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HomeActivism1-26-2017 note from Jill Stein with PA, WI, MI Recount updates
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I really can’t figure out what to make of Jill Stein’s agenda. In general I believe in a Green Philosophy. Her election attempts have been quite futile. She seems to be a publicity hound with no actual results.

Maybe I am wrong?


I think you have to be a publicity hound if you’re running for any office. Her record as an anti-vaxxer and her statements about EMF’s have been used against her successfully by the blue dogs. She later came out for just more research but it was too late. I really think America needs to rid herself of the current corporate duopoly. The Greens problem, in my humble opinion, is they run too many fringe candidates like Jill’s running mate. They’ve got a pretty good platform but they need to keep getting elected locally before they can make a difference nationally.