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Poor wounded guy


Under fire for using taxpayer money to settle a sexual misconduct complaint from a former aide, Representative Patrick Meehan, Republican of Pennsylvania, said Tuesday that the woman “specifically invited” his intimate communications, and that he was emotionally wounded when she filed a complaint against him.

Mr. Meehan denied crossing the line into impropriety, but said in an interview that when the woman told him last year that she had started a relationship with someone outside the office, he “didn’t respond to it as well as I would like to have.”

He said he believed his attempt to make amends — a handwritten letter in which he called her “a complete partner to me” — was meant to be a sign of respect.

“That I would find later that that was not something that she was comfortable with, really hurts me,” Mr. Meehan said. “This was a person who specifically invited communication with me so that she would be able to have the ability to be there for me.”

Don midwest
Don midwest

A friend liked the new film on Obama and this is my response. Few people know that Obama was coached on economics BEFORE he became president. Maybe even before he became a politician and a State Senator in Illinois .. A friend sent me their views on Obama If you get a chance see this film about Obamas last year in office. They knew that some things they set in place could fall by the wayside. And their faces as Trump came in the scene & then won is something else. Go see it. Helps our feeling of horror as we watch our democracy attacked. *** Below is my response. My push back on Obama is probably clear to you. The first part is to put our current failed politics into the frame of the earth Then my views on Obama Then, what is really important in this email is the talk that Obama made at the Hamilton Institute It is a short video and there is a color coded rhetorical analysis of the speech. **** here is my response to the Obama film suggestion *** *** to my friend This is a response to your favorable view of the film on Obama, but first the context of what is going on now and then some comments on Obama and the democratic party *** The modern age birthed during The Enlightenment opened up a new frontier by the murder of 45 million people living in The Americas and a control system of secular states that attempted to control relidion that led to wars in Europe like the 30 years war. We continue to make sacrifices to the Gods The Gods today are progress and the economy We sacrifice people all the time And we even are sacrificing the earth But, from the wasteland of modernity, a new political agent has arisen A political agent so strong that it forced accountability on all nations of the earth to come together and pass COP21 to limit greenhouse gasses This new political agent is The New Climate Regime And the billionaires, the politicians, all the nations of the earth, and even the corrupt Roman Catholic Church will be forced to bow down to this power And in the mean time, we will be known to our grandchildren, if not our children as The people who knew about climate change and did nothing, or not enough **** Now in response to the Obama film in your email Yes the republicans committed treason in what they did during the Obama years. They plotted to destroy his presidency by any and all means while the inauguration was going on. And they continue their attack on the government, our international role in the world, the poor, science, etc. And they pushed the Federalist project to put right wing judges through out the system and blocked the democrats from making judicial appointments — criminal In short, the Republicans used the system to destroy the system and Obama responded by using executive privilege to get things done. And by doing this he stepped outside the balance of power and set the stage for these actions being easily undone by the next administration But on the other hand, does the film mention the 1000 seats lost by democrats across the country during the Obama years? does the film mention the DNC was so broke that it took Hillary and Bill to bail it out and then it ran it to fit their policies? does the film mention that Obama set the record for attacks on whistle blowers? does the film mention that the NYT reporter, James Risen, who had the story about illegal eavesdropping during the Bush administration, that was blocked by the NYT at the request of the government, and could have given the election in 2004 to John Kerry, and finally Risen had to write a book to force the NYT to publish the story, and Risen was hassled during W Bush presidency and they let it drop because of freedom of the press, only to have the case reopened under the Obama administration and Risen had to face charges of treason for 7 years under Obama? does the film mention that during the first 2 years the democrats had a majority in the legislature and the presidency but failed to pass single payer? does the film mention that the Obama justice dept didn’t prosecute those who caused the 2008 economic collapse while even under Reagan there were something like 1,000 people prosecuted for the failed savings and loan scandal? does the film mention that Obama continued the neo liberal policies like even right to the end the TPP which among other things allows corporations to have legal rights that are more powerful than governments? does the film mention that Obama had a kill list that he reviewed each week and gave himself the power of being judge and prosecutor of murder through drones and other means? does the film mention that income continued to go wild during the Obama years and there was a national effort to shut down Occupy Wall Street directed by the government? does the film mention that Bernie Sanders biggest public criticism of Obama is that he created a movement in the run for the election in 2008 and didn’t build it into a movement that would effect the government? does the film mention that the democrats could have beat the drums over and over about what the republicans had done to the government like they had done to put down the “liberals”? Thom Hartmann day after day made stronger arguments about the democrats than they made themselves. does the film mention that the press which set its level to drum up support for the war on terror and attacking Iraq and spending trillions of dollars, only to have Obama continue W Bush policies and expand drones and war spending? etc. You can see that I do not celebrate Obama as a hero… Read more »

Don midwest
Don midwest

OMG. I pasted it in and it became unreadable.

