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Don midwest
Don midwest

what if, just what if, the democratic party had paid attention to voting?

both factions are still thinking about playing games to ensure their margins

of course dems are better, but they have not made it a fundamental issue

it is in HB1, but the dems have not been raising hell that it has not passed the senate

For the People Act of 2019

United States federal legislation

DescriptionThe For The People Act of 2019 is a bill introduced and passed in the United States House of Representatives to expand voting rights, limit partisan gerrymandering, strengthen ethics rules, and limit the influence of private donor money in politics. Wikipedia

Introduced in: 116th United States Congress

Introduced on: Jan 3, 2019

Number of co-sponsors: 225


they don’t want it, they’re installing new, hackable voting machines as we speak, too.


Take it from your fellow Floridian political junkie: 2 Reasons why Gore lost FL. Number 1–Bush (jeb!) Crime Family machinations. Number 2–(equally important) Ralph Nader’s ego. Nader refused point-blank to drop out even when his own staff begged him to do so. They knew the Bush crooks were cooking the votes. In general though, Gore was not a good candidate. The 2000 POTUS turnout was abysmal. Gore did not carry his own state, TN.

Don midwest
Don midwest

didn’t realize this about going to Gang of 8

so, when W Bush’s office went to them and told them about torture, they couldn’t speak up because that was classified info

but, since Gang of 8 not briefed before killing Iran general, there are no NATIONAL SECURITY secrets that they have to hide

this in no way takes Nancy Pelosi off the hook for not impeaching W Bush for war in Iraq

it was “off the table”

the table of the neo liberals

Don midwest
Don midwest

importance of transcendence

for centuries it was Religion in its various forms was transcendent across cultures

then The Enlightenment and to this day, Science has been transcendent (how can you argue with a fact) and there was an essential need to be able to stand up to religious wars, so secularism, states and science were invented in the 1600’s . And Science for most was separate from politics, and our founding fathers were products of The Enlightenment and used thoughts from their time that included facts and truth with the ultimate source being science.

power of science now clipped by politics and religion, especially by climate deniers who claim that scientists are another form of politicians

politics has been squashed since Plato, and who doesn’t know the secret that politicians suck (look at how smart I am that I know some special esoteric knowledge that kids learn by kindergarten)

religion and other ignored modes of being need to be brought into the collective as earthbounds (former humans) deal with the anthropocene and Gaia

for many fundamentalists, religion has always been transcendent, and politicians are masters at using religion to divide collectives

all three, religion, science and politics need to be brought back to earth to face Gaia before “rational” humans destroy their own race

meanwhile, here on earth

Thanks Trump.

USA has become transcendent!!!

Fleeing offshore to not be bound by the earth, or Gaia

(offshore in sense of oligarchs sending their money offshore, moving to New Zealand, or even the fantasy of going to Mars)

Don midwest
Don midwest

the article in the tweet

As Sanders and Warren Vow to Block War With Iran, Biden and Buttigieg Offer Better-Run Wars

Don midwest
Don midwest

Max Blumenthal at an anti war protest outside White House yesterday

a terrific speech

I have been following Matt Stoller on twitter for several months. He tweets a lot.

In the last couple of days, stopped following Matt who spends almost all the time on economics and monopoly. And am now following Max Blumenthal on twitter

Don midwest
Don midwest