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T and R, LD!! Hope you and JD are staying well. 🙂 This tune has been undergoing a major revival. It’s a great one and a standard!


Yang is everywhere. Scooping up ALL the mayoral attention in NYC.

This may change, but for now he is the only candidate running who is visible in the City.

As far as substance, Yang is suggesting ice cream trucks as vaccination sites. And offering a citywide plan for vaccination info. Right now there is chaos. This tech guy can definitely offer something we need.


AOC Raises Debate about Workplace Safety and the importance of continuing to support unions. TYT took that up yesterday in its panel discussion.







Well it does have to pass the Senate before any wire transfers can get going.


Can he do anything under the category “emergency? honest question.


I’m willing to give a little time to try to get Republicans on board. It appears that almost everyone realizes it’s going to fail. It might give cover for the Manchins and Sinenas to move off their bipartisan pro filibuster positions.

I think the question is how long before the Dems end the bipartisan charade. The condition of the US requires that it can’t be too long. McConnell’s shenanigans with the organization resolution should show everyone what the Republicans will be up to.


“Biden has to give McConnell some chance to see if he’s going to play ball, but I think there’s a time limit with that. I don’t think that Biden has the luxury of waiting forever. I think three months, four months at the most,” said former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who worked closely with both Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, and Biden during his time in the Senate. “There’s going to come a time that the filibuster is going to have to go. It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when it’s going to go.”

Reid acknowledged that getting rid of the filibuster — or any moves to go around Republicans — would undercut Biden’s political brand. But the Nevada Democrat argued that his former colleague will likely have to choose between being an icon of bipartisanship and a President with a lengthy list of accomplishments.

“You can’t do both. … His legacy will be judged on what he gets done. If (Republicans) are going to stop him from getting anything done, his legacy will not be a good one,” Reid said, before he put a finer point on it: “Joe Biden will be recognized for what he’s accomplished. And won’t be recognized for ‘I got along with everybody. We didn’t get everything done, but I was sure nice to everybody.’ “

Democrats in the Senate are keeping a close eye on their GOP counterparts and, according to a senior aide to a member of the caucus, remain “overwhelmingly upbeat” about the White House’s proposal and the messaging around it.

“There’s no heartburn over Biden’s initial kind of play to make it bipartisan, to reach across the aisle,” the aide said, adding that there is also “no illusion” among the Democrats over the prospect of Republicans coming on board — a reality that was hammered home by moderate Maine GOP Sen. Susan Collins’ recent comments questioning the need for more spending.

Some Democrats, especially in the party’s progressive ranks, have already questioned the strategy or are signaling their desire for a quick pivot to action — with or without GOP backing.

“I believe that President-elect Biden has a very optimistic view of the Republican Party. He has made past statements (saying) once Trump is gone, they will see the error of their ways,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York told reporters after a virtual town hall last week. “I applaud his optimism, but disagree with his assessment.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the incoming Budget Committee chairman, has been supportive of Biden’s approach so far, but he wrote in a CNN op-ed on the eve of the inauguration that Democrats should be prepared to go it alone, using reconciliation.

“The danger we face would not be in going too big or spending too much but in going too small and leaving the needs of the American people behind,” the Vermont independent wrote. “If Republicans would like to work with us, we should welcome them. But their support is not necessary.”


This country is in another economic depression like the one in the 1930s, and the others scattered throughout the country’s history. Only difference is the 21st century version of the Yellow Press and social media. If the out of control greed heads are not brought under control, super kozmik sh1t will hit the fan. 🙄


McConnell got his way for the trial. Feb 8th. What did Schumer trade?

I’m more of too bad so sad. We gave them chances to rectify their ways to move bills forward, and they failed everyone but the one percent. I’m with Bernie on this that we should go ahead.


Shows the senate cant walk and chew gum at the same time


Here’s the tradeoff, which illustrates wi62’s point:


The Republicans refused to bifurcate Senate business.


Schumer got 2 weeks to get Biden’s nominees through and 2 weeks to work on the Covid relief bill.

I’m ok with the delay.

I’m also okay with Schumer refusing to take the kill the filibuster option off the table.

We are dealing with a power psychopath in Mitch. We need to beat him back out of the way just as he did for 8 years of Obama.

Delaying the trial for 2 weeks gives McConnell a meaningless win that provides a more beneficial situation for the dems.

If I’m reading this wrong, please educate me. I’d rather learn something than be right so critcize fearlessly, please.


“3 or 4 Months”? Are you kidding me!!!! The 🐢 knows how little the senate actually works so he’s just bleeding time of the calendar. Schumer better visit “Spines are Us” and have it installed before its to late.


agree. it will get people used to the idea the nothing can be done. again. so maybe they will. the republicans would never allow it if the tables were turned.

this is a chance for dems to be strong FOR THE PEOPLE. if we have little to offer anyway, then it will be to the dems “benefit.”


