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Tip Jar for jcitybone and polarbear (yesterday)!

Pet pics always welcome as I do not have a pet and must live through you 😉

tip jar chalk.jpg

Niño sez hey!

Nino (5) Screenshot 2021-01-31 134421.jpg

Niño! How is Niño today? Beautiful kitty…..

What is Niño’s favorite treat? 🌿


I don’t give him treats, other than catnip for the scratching post. He’s a fan of Science Diet food though.




I hope NYCVG doesn’t mind, but I’d like to carry the last post from yesterday’s OT over to here:

On Tuesday the Progressives in NYC have another opportunity to fill a vacant City Council seat with an energetic grassroots woman.

If she succeeds this will be another earth-shaking victory over the Democratic Machine and the billionaires who run it.

Some nuggets from the article:

What’s happening in District 24 is a tale of two cities where billionaires drop money bombs on communities they have no connection to while a young democratic socialist has to justify the $10 and $20 contributions from neighbors who have known her for decades. Expect this power struggle to continue in the regularly scheduled Democratic primaries in June when bold millennial progressives and socialists will face off against old guard machine Democrats and their deep-pocketed financial backers who are intent on running post-pandemic New York as they see fit.

If Ahmed were to prevail, she would be the first Southeast Asian to serve on the New York City Council. It would launch into public office one of the most talented, charismatic young organizers to emerge out of the Bernie Sanders movement. It would be another jarring defeat for the city’s Democratic Party establishment and its wealthy backers. And, it would further energize the campaigns of dozens of other diverse young leftist candidates who are running for City Council in June’s Democratic primaries when most races will be decided.


T and R, jcb!! 🙂


glad to see it, actually. hopefully will make it more real, easier to sue for.

also how many hacks do we have to see before we admit computers are a terrible way to tally anything and we also need to go back to paper. much easier to hire and train chain of custody guardians, and gainful seasonal employment, too.


not glad they got our secrets, although we give them to the Chinese to make our weapons anyway, but glad they’re moving to paper.


hoping they don’t put Dore on the Board.


for goodness sakes –

Why Online Dems Hate Jimmy Dore! w/ Glenn Greenwald

There are two more segments with Glen here:


Good listen. Glenn goes off.

Those who focus, or even obsess in Stein’s case, on the personality of Dore and Assange are doing that to take the focus off the truths they talk about.

That fact that Dore and Assange are “assholes” is irrelevant.

And I hope that Bernie doesn’t have anything to do with bringing Neera Tanden in!!!!!!!!!!

That would be terrible.


I haven’t watched a Dore video in months as I do not like his style. That said I see the titles of his videos as I surf progressive media. I find myself agreeing with the subject being put forth by many of the guests . To automatically diss because of the source to me seems close minded.
comment image


i can generally find the same people elsewhere and i don’t have time to go out of my way to listen to him. the whole bullying thing that he and his people’s party people did after it all went down really lost a lot of people.

telling us we didn’t care if people got health care bc we saw a disrespectful, screaming man and said so… they couldn’t even admit that although their message was good, Dore was awful. i don’t know if he believes that Bernie is a nazi or that AOC is gaslighting everyone, but it’s a shame, to me, that he’s convinced a lot of tweeters of these very things.

and this is not even talking about his performance that day.

i always say, if you enjoy his show, go for it. please take him off the MPP advisory board.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

I agree


I don’t think anyone is saying that you should listen to Dore, let alone go out of your way to listen to him. It’s the people who go out of their way to malign Dore that Glenn is referring to.


not irrelevant when he’s made a member of the advisory board of a new party. take him off that, and I’m good. he can go off all he wants. and if he actually pushes some people, great, although mostly it looks like he’s just talking to his fans, at this point.


You should watch the video with Glen Greenwald. Glen does most of the talking. Glenn does kinda go off and curses quite a bit. I think he may
have been talking to you.

Cornel West, People’s Party Advisory Board member, has referred to Jimmy as a national treasure.

