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What a cute kitty

I find paragraph 3 questionable


Three days before the pro-President Donald Trump riot at the Capitol, the Pentagon asked the U.S Capitol Police if it needed National Guard manpower. And as the mob descended on the building Wednesday, Justice Department leaders reached out to offer up FBI agents. The police turned them down both times, according to a defense official and two people familiar with the matter.

Despite plenty of warnings of a possible insurrection and ample resources and time to prepare, the Capitol Police planned only for a free speech demonstration.

Still stinging from the uproar over the violent response by law enforcement to protests last June near the White House, officials also were intent on avoiding any appearance that the federal government was deploying active duty or National Guard troops against Americans.

The result is the U.S. Capitol was overrun Wednesday and officers in a law enforcement agency with a large operating budget and experience in high-security events protecting lawmakers were overwhelmed for the world to see. Four protesters died including one shot inside the building.

The rioting and loss of control by the police has raised serious questions over security at the Capitol for future events. The actions of the day also raise troubling concerns about the treatment of mainly white Trump supporters who were allowed to roam through the building for hours, while Black and brown protesters who demonstrated last year over police brutality were faced more robust and aggressive policing.

“This was a failure of imagination, a failure of leadership,” said Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, whose department responded to several large protests last year following the death of George Floyd. “The Capitol Police must do better and I don’t see how we can get around that.”

Acevedo said he has attended events on the Capitol grounds to honor slain police officers that had higher fences and a stronger security presence than what he saw on video Wednesday.

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said that as the rioting was underway, it became clear that the Capitol Police were overrun. There was no contingency planning done in advance for what forces could do in case of a problem at the Capitol. “They’ve got to ask us, the request has to come to us,” said McCarthy.

By the day after the rampage, the House sergeant-at-arms, the chief security officer for the House of Representatives, had resigned and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., had called for the resignation of the Capitol Police chief.

“There was a failure of leadership at the top,” Pelosi said.


The police are full of shit and it’s irresponsible journalism to even print their pathetic justifications.



Reporters who for months used sanitized language to normalize Donald Trump’s attempt to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States finally overcame their scruples Wednesday, enthusiastically hurling hyperbolic epithets at the ragtag mob of yahoos who breached security at the U.S. Capitol and stomped around screaming and taking selfies for a few hours.

The drama of what happened Wednesday was undeniable. It was terrifying. It was an outrage of epic proportions, a shameful moment for the country, and a scandal of law-enforcement failure and complicity. And Trump obviously sent the mob on its way.

But I find it pathetic that it wasn’t until they had the visuals they needed that the elite journalists of the Washington press corps could bring themselves to call what Trump has been doing since before the election by its proper name: An attempted coup.

It wasn’t until they could point to a guy in face paint wearing an idiotic bison-shaman costume and a bunch of spittle-flecked bros waving flags that they could bring themselves to say something they were unable to say about people who actually hold power.

Perhaps the greatest irony here is that, compared to numerous actions Trump and his enablers have taken that were actually intended to keep him in office against the will of the people, the storming of the Capitol did not rise to that level.

You could certainly call it a violent insurrection or a domestic terrorist attack. But there was no genuine attempt to take control. Few if any were armed. They certainly weren’t organized. They came, they were (surprisingly) let in, they smashed, they vandalized, they terrorized, they had their white nationalist temper tantrum. But they didn’t actually try to seize power. They wandered around and after a while let themselves get politely shooed out.

Washington Post reporters, who up until Tuesday had only used the word “coup” in a story about what critics were saying, led the Thursday morning paper by calling the mob’s storming of the Capitol “an attempted coup that they hoped would overturn the election [Trump] lost.”

But it’s Trump and his enablers who have been actively trying to overturn the election. The real coup attempt on Wednesday was by a handful of senators and a few dozen members of Congress, who tried to destroy the democratic process. The mob was just being a mob.



Good on Cori! I doubt it will get very far, but at least she is DOING it! It’s called Serving The Public.


Even Biden is making comparisons to the BLM protests


Biden then pivoted to a comparison of how Black Lives Matter protesters had been treated in the months following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police.

“A little over an hour and a half after the chaos started, I got a text from my granddaughter Finnegan Biden, who is a senior in her last semester at the University of Pennsylvania. She sent me a photo of military people in full military gear, scores of them lining steps of the Lincoln Memorial because of protests by Black Lives Matter. She said, ‘Pop, this isn’t fair,’” Biden said. “No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol. We all know that’s true, and it is unacceptable. Totally unacceptable. The American people saw it in plain view, and I hope it sensitized them to what we have to do.”

In the unsparing speech, Biden accused Trump of unleashing “an all-out assault on the institutions of democracy.” He also lambasted the lame-duck president for his rhetoric when speaking about the judiciary (“my judges”) and the military (“my generals”).