Problem is not really Schumer, it’s the Manchins and Sinemas of the world.


Schumer is aware he has the Manchins and Sinemas there, in case things get uncomfortable for him, tho. imho.


Thanks to Schumer and the DSCC for anointing candidates like Amy McGrath for blowing the opportunity to grow the majority.



In this picture, I don’t see the Bernie meme, but I have seen it in other places.


I don’t think that Bernie is included but rather it is a play on the trump family fleeing to florida. Good luck orl.


Trumpcorp was and is a morally bankrupt, pathological lying, ego driven, undoubtedly corrupt, incredibly incompetent, cognitive/facts challenged, authoritarian, Constitution hating, racist sociopath conman. Who also has no regard for the rule of law, did i miss anything?


I like the F bomb he uses about Cruz.


Not sure if this was previously mentioned.🤔

Is Pfizer ripping off the vulnerable? Greed is Good!💩


Pfizer Gets $1.95 Billion to Produce Coronavirus Vaccine by Year’s End.

Two pharmaceutical companies announced a nearly $2 billion contract for 600 million doses of a vaccine, with the first 100 million promised before the end of the year.

WASHINGTON — As nations around the world race to lock up coronavirus vaccines even before they are ready, the Trump administration on Wednesday made one of the largest investments yet, announcing a nearly $2 billion contract with Pfizer and a German biotechnology company for 100 million doses by December.

Here is what is occurring.


Pfizer ships fewer Covid vaccine vials to U.S. after Trump FDA label change
The change means fewer vials of vaccine as some states complain they’ve run out of shots.

Pfizer is counting extra coronavirus vaccine it uses to top off each of its vials toward its commitment to deliver 200 million shots for the U.S. pandemic response — even though there aren’t enough syringes capable of squeezing out the extra fluid.

The Trump administration Food and Drug Administration on Jan. 6 approved a Pfizer request to update its vaccine label to clarify that six doses, instead of five, can be drawn from each vial. The new label came several weeks after the agency said pharmacists could administer any surplus they could successfully extract from the vials.

That means Pfizer is delivering fewer vials of vaccine as new, more-contagious coronavirus variants have experts clamoring to increase the pace of vaccinations and some states complain they’ve run out of shots. The New York Times first reported the change.

“We will fulfill our supply commitments in line with our existing agreements — which are based on delivery of doses, not vials,” Amy Rose, a Pfizer spokesperson, wrote in an email Friday evening.

While drugmakers typically top off vials with extra vaccine to safeguard against spillage and waste, pharmacists administering the first Covid shots discovered there was enough in each vial for an entire extra shot — if they used the right syringes.

Some syringes distributed by the federal government aren’t efficient enough to extract the sixth dose, leading hospitals to throw out precious vaccine. Earlier this month, officials from Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration’s vaccine accelerator, acknowledged the problem, and said the federal government was “quickly evaluating options” to reconfigure the vaccination kits sent to providers.

But without enough specialized syringes, Pfizer’s decision likely means that the U.S. will have fewer usable doses than it was counting on.

The FDA label change is the latest twist in a troubled rollout that’s seen vaccinations lag well behind targets set by the Trump administration.

bolding by me.

Spring Texan
Spring Texan

SMH Maybe it is just me but I find this image cringeworthy.
comment image?1611359315123

First lady Jill Biden surprises National Guard members outside the Capitol with chocolate chip cookies, Friday, Jan. 22, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, Pool)


Gag. 🙁


Did she use Hillary’s techniques for baking them?


The sheeple just lap this stuff up.



You have to click on the link to see the full picture.😥



not just you.

Trump threw paper towels in Puerto Rico.

This is only marginally better. OK maybe not even marginally. The basket??




This is the Truth.

Is it also the Plan?


With all the shenanigans in police forces country wide. What are they hiding?


LANSING – Top officials at the Michigan State Police have been using text messaging encryption devices that can put their internal communications out of the reach of the Freedom of Information Act and legal discovery, according to admissions the MSP made in a civil lawsuit.

Among those who have downloaded the “end-to-end” encryption applications onto their state-issued phones are a lieutenant-colonel, two majors and two first lieutenants, according to court records obtained by the Free Press.

The use by top MSP officials of the encryption devices — under which text messages, once deleted, can leave no record on either the phone or the state of Michigan server — was disclosed recently in a federal lawsuit brought against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Col. Joseph Gasper, who is the director of the department, and the MSP.

Earlier, the department also admitted that both Gasper, and the manager of the MSP records section, Lori Hinkley, who oversees FOIA requests, had also installed and used the technology on their state phones.

I wonder how widespread this tactic is?🤔😮😲