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T and R x 3, Ms. Benny!! 🙂 Thanks for the “In These Times’ read on the growing numbers and power of the CPC in your earlier post! That’s what I’ve been commenting about, and it’s good news for a change. Wait until it starts spreading in the Senate, too. Old geezers like Byedone better beware.




Bernie Sanders and his mittens were all over the internet after Inauguration Day in 2021. But it wasn’t all fun for the maker of Sanders’ mittens. Now, she’s writing a book about her experience.

“Bernie’s Mitten Maker” by Jen Ellis will be available on May 2 but is ready for pre-order Friday.

“‘Bernie’s Mitten Maker’ is a raw and honest account of the joy, stress, and shock of sudden internet fame. Told with captivating storytelling, this memoir explores the many roads that led to the Bernie Sanders mitten meme sensation that followed the 2021 presidential inauguration,” the description of the book states.

In 2021, Sanders dressed in a winter jacket and cozy mittens while sitting with his arms and legs crossed in a folding chair. His outfit and stance made it meme-worthy.

“This could’ve been an email,” one Twitter user wrote.

The tweet received more than 1 million likes. And other social media users began creating their own memes, placing Sanders in front of the Worcester Public Library, on Memorial Bridge in Springfield and in Fenway Park.

The senator jumped on the trend selling T-shirts, sweatshirts and stickers with the proceeds going to charity. He raised $1.8 million, the Associated Press reported.

Ellis also made a few of the mittens to be auctioned off for charity.

But Ellis’ book is not just about the mittens.

“She shares her struggles with childhood trauma, infertility, and homophobia and shows us how crafting can build community and generosity can bring joy,” the description states.

Beyond internet fame, Ellis is a Vermont teacher. She’s originally from Maine and started her teaching career with Teach For America in rural North Carolina. She has since returned to Vermont to teach elementary school. She’s also going back to school to get a masters in counseling from the University of Vermont.

“In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her partner Liz and daughter Helen. She enjoys long walks, finding new swimming holes in the Green Mountain State, and writing songs,” her description states.