ Insurgent Campaign for Congress

Everything today is really tight.”

Iyla Shornstein, Beals’ 29-year-old chief of staff, swipes through the day’s schedule as Beals loads a giant poster board displaying a map of New York’s 19th Congressional District into the campaign’s SUV. The truck has about 14,500 miles on it and was only purchased in late summer, which speaks to the type of traveling Beals must do in this vast, mostly rural district to reach the voters he hopes will nominate him to face off against John Faso, the Republican currently representing the district.

The three of us gather in the swirling cold outside the Woodstock Day School Jan. 18 after Beals drops his two young sons off for their day’s studies. He has taught high school history at the school for the last couple years, and is still teaching part-time while campaigning.

Beals, 41, is one of six democrats vying to take on Faso in November’s mid-term elections. In a year when democrats are fervently motivated to swing the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to their party, Faso’s seat is viewed as weak, according to an analysis by New York Magazine.

I ride shotgun as Shornstein drives and Beals leans over a laptop in back, the high peaks of the eastern Catskills lengthening into snowy ridges as we head east into Delaware County. After a while, Beals puts his laptop away and tucks his knees to his chest while staring at the grand topography speeding past.

Beals starts out by telling stories — of AT&T strikers he marched with in Kingston after their new contract tripled medical premiums while the CEO made $1,000 an hour — of a student at Beals’ school who died of cancer, and the fundraiser the family immediately had to hold because of the medical debts they accrued trying to save her life.

This is the story of America, Beals says.

“You can have corporate power, or you can have people’s power,” he says.

He talks of what he called Faso’s corporate support, saying when the congressman votes a certain way, “he is just answering to his employers.” He talks of environmental problems and the necessity of investing in renewable energy. He talks of an employment crisis in the country, where the unemployment rate is low, but available jobs did not pay the bills. He talks of standing up for working people, about the “bloated national security budget.”


Some Thoughts On The Latest Chelsea Manning Drama

God damn the centrists are gunning for Chelsea Manning hard. Ever since she announced her Democratic primary challenge to the seat of worthless AIPAC crony Senator Ben Cardin, nonstop idiotic conspiracy theories have been spewing from corporatist Democrat pundits insisting that the only possible explanation for Manning’s candidacy is a sinister Kremlin plot.

Imagine their glee, then, when news surfaced that Manning attended an event hosted by the notorious MAGA pundit Mike Cernovich.

Stop. Treating. These. People. Like. PEOPLE. Trumpers are not redeemable and not worth redeeming in the first place. They’re the justly-forgotten remnants of an inferior world (and inferior mindset) that the 21st Century people they HATE evolved beyond and escaped. https://t.co/IA83rUEUbk


And this works out so perfectly for the oligarchs who own and operate America. They’ve not only succeeded in dividing and conquering us by propagandizing us all into hating each other, they’ve convinced us to become the wardens of the very prison they built for us as well. As soon as you go anywhere near the fences the plutocratic propaganda machine erected between the various political factions, all the other prisoners begin screaming at you and dragging you in the other direction. It’s a truly brilliant design.

And as another writer pointed out, Dems hang out (and vote with) Republicans and oligarchs all the time and no one calls them out.

My bold.


In my inbox from Bernie:

I, frankly, am outraged by what Trump and Washington Republicans are doing to our country and to our people. That is why it is so important that we take back the Congress in 2018 from these extremists and why I hope you will join me in that fight.

Being outraged, however, is not enough. We are the ones who have to make it happen. If we fail, what will you tell future generations when they ask, “What did you do in that critical moment when we still had a chance to set things right?”

How we win is straightforward. We have all witnessed the power of grassroots politics. Whether it was the 2016 primary campaign, the millions of women who took to the streets, the people from all walks of life who showed up at airports to protest the bigoted Trump Muslim ban, or the overwhelming majority standing with our Dreamer brothers and sisters, the message is clear. When we stand together we can build the America we all want to see.

Grassroots efforts have been successful in electing new progressive voices from all walks of life in places like Virginia, New York, Alabama, Mississippi and elsewhere. Grassroots efforts can transform this country. But we have to redouble our efforts if we are going to wrest our country back from those whose greed and dishonesty is destroying it.

That is why I want to announce to you a major new three-part initiative for this year and how you can be part of the fight to take our country back.

First, I am committing to travel the country in support of progressives running up and down the ballot. Like I did when together we rallied millions against the Republicans’ failed attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, I intend to go to every corner of this country to help build the electoral wave that will sweep Republicans out of the Congress, out of governors’ mansions, out of state houses and out of city and town halls.

I hope in my travels that I will see you at these events. Your attendance is critically important to showing the strength of our movement and our resolve.

Second, as we work to create Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, I will be giving special focus to a core group of up-and-coming progressive candidates at the national and state level. We need progressive Democrats who are going to vigorously stand up against Republicans and fight for our values. But the only way they win is if we help them.

These are the type of candidates who do not draw big dollar contributions but they can prevail if we provide them the small dollar, grassroots support they need. As we introduce this growing list of candidates to you over the next couple of months I hope you will give them the support they need to carry our fight forward in their primaries and in the general election.

Finally, I am excited to announce that we will be reactivating the distributed organizing network that was at the heart of our grassroots success in 2015/2016. This will give us the capacity to reach out to millions of households by phone, by email, on social media and by text message.

This will give each of you the power to help elect progressives and defeat Republicans all across the country.

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