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Wow! He lost his twitter account! 😮

TGIF, time for a sip!


Giant News from NYC!

King Cuomo II, the Lesser Cuomo, has finally relinquished control of Vaccine distribution to the guy who has had it right all along. Yes, the much maligned man of the people, Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Starting on Monday vaccine distribution in NYC will progress as de Blasio has been begging and pleading for.

I don’t want to bore anybody but Cuomo has been Trumplike in making this human tragedy all about him and his wonderfulness. \s

Early on de Blasio called for Shelter-In-Place. Cuomo denounced this as dumb saying we’re not under nuclear attack and we don’t need kids ducking under their desks.

10 days later, Cuomo finally closed New York airports, etc. At least 10,000 deaths are on his hands for his blustering and delays.

A few months ago, Cuomo wrote a book congratulating himself for defeating Covid. No, I’m not kidding. There was a poster also celebrating his victory lap.

Now, the situation in NYC is that vaccines have sat on shelves because the Governor devised the rules and insisted on the City following them. Meanwhile, the tough and very very bad guy ridiculed the Mayor.

Finally, today a breakthrough.

Cuomo cops. He relents. Here we go NYC. Now the light at the end of the tunnel is visible from my perch in Lower Manhattan.



This article mentions Biden and Bernie touring together. Still looking for a video clip.


Thank you NYCVG, I’m somewhat intrigued by this talk of a tour.

According to Mr Biden, Mr Sanders also supported the selection of Mr Walsh for the position.

Later, Mr Biden said he and Mr Sanders were working together to plan a cross-country tour to advocate on behalf of workers and increasing middle class wages.


Tonight’s schaudenfreude:

Biden announced today that his Cabinet appointments were complete.

Bernie got a big shoutout.

Left out—Boo hoo—were Hilary Clinton Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Cuomo.

Tooooo bad. So sad. not a mention. not a word. 3 dreadful people out of the running.

Now to deny Neera a seat. it could happen.


No 🐍🐍🐍 or did i miss it?


hillary’s pulling strings, imho. she doesn’t want to be named.


‘Traitor’: Lindsey Graham surrounded by Trump supporters at airport after breaking with president

KHARMA at its best

David Moye·Reporter, HuffPost
Fri, January 8, 2021, 4:45 PM CST

Supporters of President Donald Trump harassed Sen. Lindsey Graham at the Washington, D.C., airport on Friday after the former Trump loyalist broke with the president for inciting a mob attack on Congress.

The South Carolina Republican was looking at his phone when a group of people noticed his presence and tried to engage with him.

He ignored them and started to walk away, escorted by police, according to GreenvilleOnline.com.

If Graham hoped to walk through the airport without being hassled, he was surely mistaken, gleefully noted Mindy Robinson, a far-right former congressional candidate from Nevada who supports Trump’s unhinged conspiracy theories about the election.

Her own video of the incident shows people yelling “traitor!” and “piece of shit!” at Graham.

Graham earned the ire of Trump supporters earlier this week after he decided no longer to push Trump’s false election fraud theories and to instead accept Joe Biden as the new president. Graham had previously been an active participant in Trump’s scheme to overturn the election, including by reportedly pressuring the Georgia secretary of state to change election results.

Although it probably wasn’t fun for the senator to be approached by the same type of angry mob that Republicans like Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Josh Hawley goaded into storming the Capitol on Wednesday, Graham didn’t get much sympathy from Twitter users.

One person gently tried to explain that Graham can’t be a traitor since his only loyalty is to his own political survival.