Recounting Trump’s response to a Black Lives Matter protest in Washington on June 1, Biden said he saw more signs that the president had the leanings of a dictator.

“He deployed the United States military, tear-gassing peaceful protesters in pursuit of a photo opportunity in the service of his reelection, even holding the Bible upside down,” Biden said.

Wednesday’s events, Biden said, were even more evidence of who Trump really is.


Words are cheap, Byedone. Let’s see your ACTIONS after January 20th!



A growing number of Democrats called Thursday for the resignation of U.S. Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois, a newly sworn-in Republican who quoted Adolf Hitler at a rally outside the U.S. Capitol this week.

U.S. Reps. Jan Schakowsky and Marie Newman, both Illinois Democrats, along with a contingent of state legislators circulating a petition, demanded Miller step down immediately.

“There are some things that cross a very definite line and that was one of them,” said Schakowsky, who is Jewish. “At a moment like this, when emotions have been so high on all sides, to invoke the name of Hitler was about as inappropriate and wrong as you can get.”

Miller spoke Tuesday at a “Save the Republic Rally” hosted by conservative group, “Moms for America.” The rally took place a day before violent supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol. Miller was among those who voted to overturn election results for President-elect Joe Biden. At the rally, Miller was discussing the need to appeal to young people and said: “Hitler was right on one thing. He said, ’Whoever has the youth has the future.’”



Simon & Schuster said on Thursday that it would cancel the publication of an upcoming book by Senator Josh Hawley, one of several members of Congress who tried to overturn the results of the presidential election.

Mr. Hawley, a Missouri Republican and Trump ally, has been criticized for challenging the results and accused of helping incite the mob that stormed the Capitol on Wednesday. His book, “The Tyranny of Big Tech,” was scheduled to be published in June.

“We did not come to this decision lightly,” Simon & Schuster said in a statement. “As a publisher it will always be our mission to amplify a variety of voices and viewpoints: At the same time we take seriously our larger public responsibility as citizens, and cannot support Senator Hawley after his role in what became a dangerous threat.”


So much for Hawley’s presidential aspirations!

Btw, I spent a fair amount of time in what I call ‘the book world’, and Simon & Schuster tended to publish the book versions of clickbait back then. So this was too much even for them. Of course, this isn’t the first time they’ve had to backtrack.

Four years ago, this book deal was canceled after an uproar:

Implications of Simon & Schuster Rewarding Hate: Unanswered Questions

A few days ago, Milo Yiannopoulos announced via an exclusive in The Hollywood Reporter that he has been commissioned to write his debut book.

“I met with top execs at Simon & Schuster earlier in the year and spent half an hour trying to shock them with lewd jokes and outrageous opinions. I thought they were going to have me escorted from the building — but instead they offered me a wheelbarrow full of money,” Yiannopoulos said.

In this case, the wheelbarrow holds a quarter of a million dollars. It’s difficult to find an industry average, but looking at this New York Times piece, it appears that $40,000 is an average advance for a first-time author.

How’s Milo doing these days, you might ask?

Dec. 10, 2020:

Milo Yiannopoulos: ‘I Lost Everything Helping Put Trump in Office’

“BURN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY TO THE F**KING GROUND,” he wrote. “Trump’s SCOTUS appointments were pointless. We defended a selfish clown for nothing.”

He continued, “I lost everything helping to put Trump in office. My life and career were completely destroyed. Was it worth it? No. I feel utterly betrayed. I will have vengeance.”

Yiannopoulos kept ranting, saying, “I am dedicating the rest of my life to the destruction of the Republican Party.” He even called for a new civil war, crying, “There are only two options now. Secession or war. Secession is preferable. The South must rise again.”

The former Breitbart editor is clearly hanging on to relevancy by the fingertips, and the only thing he can do now to make headlines is to actually call for a second civil war.

But, since he has, “been banned from Facebook and Twitter”, one would need to go to the cesspool known as parler to hear what he’s saying now.


Oh! This is GOOD!


Looks like it’s impeachment or bust. The money line: “compromise the vice president’s future political ambitions.”


In the aftermath of Capitol Hill riot and Donald Trump’s failure to stop the violence, Mike Pence will not support calls for the vice president and members of the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution to remove the president from office, according to Business Insider.

The publication cites two aides to the vice president who have stressed that there is “no way” that he would participate, as a growing body of lawmakers and officials from across the US demand the president’s removal.

His aides are reportedly worried that taking the unprecedented step “could spiral the country even further into chaos and partisan divide” and compromise the vice president’s future political ambitions.


What political ambitions? He couldn’t even win re-election as Governor of IN!



Super-disturbing. They assaulted her. Horrible! 😥 😥 😥