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Actually mostly a positive article and I included a lot here. More veggies for Bernie!


When it comes time to make critical decisions regarding his presidential campaign, Senator Bernie Sanders often relies on a committee of two: himself and his wife, Jane Sanders.

It was Ms. Sanders who provided a medical update after her husband was hospitalized in Las Vegas last week and had two stents inserted into an artery — issuing a statement and speaking to reporters outside the hospital. When doctors confirmed to her on Thursday that Mr. Sanders had suffered a heart attack, she said, it was her decision to wait until he was discharged the next day to release that information.

And when it was time to say publicly that Mr. Sanders would be easing the pace of his campaigning after his heart attack, Ms. Sanders — who has effectively been running the campaign’s external communications in Vermont this week — stood beside him to explain the reason: His closest advisers, “especially me,” had told him to slow down.

Ms. Sanders has played a central role in her husband’s political life for decades, acting as his confidante and his closest adviser. Yet as Mr. Sanders weighs the future of his candidacy, never has it been clearer that the two of them are primarily making the calls for his campaign.

“He’ll often say, ‘Let’s talk to Jane,’” said Representative Ro Khanna of California, one of Mr. Sanders’s national campaign co-chairs.

“She’s the one person Senator Sanders listens to above everybody else — by an order of magnitude,” Mr. Khanna said. “There’s no one whose political judgment he trusts more.”

Ms. Sanders said the decision not to reveal her husband’s heart attack until the next day was motivated by another crisis in her family occurring at the same time: the sudden cancer diagnosis of her daughter-in-law, Rainè Riggs, the wife of Mr. Sanders’s son, Levi Sanders. Ms. Riggs died this weekend, at age 46.

“I heard it on Thursday,” Ms. Sanders said, referring to her husband’s heart attack. “But frankly, I wasn’t thinking about the campaign.”

People who know her say Ms. Sanders’s intense involvement stems both from her commitment to changing the world with progressive ideas and from her deep love for her husband.

“It’s a critical relationship for both of them,” said Jim Rader, a Sanders confidant who officiated their wedding. “I think she’s just been a very crucial part of obviously his personal life, but also his professional life.”

In the interview, Ms. Sanders said she was most concerned now about getting Mr. Sanders back in good health, including changing his diet to incorporate more vegetables, especially while on the campaign trail. And though she admitted to being worried after his heart scare, she said it had not prompted them to consider dropping out of the race.

“That’s been his entire life — fighting for the average working people in this country, and this is not the time to stop when it feels like things can really change,” she said.

“If it was more serious,” she added, “I’m sure we would have thought about it.”


Oops missed that above in the intro. I do that sometimes ?



But, for those who do get quick care—as the Senator did—the difference matters a lot less. We now have the technology to re-open a blocked artery and, if done quickly enough, eliminate the lasting damage that used to result from heart attacks. The watchword of people in this business is “time is muscle” (heart muscle, that is). The sooner you can re-open the artery, the more heart function you save. Soon enough, as appears to have been the case here, and you save it all.

So, what does this mean for the Senator’s campaign and fitness to be president? Frankly, not much at all. While I don’t know all the details of what happened to Bernie, I know enough to say I would expect a return to full, unrestricted activity within two weeks after the event. So I have no worries about his ability to return quickly to the campaign trail.

Remember, those arteries had been narrowed for a long time. Even with narrowed arteries the Senator has been keeping up a pace that most younger people couldn’t hope to match. Now, they are wide open and he’s probably had no significant heart damage. We know from his high school track performances that he’s genetically designed for endurance. Honestly, the people who should be most worried right now are the campaign staff who will have to keep up with him now that the arteries are fully open.


