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Don midwest
Don midwest

Don midwest
Don midwest

From the NYT yesterday

How Does a Nation Adapt to Its Own Murder?
Australia is going up in flames, and its government calls for resilience while planning for more coal mines.

To describe this terrifying new reality, a terrifying new idea: “omnicide.” As used by Danielle Celermajer, a professor of sociology at the University of Sydney specializing in human rights, the term invokes a crime we have previously been unable to imagine because we had never before witnessed it.

Ms. Celermajer argues that “ecocide,” the killing of ecosystems, is inadequate to describe the devastation of Australia’s fires. “This is something more,” she has written. “This is the killing of everything. Omnicide.”

What does the future look like where omnicide is the norm?

So, clear and present danger in Australia. Will that lead to action?

Bruno in the tweet above says to look to the last year, actually, the last 10 months of WWII when Germany took the highest loss of troops, and on the home front everyone knew that they would loose.

From NYT in 2011 review of Kershaw’s book “The End”

Hitler’s Last Gasp

“The End” tells the story of the German war from the aftermath of the failed attempt to assassinate Hitler in July 1944 until late May 1945 when, three weeks after the Führer’s suicide, his successors were arrested and their government dissolved. This is, the subtitle tells us, a tale of both defiance and destruction. As Kershaw shows in harrowing detail, the sheer quantity of human suffering in World War II’s concluding chapter defies imagination. During the first four months of 1945, the Allies dropped 471,000 tons of bombs on German cities, twice as much as in all of 1943. Tens of thousands of people died, millions were left homeless. In the east, millions desperately sought to escape the horrors of rape and murder inflicted by invading Soviet troops, who were intent on avenging the German Army’s barbaric occupation of their homeland.

Military casualties alone were horrendous: almost half the German soldiers who died in the war were killed in its last 10 months. And of course those who suffered most were the Nazi regime’s own victims, forced laborers from all over conquered Europe, prisoners of war on the Eastern front and especially the surviving remnant of Europe’s Jews, many of whom perished on senseless death marches that emptied concentration camps before they could be captured by enemy forces. In Auschwitz, for example, where over a million people had been murdered, only 7,000 ill and starving inmates remained when Soviet troops arrived in January 1945.

look at the democratic party establishment continuing efforts to block Bernie all the way to the convention that is being rigged in real time

if Bernie does not get over 51% in the first vote, the super delegates can then vote and the dems again have the last ditch chance to shut Bernie down

like Germans fighting even when the war is over as described in the book above