DR. CORNEL WEST Interview: Force The Vote! from DEC2020


No, Glenn is most def NOT talking to me, but it is typical of Dore supporters to malign people who don’t support him being on the MPP board.

i’m wagering Glenn didn’t see his performance on the livestream. and if Glenn is talking to all of us who disagree on Dore, fine. i totally disagree.

i don’t mind people cursing. i mind people telling the host of the people’s party stream to f off and yelling at and cursing others in the discussion instead of letting them present their views.

i love Glenn and Cornell.

and if he has a show i want to watch, i’ll watch it. i’ve watched others. he’s great at doing his show, obviously.

no self reflection there at all, after what he pulled off.

it wasn’t about his FTV strategy, for me, I was for it. It was about his behavior. Maybe Glenn didn’t see the stream of the meeting.

or maybe there’s a lot that happened before the streaming. all i know is when i tweeted that his behavior was unacceptable as a member of the board of a party i was supporting, i got bullied and told some really violent, misogynist stuff and so did a whole lot of other people.

and then Brie and Ryan wouldn’t even admit that it was not OK to tell Katie to fuck off. and that the livestream was a complete mess.

Can you imagine? it’s ok that you told me to fuck off? Fuck that.

and then the whole “woke” nasty left lit into anyone who didn’t agree that Jimmy is a god. lost a lot of people. he may have gained a lot of angry people, but he lost a lot, too.

Hope we can continue to fight the good fight together. You can fight with Dore, I’ll fight with others.


I did not enter this fray today until you mentioned Jimmy Dore
in your #donewaiting post. I’ll just let you rag on him next time.

No worries. Hope the rest of your day goes well.


yeah. sorry i went off, too.

Glenn basically compared us to karens, tho, and that was exremely insulting. you might not know my pretty radical activist past and views, too.

i could have found a better way to let you know.

working on it. :hug emoji:


Discussion is good as long as it is civil. After all we are all on the same side.😁


i maybe vented some of the stuff i wish i could have said out loud on twitter, too.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Definitely lost me.


haha bernie bringing in neera. i’ll eat crow if i see proof of that. typical.


If Bernie votes yes on Neera then he would be helping to bring her in. Hopefully he gives the thumb down on her.


turned me off when he told Katie Halper to fuck off and bullied everyone else. his show is fine, if you like him. but the advisory board of a new party, sorry, no way. i support all new parties, but i’m def looking elsewhere after seeing his performance and the crew doubling down, shamefully, in support of him. why would Katie be adoring a man who just told her to f off?

i’ve known men like that up close, misogynistic, maybe even racist, certainly a bully and probably a drunk.

i won’t fight for a party that puts him on a pedestal.

i actually hate it when people compare him to bernie. i don’t know about Assange–never saw him behave like this. i certainly support Assange. but if he acted like Dore did in an official party event, no way would i support him to be on that board.


I’ve never heard anyone compare Dore to Bernie.


I can see why you like that account, lots of good tweets, including retweets from Rashida, Bernie & Nina.

I just scanned the last couple of weeks of their tweets though, and didn’t see any mention of Jimmy Dore. Why do you think they might put Dore on their board?

I’m not buying liberal efforts to nominate Jimmy Dore as a segment of the left’s ‘leader’. I think that’s a campaign to discredit and silence a chunk of people to their left.


People’s Party
Nick Brana w/Jordan Chariton

Why Progressives Need to SNAP OUT of Longterm Process Thinking

Can a People’s Party Win?


Jimmy has a pretty big audience these days.
He was an early promotor for Nick and the Draft Bernie for a People’s Party movement.


Too late probably for this particular thread, but I did a one-on-one initial discussion with the young lady who is the MPP rep in my area. I printed out all the links she gave me and have them in a folder. Will be watching to see what develops. 😊👍


I do NOT like nor respect Neera Tanden, and it has little to do with what she posts on TWITter.