I agree about his gaining more energy than before the heart attack. He still needs to slow down a little bit. Do more of the big open rallies like 2016. They work. And 5 campaign activities in one day? If I read that one right, a 25 y.o. would be exhausted. Hope Jane is reading him the Riot Act. 🙂



One of the clearest illustrations of the economic notion of a “market failure” is the market for academic economists — a market so captured by the dominant neoliberal narrative, that it has proven nearly impervious to competition from empirical facts.

Take, for example, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s recent call for a 2% annual tax on household wealth over $50 million. The proposal instantly drew derisive catcalls from economic experts arguing that taxing wealth would inevitably result in “slower growth … fewer jobs and lower incomes.” And why not raise this theoretical objection? The inverse relationship between taxes and growth is basic Econ 101. Raising taxes slows growth.

Except, of course … it doesn’t.

Multiple studies from the likes of the Brookings Institution, the Congressional Research Service, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and many others have found absolutely no correlation between top marginal tax rates and GDP growth. And the same holds true for nearly every other economic metric, including job growth, wage growth, investment growth, productivity growth, and so on. When it comes to taxes, economic theory and economic reality simply don’t match: “The argument that income tax cuts raise growth is repeated so often that it is sometimes taken as gospel,” the Brookings researchers noted. “However, theory, evidence, and simulation studies tell a different and more complicated story.”

And tax policy is far from the only area where the economic theories we teach in college hold little resemblance to the world beyond.


So she will do it for the party, so even though swearing off big money for her campaign is great, Bernie is still better.


But in a statement to NBC News, the Warren campaign clarified that the candidate would indeed attend high-dollar events for the party (where individuals can donate tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars) — though not for the campaign (where the maximum primary and general election donation is a combined $5,600).

“When Elizabeth is the Democratic nominee for president, she’s not going to change a thing in how she runs her campaign. That means no PAC money. No federal lobbyist money. No special access or call time with rich donors or big dollar fundraisers to underwrite our campaign,” said Kristen Orthman, the campaign’s communications director.

“When she is the nominee, she will continue to raise money and attend events that are open to the press to make sure the Democratic National Committee, state and local parties, and Democratic candidates everywhere have the resources not just to beat Donald Trump but also to win back Congress and state legislatures all across the country.”

The distinction might open up Warren to charges of hypocrisy; why refuse to attend high-dollar fundraisers for your campaign, but gladly attend them for the party?

But it probably quiets Democrats like Gifford fearful that Warren — if she’s the nominee — would unilaterally disarm against the Trump-RNC money machine.



$hillary gave her the blue print on how to “Control” the DNC’S $$$$$ and funnel it.


That’s for sure.

The event with George Clooney in 2016 was textbook.

George Clooney admits money he raised for Hillary Clinton is ‘obscene

(Clooney) said that most of the money he had helped raise for Clinton would actually go to down-ticket Democrats running for Congress


Except..that it didn’t (go to down-tickets).

Dem State parties, etc, just funneled that money right back up to Hillary. Still can’t believe they got away with it.

Clinton fundraising leaves little for state parties

The Democratic front-runner says she’s raising big checks to help state committees, but they’ve gotten to keep only 1 percent of the $60 million raised.


Will everyone in the Corp media now jump on the Biden campaign like they did for Bernie for calling them out?


In a Wednesday evening letter addressed to Dean Baquet, the Biden campaign excoriated The New York Times for its recent coverage of Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and Ukraine. The letter was written by deputy campaign manager and comms director Kate Bedingfield. She expressed extreme displeasure with how The Times has covered the debunked notion Biden abused his office to benefit his son.

Bedingfield wrote that The Times, which published a widely panned story in May by reporter Ken Vogel and then-freelancer Iuliia Mendel, “had an outsized hand in the spread” of the “baseless conspiracy theory.”

In Bedingfield’s words, “What was especially troubling about the Times’s active participation in this smear campaign is that prior to its reporting on the subject by Ken Vogel, this conspiracy had been relegated to the likes of Breitbart, Russian propaganda, and another conspiracy theorist, regular Hannity guest John Solomon.”

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