I copied sent email from gmail to another gmail and it went fine

I clicked on show more and it came up at least readable. I didn’t think anyone could just read the text above.

Before I came back here, I pasted from gmail to WORD and put in some formatting and I will go ahead and post it again here

*** here goes another try ***

well, the try failed. It stripped off indents and other stuff I tried. So you will just have to read the one above.

I could go through and format it for this web site, but now worth that.

A key point is that religion MUST be part of the effort to unravel the rush to extinction


Good commentary on Bernie’s Town Hall here.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Jeremy Corbyn gets noticed in the media with a straight forward treatment.

And it is from The Spectator.

I had never heard of this publication and a tweet remarked that it is about time that Jeremy get a straight forward treatment from the media and he noted it was The Spectrum, a conservative paper.

When will Bernie get the treatment in the media he deserves?

First, The Spectator from wikipedia

The Spectator is a weekly British conservative magazine on politics, culture, and current affairs.[1] It was first published on 6 July 1828.[2] It is currently owned by David and Frederick Barclay who also own The Daily Telegraph newspaper, via Press Holdings. Its principal subject areas are politics and culture. Its editorial outlook is generally supportive of the Conservative Party, although regular contributors include some outside that fold, such as Frank Field, Rod Liddle and Martin Bright.

The magazine also contains arts pages on books, music, opera, and film and TV reviews. In late 2008, Spectator Australia was launched. This offers 12 pages of “Unique Australian Content” (including a separate editorial page) in addition to the full UK contents.

Editorship of The Spectator has often been a step on the ladder to high office in the Conservative Party in the UK – past editors include Boris Johnson (1999–2005), the incumbent Foreign Secretary, and former cabinet members Iain Macleod, Ian Gilmour, and Nigel Lawson.

And here is the article on Jeremy

Jeremy Corbyn’s takeover is complete – and the Tories are terrified: The ‘harmless crank’ has seen his left-wing agenda go mainstream


Just finished an important, educational read in The Intercept. It’s titled “The Dead Enders,” and is lengthy. The subject is the Republican Lite wing of the DCCC vs. the Progressive/Liberal (Sanders) wing. More and more Democratic Primaries are becoming true contests. Voters are starting to get actual choices. I highly recommend it.



The Senate Wednesday confirmed an anti-abortion former pharmaceutical executive, Alex Azar, to the nation’s top public health post as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell quietly put forward Azar’s nomination forward Monday night right after voting to end the government shutdown.

The confirmation passed the Senate with a 55- 43 vote, including six Democrats who voted in favor of a candidate with a history of fringe views and close ties to big pharma.

Azar will be charged with regulating his friends and former colleagues and a billion-dollar industry that is largely responsible for escalating the nation’s drug epidemic. He will also be in prime position to pass extreme conservative health policy measures — such as enacting draft rules allowing doctors to refuse to perform abortions, according to Talking Points Memo.

In his confirmation hearing, he shared fringe views on a number of health-care topics, including his belief that women’s health-care options should be “balanced” against the views of her employer.

Those six Dems were Carper, Coons, Donnelly, Heitkamp, Jones, and Manchin. They joined with Angus King (I) in giving the Republicans the votes they needed to put him over the top.
Worthless bunch—especially those CorpDems from Delaware


An update on Wi’s Foxconn’ed deal

Stunning Special Election in Wisconsin Shows Scott Walker’s Foxconn Deal Isn’t the Political Winner It Was Sold as
Scott Walker, who is running for a third term as Wisconsin governor this November, thought he had found political dynamite by wooing tech manufacturer Foxconn to Wisconsin with billions in taxpayer giveaways.

Yet this week, Democrats ran in special elections against the corporate welfare project, with one pulling off a stunning upset and another losing a race by 14 points after Hillary Clinton had been beaten in the same district in the 2016 election by more than 40.

Walker took to late-night Twitter, warning that the upset should be a “wake-up call” for his party, whose supporters in groups like Americans for Prosperity spent some $50,000 trying to keep the seat red.
More at

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